Saturday, 26 February 2011

Video: The Glitch Mob "Between Two Points" by Motiphe

Portishead have a lot to answer for. Nevertheless, this is rather epic. Apparently the video is “a tale about the weight of dependency”, which is ambiguous enough to be read in so many ways, yet the heaviness drips from the screen.

Video: Quadron & Rebekah Raff "Pressure" (Live) by Theo Jemison & Grace Oh

Photo by Grace Oh 

I've been meaning to write something about the stunning video below for some time. It was filmed and directed by Theo Jemison and Grace Oh, two photographer/ film makers whose work you've probably seen many times without realising since they've worked with most of the great and the good in LA. I asked Theo to tell me about the process because it's just so beautiful, his response is below. 

Basically the process for making the video was, Grace and I were originally approached by Andrew Lojero from Plug Reseach to do something like this for Quadron. We were going to have access to anywhere on UCLA campus so we set our sights high and asked to shoot in the Royce Hall.

There was a lot of red tape and fees to shoot in the Hall so we started looking around for a big beautiful open spaces that was conducive for vocals and visually striking. The idea of the Eagle Rock Center For The Arts came to my mind as I have enjoyed many musical events there and thought it to be a beautiful space to shoot in.

Our good friend, Brian Akio Martinez (amazing bass player for Blank Blue, album coming soon to Brainfeeder) works at the center and got us in there on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. We came in with a really small crew, KenBts engineered the audio recording and later worked with Robin from Quadron to finalize the mix.

We set up Rebekah Raff with her harp, Coco with her mic, did a few rehearsals with them and for Grace and I to frame up our shots and away we went shooting and recording the real takes. It was very simply done to keep the integrity of the voice and harp the center of attention.

The editing process was Grace & I working with amazing editor Greg "The Dude" Ponstingl on syncing up the mixed audio and refining the edit. It was a really great learning experience even on a video as simple as this one. I have shot a lot of videos with directors but this was great to see a project through from concept to shooting and sitting through the editing process.

It is all shaping light whether still photos or moving images, originally being a still photographer for 11+ years I have really been inspired working in the moving pictures the past 5-6 years. It feels like a really natural extension of all the years of still photography. 

Photo by Grace Oh

Video: Nina Simone Documentary by Peter Rodis, 1969

I'm not quite sure where I came across this documentary, I imagine from a tribute posted to honour Nina Simone's birthday last week, but I had to share it. Her fierce integrity and intensity are so striking when asked a question, as if she believed that surely everyone should know what she knew.

I once watched an interview with Nina Simone not long before she died, and when asked what she thought of modern music (late 90s), she replied loftily that she didn't like any of it, which to my youthful ears was almost blasphemous. Little did I know just how high the stakes were for her as an artist - longing to become the first black concert pianist but being rejected from the college of her choice because of her skin colour, singing the music of her time for money when she'd rather be elsewhere playing Bach, supporting so many financially, fighting for freedom both as an artist and for her race. It is hard to imagine her trying to connect with artists born in to such a different world.

One of my favourite parts of the film above, is when Simone says somewhat sadly that she would like to study English, in order to really discover the power of words, when she was already one of the greatest songwriters the world will ever know.  


Monday, 21 February 2011

Get Rid Of Your Myspace Page. Now.

If you haven't already of course. I have spent a large portion of my afternoon trying to remember my old password in order to get rid of my Myspace page because the email address I registered with is no longer active, as I suspect is the case for lots of people. This is probably the reason I didn't realise that Myspace changed to a (rubbish of course) new layout where all of the customizations made long ago no longer work and look like a car crash, and there was a giant ad for some rubbish band I don't like on the front. 

"Why not just leave it there? I can't be bothered to work out how to change or delete it and no one ever checks it anymore surely?". For most regular folks that is true, but for musicians Myspace was the industry standard for a very long time. That means it usually still comes up top in the search engine rankings for your name even if it looks awful, people are clicking on it - get your shiny up to date website up there instead.

"What about my 10,000 friends??" If you're not logging in what's the point of them? Concentrate on growing your e-mail list and actually emailing it - Twitter does a better job of letting your fans speak to you directly and hear your news than Myspace ever did anyway.

