Monday, 12 September 2011

We're Moving!


It's been fun but we're leaving the blogspot behind, to slowly fade away. Please come and visit us in our new home (and update your RSS and blog links) -

Friday, 2 September 2011

Why We Didn't Just Book A DJ

Kev Brown at Lookout! Circa Nov 2007

I was surfing Myspace one night (it was October 2007), and one of my favorite rapper/ producers Kev Brown sent out an update saying that he was in London. It turned out his show had been cancelled and he and half the Low Budget crew were sleeping on Tranqill's floor. Virtually hyperventilating I called some friends with a live night called Lookout! and demanded they change the line up at the last minute. Two days later and Low Budget were rapping and making beats live on stage at Favela Chic.

The guys asked me to stay on and help programme, and through Myspace we managed to book Muhsinah, Ty, Blu and Ta'Raach, Stacey Epps, Eric Lau and Rahel, Fatima and lots of other artists with Alexander Nut and Cavalry as our resident DJs. There was a lot of sleeping on sofas, last minute line ups and minor emergencies, and we ended up giving the artists every penny we made on the door, but it was more than worth it. We were one of many similar live promoters at the time - Deviation which I also ended up working on, Doctors Orders at Herbal, Cargo and the Jazz Cafe were all putting on great live line ups of independent and emerging talent.

Fast forward to 2011, and things look pretty different. London has become one of the major cities in Europe international artists find it hardest to book a show in. Georgia Anne Muldrow, Taylor McFerrin, Blu and Exile, Cody Chesnutt, Mia Doi Todd, and many other great performers have all been on tour in Europe in the past year with no London date (not to mention the live talent based here). Generally venues and promoters are booking safe-bet big name artists slightly past their prime for lower fees, crowd pulling electronic producer-DJs who can just show up with a laptop (no backline, band members or tour manager required), or in the case of Cargo music so bad people have to get drunk to numb the pain.

I wasn't going to do another live night. It's hard and scary - you lie awake worrying about the sound system, ticket sales, flight prices and last minute cancellations. I convinced myself everyone must be happy enough with DJ sets and old school rappers. Then I saw Quadron perform at the Queens Head in May. The band were truly incredible - I will never forget that show as long as I live, but because it was a bit random and last minute there was only a tiny fraction of the familiar faces I knew would have felt the same way in the audience. I refuse to believe that the hundreds of Londoners downloading, blogging, tweeting and ranting on about amazing new music don't want to see it live. So I resolved to call my dear friend Eric Lau and ask for his help, and later this afternoon I'm going to go and hand in a deposit I can't afford to the venue for our first event.

It would be so easy to sit here and just blog, but this blog started in the first place because of the live events I was involved in, because I wanted to do something active to support the musicians whose work I love so much. I didn't know anything about anything, I was just passionate; so if you can offer an artist you love and want to see perform in London a spare room, a cheap flight hook up, a rehearsal space, or you just buy your tickets in advance, we would really appreciate your help.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

PUT ME ON IT Live: Dego (+Live Band), Tanya Auclair & Eric Lau - 15th Sept


I'm so excited to announce that we are launching a regular monthly live event in the basement at the C.A.M.P. in Shoreditch starting on Thursday 15th September 2011. If you came to Lookout!, Pause, Deviation, Bitches Brew or Tomorroww over the past few years you'll know we like to party - bring your inhaler and a towel.

We're starting with a very rare and special full live show from our musical hero and friend Dego (4Hero/ 2000 Black) performing his recently released album "A Wha' Him Deh Pon?" with a full live band, featuring London's finest musical talent. Supporting will be PMOI crew favourite, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist  Tanya  Auclair performing her original brand of experimental pop much lauded by the likes of Gilles Peterson. As if that weren't enough our resident DJ Eric Lau will be holding it down with an original selection of goodness until 1am.

To top it all off the inspirational Sri McKinnon will be launching her new exhibition "Mindscapes" (upstairs), Mrs Mck's Pudding Club from Relay Tea Room will be selling the most delicious selection of cakes and treats you've ever seen, and United 80 will have a musical pop up shop!

Advance tickets are on sale now [Click]

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Watching The Riots

"Black culture in this country has had a huge contribution, on our music and, a whole range of cultural ways…" My heart sank as I watched Owen Jones attempt to take to task an apoplectic and ill-informed David Starkey doing a fantastic impression of a racist on Newsnight this week as they discussed the London riots. Grateful as I was for the gesture, Jones's inability to think quickly of an effective and undeniably long list of positive contributions black culture has made in Britain was almost as sad as Starkey's shrieks of "Rap? You glorify rap?!"

In September 2007 I was working on the opening performance of the Bernie Grant Arts Centre - a desperately needed arts center in the heart of Tottenham dedicated to diversity, built by architect David Adjaye to commemorate the late Tottenham MP and community leader Bernie Grant. My daring boss tried to push the name of the devised piece of musical theatre created by a cast of 35 young people with London's finest directors, rappers, vocalists and songwriters past the board. We promptly had to do damage limitation on thousands of flyers and "RIOT" became "GRIOT". Her hopes to transform the negative connotations of the history of that word in that area associated with that MP from violence to joy and creativity were quickly dashed. The performance was a success as were many of our creative projects dedicated to diversity and cross-artform collaboration, but less than a year later most of us were made redundant. The official line to the press was that we lost our funding. The real story was much more heartbreaking, as issues of governance, ulterior motives and financial mismanagement reduced the dreams we worked ourselves to the bone for to virtually nothing in under a year. Three years later and Tottenham was once again on fire.

I watched last week's events unfold to a soundtrack of Watch The Throne, Jay Z and Kanye West's new collaborative album released in the same time frame as the riots. My initital reaction was utter revulsion, as on first listen I picked up on talk of watches, cars and shoes - themes of materialism, a word hurled at the looters of London like mud. Several listens later and I stand on the opposite side of that fence, but also with a greater understanding for the politicians, historians and anyone else whose limited perception of hip hop is that of a superficial, dark and frightening caricature. Subtlety can be hard to pick out on a first listen, even with open ears. 

Starkey's issues with the language of urban youth culture provided a sharp reminder that in Britain, a country with shockingly low social mobility, class is still a huge issue. In the US things are different, and money talks much louder than "the right" pronunciation, lineage and schooling - it generally brings with it a level of acceptance harder to obtain on these shores. I am privately educated (as with David Lammy when I speak you might not know my origin with your eyes closed), but that made little difference in my time as an arts fundraiser as I was probed by the well-to-do for information about my presumed absent black father or possible adoption, neither of which was the case.

Watch The Throne certainly has the familiar and almost obligatory sprinkling of club tracks and boastful lux-life references which help guarantee its success on US radio, but a more careful listen reveals a tale of the American dream. Jay Z is still talking about how he has escaped a poor upbringing, absentee father and dealing crack, whilst Kanye is still talking about the difficult effects his hard won superstar life has had on him (in particular his current pre-occupation with being disliked and labeled a racist), but that he's still fighting for it. Hiding or layering the depth of meaning is an intentional device rappers often apply, but many of this album's underlying themes are overtly aspirational -

"The streets raised me, pardon my bad manners
I got my liberty chopping grams up
Street justice, I pray God understands us
I pledge allegiance to all the scramblers 
This is the star spangled banner" - Jay-Z (Made in America)

At the end of 2009 Matthew Herbert remarked to Paul Morley in the Guardian that it would be difficult to tell what was happening in the world through listening to pop music over the past decade. That might be true of pop music but that's not exactly the case with much of hip hop and grime. They both come littered with references to popular culture placing them explicitly in time, and they are also often the autobiographical experiences of the writer. This is the political voice of many young people, positive or negative, it is a view of the world through their eyes and mouths. The tired argument so often made that hip hop is causing violence is quite frankly arse about face, since songwriting generally involves finding inspiration in what you know - the music is the product of experience not the other way round. Apparently because it's not written up in a shiny report (Standard English of course) it cost a shady quango thousands to produce it's not worth listening to seriously. 

Whilst I take issue with the way the riots and associated issues are being dealt with by our government and much of the media, it has made one thing abundantly clear to me. We are in dire need of a "British Dream". The inspirational American ethos, the very benchmark of their culture, that "life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement regardless of social class or circumstances of birth" sounds pretty good. Ours might need to be a bit more cynical with clauses regarding crippling humility and the weather, but surely anything's better than "The Big Society" - not even David Cameron's old pal Rhymefest could write a song about that.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Video: "Go" Tirzah & Micachu

I don't know how you would describe this so just watch it and try not to snap your neck in half I suppose.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Download + Video: Eric Lau "This Is For You"

It's not you it's him. That is if you don't fully understand or are vaguely impressed by something Eric proclaims to be simple, he's just a really humble person. He also hates interviews so it's nice to seem him so relaxed on camera.This might be the last of this kind of sound you hear from Eric for a little while, he's been working on a raft of new stuff lately - collaborations, pseudonyms and experiments I can't wait to hear more about. Eric and PMOI also have a little announcement coming soon I'm getting very excited about, keep 'em peeled...

Goodbye Amy.


"I'm not surprised" was the resounding conclusion on Twitter. I was.

Without going in to specifics I've spent most of my life around addiction, and it's a long time since I was amazed by the toxic volumes people can put in to their bodies and survive, the terrifyingly dangerous situations they can stumble through unscathed, and the heartfelt promises to stop they can't keep. The point at which most of us would have found shocking or surprising was probably a road bump long since passed. By the time someone actually does go too far, they've usually gone further than we can possibly imagine.

Like a lot of Londoners, I met Amy Winehouse once. It was years ago with my sister in Kentish town, she started pointing and saying to her boyfriend "look, those two are so pre-eeyy" as if we were puppies she'd like to take home. Not quite sure what to say we just told her we were fans of her album at the time "Frank" and ducked out of the way. I remember thinking how strange it was that she was Amy Winehouse, yet she seemed insecure. The stories about her hadn't reached our ears at that point, we were just impressed by her brave, honest (and funny) songwriting, not to mention that voice. 

Fast forward to last night as I watched people blame Amy, the people around her for not intervening, the media for their callousness - the list was endless and totally understandable, but wrong all the same. Addiction is a disease, and it often ends up killing its victims. It's hard to sympathise with because the outward appearance is that the addict doesn't care and it's their fault for not trying hard enough. Apart from the mental side of it, the physical experience can be a similar urge to needing to eat when you're starving or drink when you're parched - for those who blame Amy I hope they ask themselves if they would be strong enough to suppress an urge that severe every single day. For those who feel her family should have intervened further, short of tying someone up and never letting them out again there's nothing you can really do to stop them. You just have to watch the person you love kill themselves slowly in front of you, and it's every bit as painful for you as it is for them. As for the media, it is our responsibility to hold them accountable for their behaviour before someone dies, not just blame them afterwards.

I keep seeing talk of how Amy Winehouse will forever be as defined by her addiction as she is by her music. I beg to differ. I think that is up to us. I choose to remember Amy for her inspirational yet down to earth songwriting, how her music got me through sad times or made me laugh out loud, her incredibly special voice, and how she opened the door for talented female artists who don't fit the mould, and don't hold back.     

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Review: Baloji & Fatoumata Diawara at Rich Mix 18.07.11


I say "review" but technically "gushing outpouring of unbridled adoration" is probably far more accurate so I'll try to keep it brief.

I'd heard very little about Fatoumata Diawara which is strange considering what an incredible specimen of the human race she is. An electric guitar playing, mind altering beauty, 'human firework' dancing, limbs like a moving sculpture specimen to be more precise. Her style of singing was something I hadn't come across before, a beautiful tone and range but so expressive - one minute full of dry laughter and the next heavy with sincerity. At one point Fatoumata proffered an inviting description of how to get to her village and proceeded to take us there with her casually masterful band, which just intensified my longing to visit Mali - if ever there were a successful advert...  