Another reason you should get rid is that the long, humiliating, protracted death of Myspace courtesy of Rupert Murdoch means that your profile is being used to advertise things you have no control over unless you buy a premium account, similar to a bot which harvests and parks adverts on the urls of people's names who may one day become famous (and want to buy them back for an extortionate sum).

What next??
Once you've hit 'cancel account' 20 times and gone through the rigmarole which just confirms how rubbish and desperate Myspace is, what next? (Either do that or spend hours updating your page, but don't leave it). There are lots of ways to build a decent web presence, but by far the best option I've seen for artists recently is Flavors. Flavors is a website builder which makes simple but beautiful design really easy, and collects everything else you've got scattered about the web (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Last FM gigs, Soundcloud, Bandcamp etc - all of which are great but don't give the full picture) in to one nice looking place. I've been recommending it to my friends so a good recent example of it in action is

A Few Tips (for non-web nerds)
1.//Whatever the top search engine result for you is, make sure it's up to date. If you don't want to delete your Myspace page, update it then push it down the search engine rankings with a good website, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and your social network profiles.

2.//Whether you are about to build a website or not, register your domain name (url) before the afore mentioned bot harvests it. I use for because they send reminders if your credit card is expiring (instead of just auctioning off your URL as a third party once did to me!).

3.// If you're signing up for Flavors, the pro version at $20 a year is pretty cheap and it's on 2 for 1 at the moment so if you arrange to sign up with a friend you can split the cost and get it for $10 each. Bargain.

4.// Whatever your website looks like, add a newsletter sign up form and USE IT. I've downloaded countless free Bandcamp projects in exchange for my email address and I rarely hear from the people who've put them out. Your mailing list are the people who are going to buy your projects when they're for sale, come to your gigs, blog about you etc - stay in touch. I use Your Mailing List Provider because it's the cheapest I've found, and pretty easy to use. Apparently if you use the code: 02NA2J you get a discount. If you're emailing more than a couple of hundred people at a time use a mailing list provider or your email account might get suspended for spam!

5.// There are lots of website builders aimed at artists out there at the moment but for the most part the services they provide seem to be a bit of a rip off - all you really need is a blog (Tumblr is a winning combination of easy to use and very attractive without customization), a bio page, and links to your music, videos, gigs, press shots and social networks.

Whatever you do, don't leave your Myspace looking like a car crash from 1996.

PMOI Presents: Yult ft Tanya Auclair "The Animal Inside" EP [Free Download]


The long wait is over - but be quick, only the first 1000 downloads of this EP by Yult featuring Tanya Auclair are available for free! I've been talking about this EP since the August, with lots of you nagging for a release date, so I hope you'll spread the word to anyone who's been waiting so they can grab a copy before it goes on sale. 

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Video: Andreya Triana, Fink & Bonobo Live in Paris @ Ninja Tune XX

This one has apparently been up for a while but Grandcrew just sent it over, I love the way this lady commits to every song as if it were her first time performing it. For all of my American friends who complain that have never managed to see Andreya live yet (I can't imagine any UK friends have never seen her live before?!), enjoy. Drey will also be playing a very special solo gig at the Jazz Cafe on April 28th.

Video: Hundred Strong ft Pete Simpson 'You Make Me Feel'

I'm normally not keen on the kind of songwriting in soul music that falls in to the realm of cliche, but there is something to be said for simplicity, so I'm not sure where I stand on this - all I know is it's got me singing and stepping along. I'm intrigued to hear the album Bristol based producer Hundred Strong is releasing this week, the title track "Stylin' Free" featuring Amp Fiddler was one of my favourites of last year (no cliches there, it was about body odour and freedom), so I have high hopes. 

Video + Stream: Eric Lau "Quadrivium"

I believe I mentioned the book Quadrivium earlier this month (and how insanely complex it is), yet Eric seems to have made sense of it through his diligence and patience. The album comes out next Monday 25th Feb, and if you enjoyed Makin' Sound you will definitely enjoy this one, check the previews below.   