I admit, I whispered "I would NOT want to have to follow that!" before Baloji and his Orchestre De Katuba took to the stage. How wrong I was. I think the brilliance of some of Baloji's videos (Karibu Ya Bintou, Tout Ceci Ne Vous Rendra Pas Le Congo) left me imagining he couldn't possibly be as exciting in person. As Orchestre De Katuba filed on stage looking every bit as slick as the Indépendance cha-cha video my hopes were raised, and when Baloji appeared in a shiny red tuxedo jacket with an aura of confidence so evident it was neon, I realised the videos were just the appetizer as they launched in to a set fueled by African funk that could have launched a jet.


Perhaps what struck me most (and there was a lot of striking, the band were incredible), was Baloji's mastery on stage. Every movement and moment seemed calculated and choreographed without losing any of the excitement - the attitude on stage was one of gleeful anticipation, *we know what's coming next and trust us you're going to like it*. The mood switched from playful to serious to steamy to jubilant but the barriers really came down when Baloji announced "they call this 'world music', but this is our music". From that moment on we all danced like the palm wine was flowing at an African wedding.


I'm not sure Baloji falls in to the traditional heartthrob category but the women to my right started squirming and screaming "tomber la chemise" as the jacket came off and the sleeves were rolled up with unmistakably suggestive intent. There's definitely something iconic about the man - I had that same feeling of intense absorption and awe you get when you watch one of the greats, as your soul pledges to return at every chance just to experience it all again.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Marques Toliver "Butterflies Are Not Free" EP

Marques Toliver "Deep in My Heart"

This EP came out back in April and went on a long list of things to check out I never did - face palm. JB III comparisons aside (Toliver could almost be a less vocally oversexed and overstyled cousin), there's something really magical and original about this guy. At the very least you must listen to this song past 2:46. The rest of the EP is equally juicy, I keep uncovering interesting new nuggets with every listen.

Buy: Marques Toliver "Butterflies Are Not Free" EP [iTunes link]

Download: Kae Sun "Outside The Barcode" EP

I've just come across this lovely artist of Ghanaian extraction based in Canada, Kae Sun. I really like the stripped down sound of his "Outside The Barcode" EP, which he released for free at the end of June. The video above was shot at the farm where the EP was recorded, he reminds me in places of both Nneka and Paul Simon, there's something warm and endearing about this music.

Download: Kae Sun "Outside The Barcode" EP

Video: José James & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble Gil Scott Heron Tribute

It's almost strange how similar José James sounds to Gil Scott Heron, particularly on the chorus of "Winter in America". Mr James will be performing a not very secret show at Jazz Re:freshed in London this Thursday.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Video: Cornelia "Aquarius Dreams"

I'm so cynical. My first thought when I heard this track was how incredibly sync friendly it sounds. Get money. Ahem. Luckily this painstakingly gorgeous video by the talented Mr Thomas of has forced me back in to fan mode alongside Cornelia's ultra-femme dangerous pixie vocal (seriously I've met her, she looks like she might lure you in to the woods to play then steal half your Haribo if you doze off - watch your back).

You can buy Aquarius Dreams through Cornelia's very own record label Camp Mozart now.

Video: Nneka "Soul Is Heavy"

New Nigerian national anthem? It's certainly more scathing than "Arise O Compatriots, Nigeria's call obey..." As someone who left in August 1995  before they hanged Ken Saro-Wiwa three months later, I appreciate those brave enough to keep talking about the fact Nigeria has a long way to go. It's exceptionally difficult to tread the line between politics and art without compromising either but Nneka seems to have been put here to do so.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Video: Tawiah "Break Away" [Live Acoustic]

"So we have a new incredible artist called Tawiah that I reckon you’re going to like" says the PR email. How sweet. I'm pretty sure at least 90% of people I know are still playing Tawiah's incredible EP In Jodis Bedroom [iTunes link] from 2008 regularly. Looks like the major label push has begun however, let's hope they get it right because everyone with properly working ears will be supporting Tawiah, one of the most talented artists this country contains.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Video: Lianne La Havas "Don't Wake Me Up" (Live at The Slaughtered Lamb)

I do realise I have become Lianne La Havas's weird blogger stalker, because I can't stop posting everything she does, but can you blame me? I think not.

Video: Om Unit Vs Kromestar "Solar Cycle/ Merkabah"

Teaser really is the only appropriate term for this - you barely have time to fully screw your face before it's over. Om Unit sent me the MP3s so I guess you can come round to my house if you need to, or just wait for it to come out on 12" & digital via Om Unit's new label Cosmic Bridge.

Video: The Park "Twice The Zombie" + "The Process"

One take. I admit it's perhaps not the most captivating piece of footage [I screen hopped] but the music is brilliant - a juicy Little Dragon resmack to coin the Rustie-ism. Annoyingly it doesn't seem to be on their [equally brilliant] new album The Process. I will thus of course be paying them a visit at Lovebox to demand recompense. 


Video: Mountain Man - Come All Yee [Live at The Wiltern]

I first came across Mountain Man supporting Jonsi from Sigur Ros in Brighton last year and fell in love with their voices, sucker that I am for Appalachia. It could have been quite a risk for Jonsi to pick mountain folk as opposed to fellow magical woodland folk as a support act but it worked. Apparently this is an audio + video release, I can't find it in iTunes UK but am crossing fingers it's on the way.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Video: Diana Ross Live at Central Park 1983

Tomorrow morning Beyonce will be performing a televised free concert at Central Park in New York, almost exactly 28 years after Diana Ross performed a concert there for 800,000 people (the first day in the beautifully choreographed video above was rained off part way through so she actually performed the full show the next day, Friday 22nd July 1983).

After watching Beyonce's undeniably amazing (say something, what?) and historical headline set at Glastonbury this week I'm too exhausted to watch her again anytime soon. However I have just found a link to Diana Ross's slightly more sedate but equally glamorous affair, complete with (just slightly) gushing heartfelt proclamations, an impossible number of hit songs, and miraculously - even bigger hair.

Watch Diana Ross Live in Central Park 1983 here/ buy it on Amazon.
*Disclaimer - the video seems to take at least 5 minutes to load but it does work so be patient!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

PMOI Presents: Tanya Auclair "Origami" Live [Dir. Will Hanke]

Photo by Oddisee 

It's hard to choose a favourite from an EP which only has three songs on it. They're all beautifully crafted, but the title track Origami might be my favourite to listen to live because it's paired down to just Tanya's voice and her trusty Microkorg.

If you haven't yet heard "Origami" you can listen & download here and I would highly recommend catching Tanya live at Love Box festival or one of the other gigs she has coming up this summer.

Listen + Download: Tanya Auclair "Origami" EP here

Biophilia Begins...

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

I know I'm supposed to be really excited about this new Biophilia album/ project thingy from Bjork, presently debuting at Manchester International Festival. I am, I promise, I nearly attacked a producer who has been working on this album for details (not allowed to name him/ her, apologies). Crystalline (above) sounds like the closest thing to the Vespertine album since it came along and changed everything in my tiny mind, yet with it's own very distinctive textures and direction which seems to end up in experimental drum and bass wonderland - yes yes all very exciting. Now can we talk about this remix please??

Video: Bon Iver - I Can't Make You Love Me & Nick of Time [Live]

*Tries to think of something cool and interesting to say, fails*. Justin Vernon how I love your squeaky depths. Do you have the new Bon Iver album [iTunes link]? It sounds like this but even longer. Yeah.

Drink Fuelled Documentaries: Cee Lo "Distilled" & Araabmuzik's "Burn"

It seems that if you would like to get your documentary commissioned this year, look no further than the nearest drinks company! Honestly though, who cares as long as they're interesting and not massively compromised? I'm not sure you can "distill" Cee Lo but if you could his bravery seems like a good place to start. In the niche musical world many of us occupy it's easier to pursue diverse tastes and take brave steps, in fact it's expected, but Cee Lo is one of the last who are able to couple genuine artistic integrity with major pop success - and right now that really is brave.

Apparently director Alec Sutherland finished this piece on Araabmuzik months ago but Burn Energy drink (pause) wanted him to hold off releasing it until later on this year. He nobly declined claiming this way it could be seen as something other than an advert  (perhaps the reason we don't see Araab glugging energy drinks the way Cee Lo caressed his vodka above). Well, that and because Araabmuzik's album "Electronic Dreams" came out on June 14th [iTunes link] - I'm not feeling the whole thing but a few tunes are tough

Monday, 20 June 2011

Video: Metronomy "The Look" (Acoustic)

Some music just makes your heart shout "yayyyyy". Metronomy falls firmly in to this very official genre. Possibly one of the most endearing things about them is the gap between the real them (see above for slightly shy embarrassed west country blokes going slightly out of tune and giggly), and their commitment to making proper English sexy synthesized pop (see below for over the top glam par excellence).

Via PUBlication & Zeit

Now Playing: New Albums From Ebo Taylor, Orchestre Poly-Rythmo and Seun Kuti

I seem to have acquired three brilliant new albums from West Africa this spring, all on the funk inflected flex but not all strictly afrobeat.


The most recent is The 1st Album by Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou of Benin released on June 7th through Analog Africa. Apparently Samy Ben Redjab came across a test pressing of a session by the band from 1973 which was rejected by their record label at the time because of background noise. The band had to record a second session which became their rare as hen's teeth official album, and The 1st Album features two tracks from each. OPR actually put out another album earlier this year on Strut featuring their first new recordings for 20 years entitled "Cotonou Club".
The 1st Album 07.06.2011, Analog Africa [iTunes link]
Cotonou Club 29.03.2011, Strut [iTunes link]


The second is also a set of re-releases but from Ghana's Ebo Taylor, hot on the heels of his album Love and Death last October. My lovely friends over at The Revivalist have a great interview and feature on the man as part of their Transatlantic Issue. You can download a track from the album for free from Nora Ritchie's Soundcloud player below.

   Ebo Taylor - Atwer Abroba by noraritchie
Life Stories 12.04.2011, Strut [iTunes link]
Love and Death 22.10.2011, Strut [iTunes link]

Finally, Seun Kuti's From Africa With Fury: Rise. The interview with Wax Poetics above is great, but I can't help but wonder what Africans who are based outside of Nigeria or Africa will be feeling in reaction to this kind of music.   
From Africa With Fury: Rise 1.4.2011, Knitting Factory Records [iTunes link]

Stream/ Download: Gil Scott-Heron - Live At The Bottom Line '77


"We have a feeling that everybody in the whole world speaks drum..." 

I've been digging through some of Gil Scott Heron's work I was previously unfamiliar with since his passing, and this is one of my favourite finds so far. I love the way as he speaks to the audience he jumps between hilarity, fascinating stories and the searing truth. At times it's tough listening to such a beautiful soul knowing he's gone, but comforting that recordings like this ensure the most important parts are still here.

It's easy to forget with so much information at our fingertips that Gil Scott Heron was aeons ahead of his time in terms of his knowledge of world politics and culture, I'm reminded here that he really was one of the griots he spoke of. The music itself has also lost nothing over the 30 years since this recording, which came just before the release of the album Bridges. Even classic songs like It's Your World feel brand new again with the addition of the beautiful introductions and live instrumentation. 