Video: Jamie Woon "Lady Luck" In Cambodia

I really resent all of those ridiculous (and untrue) stories about "Myspace sensations", but Youtube is another story, it's us voting with our fingers for insanely talented people who might otherwise have been ignored by the bigger record labels. Very much looking forward to hearing the final version of Jamie's new single this week...

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

London Event Listings: Spring 2011

*Blackstar feat Mos Def and Talib Kweli + De La Soul + Rakim @ Hammersmith Apollo (10th May)

Wed 16th Feb
>Mark Ronson & The Business International @ The Roundhouse 

Thu 17th Feb 
>Ghostpoet Album Release Party @ Electrowerkz 

Fri 18th Feb
>Finn Peters Music of the Mind @ Vortex Jazz Club
>[The last ever] Inspiration Information w/ Patrick Forge, Phil Asher and Jimbo @ East Village

Sat 19th Feb 
>Doctors Orders Present: EPMD w/ Skitz & Rodney P @ The Forum 
>Classic Material x Eglo 2nd Bday w/ Fatima, Floating Points, Krystal Klear, Olivier Daysoul, Mizz Beats, Mary Anne Hobbs, Funkineven & Alex Nut @ The C.A.M.P.
>Soundcrash Presents Bonobo, Mr Thing, Kutmah, Lazy Habits & First Word @ XOYO
>Soweto Kinch @ Rich Mix
>Mr Scruff @ Koko
>Nonsense @ Plastic People

Sun 20th Feb
>A Rihanna Birthday Special w/ Lots of Rihanna, Lots of songs featuring Rihanna, Lots of Rihanna videos projected on the stage, Rihanna life-size cut-outs + Guest DJ’s@ The Macbeth

Wed 23rd Feb
>Earnest Endeavours w/ Daedelus, Starkey, Lazersword & Tokimonsta @ Secret Venue 1

Thu 24th Feb 
>Simon Says 2 w/ Clare Maguire, Homeboy Sandman, Resonators, The Boxettes, Charlie Dark, Laura J Martin, Tanya Auclair, The Wah Wah 45s Players, DJ Format, High Contrast, Ross Allen, Scrimshire, Ross PTH, & Capstone @ Jazz Cafe
>Jamie Woon @ Scala  
>Book Slam w/ Eska (+ Andreya Levy, David Levithan & Roger Robinson) @ The Tabernacle

Fri 25th Feb 
>The James Taylor Quartet @ Ronnie Scotts
>Rank & File Present James Blake (dj set), Bullion, Sampha & co @ The Red Gallery
>Mica Paris @ Jazz Cafe (+Sat 26th)
>Nonsense Clash @ Janice Leathers Warehouse
>Rock The Belles w/ Little Boots, Nikki Beatnik, Lauren Verge, Sarah Young, Emily Rawsom, & Lady Chann @ East Village
>The Gravy w/ Capac & Cornelia @ The Record Bar, Luigi's (Stoke Newington Church St)

Sat 26th Feb
>Big Chill Presents Mixcloud: The History of Hip Hop w/ DJs Disorda, Breakin' Bread, Chris Read, DJ MK, Blakey, Alex Nut + special guest @ Big Chill House
> Floating Points & Mr Saturday Night @ Plastic People
>Roundhouse Rising "Un-Convention" @ Roundhouse
>Livin' Proof @ The C.A.M.P.

Sun 27th Feb 
>Obenewa Album Launch @ Tabernacle


Tue 1st March 
>Janelle Monae @ The Roundhouse
>Gold Panda + special guests @ XOYO
>Devlin + Ghetts @ Islington Academy 

Wed 2nd Mar 
>Mulatu Astatke @ Queen Elizabeth Hall
>M.O.P. @ Jazz Cafe

Fri 4th Mar 
>Soul II Soul @ The Roundhouse
>Doctors Orders Present DJ Neil Armstrong @ East Village
>Heidi Vogel @ Royal Albert Hall Cafe Consort 

Thu 3rd Mar 
>Aesthetic Sounds presents Jaguar Wright w/ Sharlene Hector, Sarah Fonteyne & Enrico Delves @ Vibe Bar