Download: Gil Scott-Heron "Live At The Bottom Line '77" [click here]

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Download + Interview: Tanya Auclair "Origami" EP


I'm so happy to be sharing this EP, Tanya Auclair is such an exciting singer songwriter and her work continues to exert a strong gravitational pull on my heart strings towards her live shows and recorded projects. I asked her a couple of questions about the new EP "Origami", the first 1000 copies of which are available for free download through her Bandcamp page so be quick.

I've searched high and low but can't find a single "ooh baby I love you/ you broke my heart etc etc", is it safe to assume the inspiration behind this EP was not your love life?

Haha! Yes, zero tolerance on the smoochy time policy on this EP. I kind of set myself these little 'rules' before setting out on the record. 1) no love songs 2) write everything live before even sniffing a computer...The rules were really just tools to push my songwriting skills. Its easy to write about love, I wanted to get better at telling stories. 

What exactly is a Sverige?

Sverige started out as an epic poem I wrote for my mates after we did a road trip round Sweden. Travel and movement have always been good catalysts for me when it comes to writing, whether its the rhythm of your stride or the random stuff you get up to or the newness of it all. That trip set me off, soon as I got back I wrote the EP Thrum. The lyrics ‘Hear that whistle blow’ is the call you hear when something needs to be done. 

Your last EP Thrum was a solo effort but for Origami you've worked with other people, what prompted the change and how did the process differ?

With the first EP it was me locked in my room with a Zoom recorder, Fruityloops and some instruments. This time I just wanted to try the opposite. I wanted to write and record as much of it ‘live’ as possible, rather than it kind of living on the computer. This last year I’ve been working with the brilliant drummer Joe Allen, and more recently double-bassist Arista Hawkes – and its really been a time of exploring making music of minimal means, whether by myself, in duo or trio. They’re such sick players that I had to have them and their personalities on the record. Then Jack Allett got on board to record/co-produce and he was also really into the idea of keeping the elements minimal. We managed to blag 6 hours of downtime in a studio to record the core parts, then all the rest was done in friends kitchens and flats. This time I’ve also been lucky enough to collaborate with some great filmmakers - Will Hanke on the ‘Gabriel’ video and Eleni Savvidou on the trailer for ‘Origami’. 

Whilst we're on the subject, your solo show involves an almost annoyingly impressive number of instruments, how many do you play (please list) and will the list continue to expand exponentially?

At the moment I’m playing Microkorg, ukulele, guitar, melodihorn, sticks, shaker and sampling my voice. I’m still having fun messing about with this set up, but definitely up for new elements, as long as it can fit in my granny trolley (what I cart all my equipment in) 

Your cover of "Gabriel" by Roy Davis Jr ft Peven Everett was rather beautiful, but if you could collaborate with anyone who would top the list?

Ingoma Nshya – the hottest drum troupe I’ve ever seen. They’re a company of female drummers from Rwanda – the first of its kind - traditionally women weren’t allowed to drum, but they broke the mould. Imagine being backed by 10 or 12 women dancing like cranes and drumming like thunder?! Powpow!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Download: 14KT "14KillaTape"


Anyone who can flip Jon B without it sounding utterly ridiculous is a hero in my book. 14KT is such a talented producer and I'm grateful he's dropped something new so I'm not just playing his Nowalataz LP from 2009.

Download: 14Killa Tape here [Mediafire Link]

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Video: Tanya Auclair - Origami EP Trailer

As you may have heard Tanya Auclair's new EP "Origami" will be released on Monday 13th June, (I'm so excited for you to hear it). We dropped her beautiful cover of Roy Davis Jr ft Peven Everett's "Gabriel" a couple of weeks ago, and today an appropriately interesting and intricate trailer by video and performance artist Eleni Savvidou.

The featured song "Fluke" will be on the EP, it has actually been floating around for a while in Tanya's head, the random parts it's made up of took their time to come together but did finally a couple of weeks ago.  The launch party for Origami is this Thursday 9th June at Servant's Jazz Quarters in Dalston, capacity is limited so I suggest you get there as early as possible.

"A week after I finished 'Fluke', I found Eleni's work by chance via twitter, as soon as I saw her films a light went on in my head. And then in both our heads! She experimented with different versions but this is the first take she did and she nailed it. Her film and my song are like 2 peas in a pod, or maybe more like 2 electrons jostling in the same atom. "

Monday, 6 June 2011

Video: Thunder Soul Trailer

I never thought I would get excited by something following the words "Jamie Foxx Presents" but I'm happy to be wrong about that in this case. Having missed it at SXSW last year I'm still very curious to see Thunder Soul, and although it now has distribution in the US not much news has come through about international screenings - fingers crossed.

Video: Chairman Kato x Chris Stoneman "Underbelly" Dir. by Rob McDougall

I interviewed the lovely Chairman Kato about his intriguing audio-visual installation "Underbelly" back in April, and now they've released a film directed by Rob McDougall which captures the experience for those who didn't get to see it this Spring.

PMOI Presents: d e g o "What Ever" feat LuvBugz [MP3 + Stream]

Photo by Lars Beaulieu

If this is what's not on the album I'm so excited to hear what is! Mr Good Good aka Dego has a new album coming out on 20th June via 2000Black and on CD, and in the meantime has blessed us with a little exclusive to ease the wait. Apparently you can only grab this one here at PMOI and but I think it needs to be shared...

   d e g o "What Ever" feat LuvBugz by ameliaideh

Download: d e g o "What Ever" feat LuvBugz [Click here]

Sunday, 5 June 2011

London Event Listings: Summer 2011

Baloji & Fatoumata Diawara @ Rich Mix 18th July

Sat 4th Jun
>>Theo Parrish @ Plastic People

Sun 5th Jun
>>Asa w/ Yolanda Brown @ Indig02
>>CDR @ Plastic People

Mon 6th Jun
>>Owiny Sigoma Band & Michael Kiwanuka @ Cafe Oto
>>Slum Village @ Jazz Cafe

Tue 7th Jun
>>Winyo, Bélo and Wanlov the Kubolor @ Rich Mix

Wed 8th Jun
>>Tune Yards @ The Scala

Thu 9th Jun
>>Tanya Auclair "Origami" EP Launch Party @ Servants Jazz Quarters
>>Jamie Woon @ Shepherds Bush Empire
>>United Vibrations @ United 80, Brixton Village

Fri 10th Jun
>>CDR Knowledge w/ Morgan Zarate, Cooly G & Funkineven @ Rivington Place
>>Keiran Hebden (Four Tet) @ Plastic People

Sat 11th Jun
>>Untold Songs Launch w/ Heidi Vogel, Tanya Auclair, Yarah Bravo, Stac & more @ Rich Mix   
>>Harmonic 313, Kode 9, Dorian Concept, King Midas Sound, Alex Nut @ Koko
>>Wu Tang Clan with support from Yelawolf + Hyro Da Hero + Young Dirty Bastard @ HMV Forum
>>Omar @ Jazz Cafe
>>Keiran Hebden (Four Tet) @ Plastic People
>>Soundcheck w/ Eska, Arun Gosh & more @ The Albany

Sun 12th Jun
>>Wu Tang Clan with support from Yelawolf + Hyro Da Hero + Young Dirty Bastard @ HMV Forum
>>Keiran Hebden (Four Tet) @ Plastic People

Mon 13th Jun
>>Alicia Keys @ The Royal Albert Hall

Tue 14th Jun
>>James Blake @ Koko
>>Angie Stone @ Jazz Cafe

Wed 15th Jun
>>Showtime Present Wiley, General Levy, Glamma Kid, Skibadee, Asher Senator, Lady Chann, Stush, YT, Riko Dan, Lady Leshurr, Stylo G, Serocee @ Cargo
>>Angie Stone @ Jazz Cafe

Thu 16th Jun
>>The Jungle Brothers @ 02 Academy Islington
>>Angie Stone @ Jazz Cafe

Fri 17th Jun
>>Amon Tobin @ The Roundhouse
>>Amon Tobin x Ninja Tune Afterparty @ The Lockside Lounge
>>Jehst Album Launch Party w/ Rob Swift, Stretch Armstrong, Spin Doctor @ Fabric
>>City Limits Vol 2 launch party w/ Loefah & Boddika, Silkie & Quest, Mumdance, Hatcha, Eddie K @ Cable

Sat 18th Jun
>>Space Children - George Clinton & Nona Hendryx @ The British Library
>>George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic @ The Forum
>>Classic Material w/ Chris Read, Ollie Teeba (The Herbaliser) & Nickname @ The C.A.M.P.
>>Nonsense @ Plastic People

Sun 19th Jun
>>Boglewaltz Tropical Garden Party @ Lati Ri

Mon 20th Jun
>>Rick Ross @ The Forum
>>Bobby Womack @ Jazz Cafe

Tue 21st Jun
>>The Local present: Buke & Gass + Tanya Auclair @ The C.A.M.P.
>>Bobby Womack @ Jazz Cafe
>>Ginuwine @ Indig02

Wed 22nd Jun
>>Electric Wire Hustle @ Electrowerkz
>>Tame Impala @ The Roundhouse
>>Bobby Womack @ Jazz Cafe

Thu 23rd Jun
>>Big Boi @ Heaven
>>Bobby Womack @ Jazz Cafe

Fri 24th Jun
>>Saigon live w/ DJ 279, Chris P Cuts, DJ Snips & DJ Snuff @ XOYO
>>Kode 9 @ Plastic People
>>Auditorium presents Joker @ The Westbury 
>>Rock The Belles w/ Miss Dynamite, Jay Brown, Bex & Natalie Ferol @ East Village
>>Vive La France Pony Pony Run Run + Naïve New Beaters + deBruit + DJ Gringo da Parada @ Rich Mix

Sat 25th Jun
>>Floating Points & (Guest TBA) @ Plastic People
>>Livin Proof @ The CA.M.P.

Mon 27th Jun
>>AfroCubism w/ Eliades Ochoa, Djelimady Tounkara, Toumani Diabaté, Bassekou Kouyate and Kasse Mady Diabaté + special guest Fatoumata Diawara @ The Royal Albert Hall

Tue 28th Jun
>>Roy Hargrove @ Union Chapel
>>Paul Simon @ Hammersmith Apollo
>>B.B. King @ The Royal Albert Hall 
>>Circle Traps & Rocketnumbernine @ Cafe Oto

Thu 30th Jun
>>Mayer Hawthorne DJ set w/ Paul White & Eric Lau @ East Village
>>Janet Jackson @ The Royal Albert Hall 
>>Oumou Sangare & Anibal Velasquez @ The Barbican


Fri 1st Jul
>>iTunes Festival: Paul Simon @ The Roundhouse
>>Janet Jackson @ The Royal Albert Hall 
>>Kicker Conspiracy Presents: Ghostpoet, Entrepreneurs, Count Chocula & Work It DJs @ The C.A.M.P.

Sat 2nd Jul
>>Chilly Gonzales, The Hidden Cameras, Woodpigeon @ The Barbican
>>Janet Jackson @ The Royal Albert Hall  
>>The Doctor's Orders 6th Birthday Boat Party w/ Statik Selektah, Spin Doctor, Chris P Cuts & The Last Skeptik @ Temple Pier 

Sun 3rd Jul
>>Al Jarreau @ Royal Festival Hall
>>Janet Jackson @ The Royal Albert Hall

Wed 6th Jul
>>Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings @ The Barbican

Thu 7th Jul 
>>The Budos Band @ 02 Academy Islington

Fri 8th Jul
>>Tempo Clash w/ Kutmah, Om Unit, DJ Irk & Zone @ Rhythm Factory

Sun 10th Jul
>>Hugh Masekela @ Hackney Empire
>>The Last Poets @ The Jazz Cafe
>>Spin Doctor's Birthday Party - free all day w/ a dream team of DJs, BBQ & Quiz @ Cargo