Sun 6th Mar
>Sy Smith & Zo! @ Jazz Cafe 

Wed 9th Mar 
>Maceo Parker @ Jazz Cafe 

Thu 10th Mar 
>Spread Love TV Presents: Joell Ortiz @ Cargo
>Jaguar Skillz @ Koko 

Fri 11th Mar 
>Eska @ Queen Elizabeth Hall Front Room
>Staff Benda Bilili Live + Gala Screening of Benda Bilili Biography @ The Union Chapel
>A Field Day Night w/Four Tet (DJ set) + Floating Points + Brackles & co @ XOYO
>Laura J Martin @ Water Rats 

Sat 12th Mar
>WOW Festival w/ VV Brown, Speech Debelle, Annie-Flore Batchiellilys, Yvonne Chaka Chaka & Baaba Maal @ Royal Festival Hall

Mon 14th Mar
>Dee Dee Bridgewater @ Ronnie Scotts (until Fri 18th)

Sun 13th Mar 
>Ayanna Witter-Johnson @ Purcell Room

Wed 16th Mar 
>Chali 2Na @ Jazz Cafe (until Thu 17th)

Thu 17th March
>7s Unda The Stairs w/ Thristian bPm & Funkineven @ 3 Blind Mice 

Fri 18th Mar 
>Raekwon @ The Forum
>On The Real w/ J-Live @ Plan B 

Sat 19th Mar 
>Taste of Sonar: Buraka Som Sistema, The Gaslamp Killer, MJ Cole, Benji B, Braiden, Axel Boman, Tiger & Woods and Noaipre @ The Roundhouse
>Wagon Christ (LP Launch) + dÉbruit (full live band) @ XOYO
>Nonsense w/ Dego & T.Williams @ Plastic People

Fri 25th Mar
>Quantic DJ Set @ Passing Clouds
>The Playground Presents oOoOO-dj, Teebs, DIMLITE, Jeremiah Jae, Becoming Real, Breton, d/r/u/g/s, ANXST, Anthony C @ Electrowerkz 
>[Launch] Chairman Kato and Chris Stoneman present: Underbelly @ Teasmith

Sat 26th Mar
>Urban Nerds: Zinc + Newham Generals + Hot City + Rattus Rattus & co @ XOYO

Sun 27th Mar 
>Poejazzi w/ Kadija Kamara, Warsan Shire, Bridget Minamore & Kiki Investigates @ Volupte Lounge

Mon 28th Mar 
>Yoruba Womens Choir @ Queen Elizabeth Hall 

Tue 29th Mar 
>Cee-Lo Green @ Shepherds Bush Empire 

Wed 30th Mar
>Nicolas Jaar w/ Live Band @ Fabric 
>Marlena Shaw @ Ronnie Scotts (until Sat 2nd April)
>Onetaste Vocal Workshop w/ Eska @ The Book Club
>Dwele @ Jazz Cafe


Fri 1st Apr
>Dwele @ Jazz Cafe
>Audiotorium Present DJ Format @ The Westbury 

Sat 2nd Apr
>Dwele @ Jazz Cafe  

Mon 4th Apr
>Asa + Tiken Jah Fakoly @ The Barbican
>DJ QBert @ Jazz Cafe

Tue 5th Apr
>Micachu and The Shapes and the London Sinfonietta @ Queen Elizabeth Hall

Thu 7th Apr
> 2001: A Space Odyssey With Live Music @ Royal Festival Hall
>Dels, Joe Goddard (Hot Chip), & Micachu @ Hoxton Bar & Kitchen
>Aesthetic Sounds w/ Slakah the Beatchild @ Vibe Bar 

Fri 8th Apr
>Esperanza Spalding @ Barbican
>FACT & Young Turks: Jamie xx b2b Oneman + Hyetal (live) + Bullion b2b Cherrystones + The Shining (Morgan Zarate & Acyde) + Romy xx @ XOYO

Sun 10th Apr
>Bilal @ Jazz Cafe 
>Harmonic Series w/ James Blake, Seb Rochford, Anna Meredith & Max de Wardener @ Purcell Room

Mon 11th Apr
>José González performing with The Gothenburg String Theory + Little Scream @ The Barbican

Wed 13th Apr
>Murs @ Jazz Cafe 
>Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 @ Royal Festival Hall

Thu 14th Apr
>Lykke Li @ Shepherds Bush Empire

Fri 15th Apr
>Ojos de Brujo + special guests @ Barbican
>Conya Doss @ Jazz Cafe 

Sat 16th Apr
>Ghostpoet, Lukid, Kutmah, Kelpe, Anchorsong & Jehst Soundcrash Club Night @ XOYO >Conya Doss @ Jazz Cafe

Mon 18th Apr
>Wretch 32 @ XOYO

Tue 19th Apr
>Orquestra Buena Vista Social Club @ The Royal Albert Hall
>GZA @ Relentless Garage

Mon 25th Apr 
>Bonobo Live @ Koko (+26th Apr)

Tue 26th Apr
>Asher Roth, Nottz, Nefew, Eat More Cake, Kulez @ Camden Centre

Wed 27th Apr
>Amp Fiddler @ Jazz Cafe

Thu 28th Apr
>Raphael Saadiq @ Shepherds Bush Empire
>Andreya Triana @ Jazz Cafe

Fri 29th Apr
>Carroll Thompson @ Jazz Cafe


Sun 1st May 
>Aloe Blacc @ The Scala

Thu 5th May 
>Orchestre Poly Rhythmo De Cotonou @ The Scala
>Gonjasufi + Full Live Band @ XOYO

Tue 10th May
>Blackstar feat Mos Def and Talib Kweli + De La Soul + Rakim + guests @ Hammersmith Apollo

Wed 11th May 
>Little Dragon @ Heaven, Under The Arches

Fri 13th May
>Numbers Present Fabric Live w/ Hudson Mohawke, SBTRKT, Jackmaster, Autonomic, Martyn, Afrika Hi Tek, dBridge, Consequence, J.Rocc, James Pants, Kutmah, Alex Chase @ Fabric

Wed 18th May 
>Wiz Khalifa @ HMV Forum

Sun 22nd May 
>Hypnotic Brass Ensemble @ Jazz Cafe

Mon 23rd May
>Terri Walker & Ski Beatz @ Jazz Cafe

Tue 24th May
>Hypnotic Brass Ensemble @ Jazz Cafe

Tue 31st May 
>Sade @ O2 Arena

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

PMOI Presents: Yult ft Tanya Auclair "Inland Empire" [Free Download]

Inland Empire 500

It has been quite a wait for this project to come out, after we dropped the beautiful live video back in August, Yult and Tanya have been perfecting the rest of the EP entitled "The Animal Inside", which will be available from next week. In the meantime you can download the stunning single "Inland Empire" for free and remind yourself of the video below.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

How To Apply For Red Bull Music Academy - A Little Extra Advice

It's that time again, and a large chunk of the emerging musical community is currently in a mild state of panic trying to fill in the epic 53 question Red Bull Music Academy application in hopes of making it to Tokyo this October. The video RBMA put together is fantastic, but I thought I'd ask a few of the past participants if they could add any extra words of advice.

A couple of my thoughts - 
The first page looks relatively easy but Question 7 "This is where I am in relation to the musical universe« Please draw us a map!" might be a bit daunting - start with the chunky questions you feel confident about answering first and once your form filling juices are going get on to the tougher questions, you don't have to go through it in order. You might just be Googled - what comes up (something to bear in mind anyway!)? Is the first result a Myspace page you haven't updated in 5 years? Sort it out. *How to post coming soon. It's an amazing opportunity, but if you don't get in are you proactively trying to line up other exciting opportunities off your own back so that you'll be ok either way? Personally, that's the kind of participant I would want to pick. 

Oddisee -
The RMBA application is one of the few tests in life you'll actually enjoy taking. Give your self lots of time to fill the application out. It's designed to reveal who you are & what your music is about to the academy, you wouldn't want to cram that into an evening. Don't try to make yourself out to be something you're not, your best chance of getting in is being yourself. Show that you work well in a group environment, show that you're open to different cultures, mediums & genres. Just remember, these are questions designed to find out who you are, how difficult could that be?