Mon 11th Jul
>>Bootsy Collins @ Indig02
>>Esperanza Spalding @ The Barbican 
>>Hugh Masekela @ Hackney Empire

Tue 12th Jul
>>Congotronics vs Rockers w/ Deerhoof, Juana Molina, Konono N°1, Kasai Allstars, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Matt Mehlan @ The Barbican
>>Aesthetic Sounds 3rd bday w/ J*Davey, Jesse Boykins III & Sarah Fonteyne @ Vibe Bar
>>Ice Cube & Naughty By Nature @ Indig02

Thu 14th Jul
>>Ebo Taylor/ Fool's Gold @ Hackney Empire
>>Cut Chemist @ Jazz Cafe
>>Intelligent Movement w/ Charlie Dark @ Concrete (Southbank Center)

Sat 16th Jul
>Innerpoints (Floating Points & Âme) @ Plastic People
>>Classic Material w/ Harry Love, Chris Read & Nickname @ The C.A.M.P.

Sun 17th Jul
>>Erykah Badu @ 02 Academy
>Raphael Saadiq - Bluey Robinson @ iTunes Festival
>>Boglewaltz Tropical Garden Party @ Lati Ri
>>DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown aka Erykah Badu @ Plan B, London (TBC)
>>Kelpe & Grasscut @ The Vortex

Mon 18th Jul
>>Baloji & Fatoumata Diawara @ Rich Mix
>>Maya Andrade @ Ronnie Scotts
>>iTunes Festival: Jamie Woon & Katy B @ The Roundhouse

Tue 19th Jul
>>Maya Andrade @ Ronnie Scotts
>Nothing To Display w/ Tanya Auclair & Joshua Idehen @ Nottinghill Arts Club

Wed 20th Jul
>Roy Ayers + Pete Rock @ Jazz Cafe

Thu 21st Jul
>Roy Ayers + Pete Rock @ Jazz Cafe
>José James @ Jazz Re:Freshed 

Fri 22nd Jul
>Lil Louis @ Plastic People
>Roy Ayers + Pete Rock @ Jazz Cafe

Sat 23rd Jul
>The Human Planet Prom w/ music by Nitin Sawhney @ The Royal Albert Hall
>>Osibisa @ Ronnie Scotts
>Deviation w/ Karizma, Martyn, Artwork, Jam City, Benji B @ Cable

Sun 24th Jul 
>The Human Planet Prom w/ music by Nitin Sawhney @ The Royal Albert Hall

Mon 25th Jul
>Antipop Consortium @ Plan B

Tue 26th Jul
>>iTunes Festival: Magnetic Man @ The Roundhouse

Wed 27th Jul
>Quantic & his Combo Barbaro @ Koko
>>Nicolas Jaar @ Fabric

Thu 28th Jul
>>Nicolas Jaar @ Fabric

Fri 29th Jul
>>Patrice Rushen, The Jones Girls & Kenny Thomas @ Indig02
> Mixcloud Present Hoya Hoya x Donky Pitch x Streets of Beige @ Big Chill House

Sat 30th Jul
>>African Jazz Allstars @ The Jazz Cafe
>Floating Points & DJ Nature @ Plastic People
>Livin Proof @ The CAMP


Tue 2nd Aug 
>Richard Bona and Raul Midón "The Duwala Malambo Project" @ Jazz Cafe

Wed 3rd Aug
>>Dead Prez @ The Garage
> Doctors Orders Present Blitz The Ambassador & Embassy Ensemble @ Cargo
>Richard Bona and Raul Midón "The Duwala Malambo Project" @ Jazz Cafe

Thu 4th Aug
>Nick Mulvey @ The Vortex

Fri 5th Aug
>Theo Parrish @ Plastic People

Thu 11th Aug 
>Portico Quartet @ Cafe Oto

Sat 13th Aug
>>Matthew Herbert Big Band @ Ronnie Scotts
>>The Nextmen Boat Party @ Temple Pier

Fri 19th Aug
>>The Roots @ HMV Apollo

Sun 21st Aug
>>Boglewaltz x Do-Over Street Party Special @ Lati Ri

Fri 26th Aug
>>Q-Tip @ Indig02

Sat 27th Aug
>Norman Jay & Max Vangeli @ Plan B

Sun 28th Aug
>Tribute to Stevie Wonder w/ Omar, Carroll Thompson & Janet Kay @ Jazz Cafe
>David Rodigan, Dillinja, Trojan Sound System, Heatwave @ Plan B


Heads up...

Sat 3rd Sept
>>Jimmy Cliff @ Indig02

Tue 6th Sep
>>Teebs & Jeremiah Jae @ XOYO

Thu 8th Sep
>>Public Enemy Performing Fear of A Black Planet @ HMV Forum

Fri 16th Sep
>Charlie Wilson @ The Indigo 02

Sat 17th Sep
>Soundcrash ft Daedelus, Luke Vibert & Kutmah @ Koko

Wed 21st Sep
>Michael Kiwanuka @ Bush Hall

Fri 23rd Sep
>>Lovers Rock Live w/ Susan Cadogans, Ginger Williams, Janet Kay, Carroll Thompson & more @ Indig02

Sun 25th Sep
>Rahsaan Patterson & N'Dambi @ Shepherds Bush Empire

Sat 1st Oct
>Soundcrash Presents The Cinematic Orchestra @ The Barbican

Mon 3rd Oct
>An Evening with Todd Rundgren & Special Guests @ Jazz Cafe (to the 5th)

Wed 5th Oct 
>Fink @ Union Chapel

Thu 6th Oct 
>Dels @ XOYO

Thu 13th Oct 
>Soundcrash Presents Ghostpoet @ The Scala

Thu 20th Oct 
>Doctors Orders Present Random Axe @ The Scala

Mon 24th Oct
>>Bon Iver @ HMV Apollo

Wed 26th Oct
>Tinariwen @ Koko

Thu 27th Oct
>>Lenny Kravitz @ HMV Apollo

Thu 3rd Nov 
>Nitin Sawhney @ Union Chapel (& the 4th)

Wed 30th Nov 
>Nneka @ Dingwalls

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Video: Sosa Recording "Exit Wounds"

BRIDGE KIDS EXIT WOUNDS from Creative Control on Vimeo.