Andreya Triana -
Main and only piece of advice is to really put your heart and soul into your application, send them music you love and don't feel you need to have a finished polished cd of music!! (I sent some scrappy home made recordings and a few collabs). It's not your bulk standard application and can be as fun as you want to make it. I personally really enjoyed it, it gave me the chance to get the coloring pencils out and all my old mixtapes (which in turn bought back alot of great memories). They won't give you any feedback due to the amount of applications they get but they are great people and if they think you're right for the academy they'll be able to spot it a mile off. So just show them the best you can what you do and hope for the best!

Kidkanevil -
It's an epic form so the main thing is to give yourself a good amount of time to do it. Try get a free day just to get really into it. Think about your answers properly but enjoy it, the questions are pretty fun, its not like doing your tax return or whatever! It's not a performance so don't act like your the shit, just be honest and genuine. They're super clued up, so you're not pitching yourself like you're applying for funding or some shit, it's more like chatting to fellow music geeks. Yeah, cool. Good luck yoOoOoOo!!! 

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Video: Still Shining [J.Dilla Documentary]

"J.Dilla: Still Shining" from B.Kyle on Vimeo.

Though this has been floating around for a few days I wanted to hold off and post it today - five years exactly since J.Dilla passed away. This touching documentary was made with so much love it's hard to imagine anyone could watch it without being covered in goosebumps and shedding a few tears, but also feeling inspired to work really hard and do the best they can, it's a lovely testament.

I went to the J.Dilla Changed My Life concert at the Scala on Sunday, and it was amazing, though bitter sweet, that five years later there would be a huge queue around the corner on a cold Sunday night in London to celebrate and honour an artist who wasn't booked at a venue of that size here when he was alive. Some scorn those who weren't aware of his music back then but are fans today, but I feel sad they didn't get to come and see Slum Village live, or J.Dilla's last show at the Jazz Cafe - we were lucky, but what a testament to the man's work that it has that effect on people, and continues to live on.


Big up to anyone who appreciates what they've got before it's gone. Rest in peace J.Dilla. 

Wednesday, 9 February 2011



I was feeling slightly daunted by the number of individual reviews I need to write, so I narrowed it down to my favourite releases and went for the 140 character(ish) approach in no particular order. *I realise it looks like a lot but if you read this blog I would really recommend any of them, especially... no, I really would recommend them all.

Windy City - Let Me Ride [1977, Discogs link]
Awesome 70s Chicago funk/ soul favourite of a friend, so positive at times it might have been written for Sesame Street, but with a healthy dose of heartache.

Yult ft Tanya Auclair - The Animal Inside EP [21st Feb 2011, Video link]
Cinematic and strange electronic lushness, equal parts unnerving and erotic, exotic and beautiful like a disinterested Amazonian warrior.

Money Making Jam Boys - The Prestige Mixtape [Feb 3rd 2011, Free Download link]
Sounding more like a good album than a mixtape, Black Thought leads an all star Philly team down a delightfully grimy path.

Bill Withers - 'Justments remastered [1974/ 2010, iTunes link]
I found this when ?uestlove tweeted about the re-release, it's such a beautiful forgotten gem you should add to your collection of classics.

Ghostpoet - Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam [Feb 7th 2011, iTunes link]
Most excitingly distinctive British lyricist I've heard since Ty & Roots Manuva, melancholic & introspective but bashy & beautiful - MUST have album. Full stream here. *Disclaimer: real speakers/headphones only, no laptop, doesn't work at all.

Toro y Moi - Underneath the Pine  [21st Feb 2011, iTunes preoder link]
This guy gets so in touch with his inner child on this album, you can't help but leave your cool at the door and act the total fool - the ultimate in happy music.

James Blake - James Blake [7th Feb 2011 iTunes link]
Believe the hype.

Stateless - Matilda [21st Feb 2011 iTunes pre-order link]
Kidkanevil's oriental joy running full pelt at Damian Taylors bursting heart = a brilliant album apparently. *Hits repeat.

Gil Scott Heron & Jamie XX - Were New Here [21st Feb 2011 website link]
Very cleverly, Jamie has managed not to ruin it! The remixes sound both respectful yet unafraid.

Kutmah - The New Error [19th Jan 2011, Big Cartel Link]
Rammed full of exclusives, a hilarious Mobb Deep remix, and the kind of beats that will fully replenish your attitude should you ever lose it.

   KUTMAH "The New Error" Vol. 1 (sampler) by HIT+RUN

Eric Lau - Quadrivium [25th Feb 2011, Bandcamp Link]
Eric told me to listen before going to sleep. Eric was wrong, you can listen to this anywhere. Lushness with heavy drums that will make rappers mad they didn't buy the beat.

Homebase Presents Live At The Clubhouse Vol 1 EP 
Heavy features list (Blu, Homeboy Sandman, Freddie Gibbs, Coco, Recess, F.Stokes) and yet it's the production that really shines. Love it so much, listen below.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Video: Yult featuring Tanya Auclair "Animal Inside" EP Trailer

So excited that this EP is finally coming out! You may have seen the beautiful live video for Inland Empire back in August created by Will Hanke, when Tanya & Yult headlined the Offf festival in Paris. The Animal Inside is a four track EP being released on Feb 21st and the first (free!) single comes out next week so stay tuned...

Friday, 4 February 2011

Video + MP3: Eric Lau "Star Trekking"

No one can accuse Eric Lau of being any less than extremely deep at least 99% of the time. This new project, Quadrivium, dropping on Kilawatt February 25th was inspired by a lot of things but one of them was this awesome book called Quadrivium: Number Geometry Music Heaven, which is fully of fascinating music theory - I won't lie I mainly just looked at the pretty pictures when Eric showed it to me. Star Trekking I think is supposed to coincide with Chinese New Year (Gung hay fat choy!), but Eric is actually in Hong Kong right now enjoying it, and about to embark on an east Asian tour.  You can download Star Trekking for free below.


Homebase NYC Live At The Clubhouse w/ Homeboy Sandman & Coco

*For the impatient among you, the song kicks in around 1.44 mins in.

HOMEBASE presents: CoCo O. "Sleep" w/ theClubhouse from theClubhouse on Vimeo.

Alice Wonderland from Homebase NYC sent me over an EP last week which despite the features list [Sene, F.Stokes, Homeboy Sandman, Blu, Freddie Gibbs & Coco from Quadron] I approached with the same caution I do anything - it is so rare I get sent a project I can imagine listening to in 10 years. This is one of them. Live at the Clubhouse Vol 1 is crazy, the production is just ridiculous - I cannot wait for it to come out so you can hear it. For now you can grab "Fully Equipped" ft Homeboy Sandman as a free download -

The Clubhouse is the nickname given to the massive Victorian-era house where a collective of artists live and create in Brooklyn. And its the name that producers Matt McMahon and Andrew Reid create under when recording with a cast of musicians in their home’s top floor studio. Over the last few months HomeBase NYC’s Alice ‘Wonderland’ Grandoit has been working with McMahon and Reid on a five song EP with the aim of merging the talent you can hear at HomeBase parties and shows with the sound of The Clubhouse. The result is HomeBase presents Live At The Clubhouse Vol. 1 which will be released on February 9th.

Video: Lunice "The Stacker Upper" [Shot by JFK]

LUNICE : The Stacker Upper from SHOT BY JFK on Vimeo.

I think what I like most about Lunice as a producer is that you can hear so clearly that he's a dancer first - it looks like he feels it before he hears it and it's so passionate and joyful.


I posted his mix of the Stacker Upper EP a while back, it came out on Lucky Me on vinyl first, but it is also available on iTunes now.

Débruit - "şiş sürpriz" EP Preview

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

This is not coming out until APRIL. Grrrr. It's been a little while since we last heard from Débruit, which has been distressing, though thankfully it sounds like he's been putting his time to good use assembling a live set (not just an inordinate number of buttons and nobs - this time we can expect a three piece playing live drums, bass, thumb pianos, talk box, Highlife guitar, and sax to go with it). You can catch the London debut on 19th March at the Soundcrash XOYO gig - if you head over there now you can download Débruit's remix of Ginuwine's Pony...

   débruit - şiş sürpriz ep (PREVIEW) (CIV020) out april 2011 by dEbruit


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