I cannot get this song out of my head. It's on We Love Vol. 28, and whilst I may have just dropped 60 glorious free tracks in a week on the blog I keep finding myself singing along (badly) to Exit Wounds on repeat. I couldn't find much online on SOSA aka Solana Rowe other than this video from Creative Control on the making of the track, which will apparently be on a forthcoming project called See Sos Run.

Farewell, Gil Scott Heron

I spent much of today reading articles and tributes, and listening to documentaries (all of them fascinating) about Gil Scott Heron, after hearing the sad news about his passing. It was on everyone's mind and as I spoke to a friend from Washington DC about it, it reminded me of the video above from his younger days. That stretch of river bank is covered in rich yuppies stretching out on their boats today. The thing that seemed to stick with both of us was the fact the man could be so eloquent in describing the problems that beset his people, the causes and the solutions, and yet be a prime example of the effects. The logic goes that if you understand a problem you can fix it, but it seems not everything is that simple.

I feel deeply grateful to Gil Scott Heron, it's not easy being that honest, and he was so unswervingly throughout his life. There were probably so many moments he could have thought - sod this I'm going to do it the easy way - but he didn't, and he created something that defied genre and categorization, art that changed so much that came after it and will remain forever.    

Friday, 27 May 2011

Video: Krystle Warren - The Love Songs Sessions

This is probably one of the most inspirational videos I've posted since I started blogging. The bravery and determination it must take to hold out in order to do everything on your own terms without compromising, then trusting yourself when the dream scenario comes together and you have 20+ other people involved in bringing it to life makes me feel overwhelmed just watching. I have a sneaking suspicion that this album, whenever it comes to light, will be a modern masterpiece. 

Video: Erykah Badu "Out My Mind Just In Time"

OUT MY MIND JUST IN TIME from Creative Control on Vimeo.

I find it hard to imagine this was in no way influenced by the recent Pina Bausch resurgence - it's basically a solo version of Café Müller without the chairs (please go and see Wim Wenders spectacular 3D film Pina, out now). Not that I'm knocking it, quite the opposite - whatever inspired it this is gorgeous and 99% of the contemporary dancers I studied with would kill for an ounce of the charisma and presence Erykah Badu brings to this piece, and her sense of physicality and vocabulary is really impressive for someone without formal training. Where movement is concerned the emotional is far more important than the physical.

We Love... Vol.28


Yes you saw that right, Notorious B.I.G. - Busta has recycled a verse but the track (thankfully) doesn't sound like recent Busta Rhymes. Apparently his new album features a significant amount of production from Kev Brown (fingers and toes crossed). Disclaimer: in case the inclusion of some of these tracks is confusing I was a serious RnB chick with braids 10 years ago, there are definitely traces of that in here but I tried not to go overboard and the mixture of genres is still there. Enjoy. 

We Love Vol. 28 download [Mediafire Link] 

AAries - Baby, This Love I Have
Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra - African Kings
Bon Iver - Calgary
Boom Clap Bachelors - Løb Stop Stå
Busta Rhymes ft Notorious B.I.G. - I Knock You Out
Darryl Moore -  Where I'm At
Débruit - débruit's Pony
Dynasty - Magnificent
Hodgy Beats - Mystery
Homeboy Sandman - Fully Equipped
John Legend - Rolling in the Deep (Adele cover)
Mayer Hawthorne - Don't Turn The Lights On
MED - Where I'm From feat. Kurupt & Aloe Blacc
MF DOOM - Vomit (3:33 Remix)
Noisses - Vampire Riddem
Oddisee - I'm From PG
SOSA - Exit Wounds
Susana Baca - Molino Molero (LIve @ KEXP)
Toki Monsta - Bright Shadows
Uncle Murda - Warning

*WE LOVE... is a big one click download of carefully selected individual tracks sourced from reputable blogs & artists we love. Please email us ( if we've uploaded a non-promo track in error or to send us something you love.  

Video: Lianne La Havas Black Cab Session

Lianne La Havas from Black Cab Sessions on Vimeo.

I'll say it again, this girl is going to do BIG things...

Video: What Song are you Listening to?

This is awesome. I wish people would ask each other more often (but then I am a music blogger). Saying that I seem to get asked quite regularly and it's easy to get caught out - last time I was listening to Bun B when I bumped in to a very religious friend who asked. It's amazing the way you see the world completely changes depending on what comes on in your headphones - sometimes you're trying not to look crazy dancing at the bus stop because of J Dilla, others you might be ready to (mentally) shank the next man who "hey girl's" you because of Wu Tang, or trying desperately to hold it together and not cry until you get in the house because of Arvo Part. That may just be me but I doubt it.

Video: Tommy Tempa "Light Medium" Dir. L P Balmer

This video is surprisingly similar to what I imagine the inside of Tommy Tempa's brain to look like. Another gorgeous song from his recently released "The Quixotic" EP [iTunes link] which I can't recommend highly enough. If you haven't yet you can check out our interview with Tommy and see if there are any free downloads left of "Fragments" here.

Interview: Aly Gillani on First Word Records 7th Birthday


One of the UKs finest independent record labels First Word (home to Kidkanevil, Homecut, Laura J Martin, Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra and lots of others) turned seven years old this week so I asked label boss Aly Gillani AKA DJ Gilla about the journey. If you're quick you can grab this great free compilation they've released to celebrate, it's up for another day.

I've read the bio but still don't know where the name "First Word" came from, is it a dark secret? If so please will you tell us anyway?

Well, originally we were called 'Sounds Like' - as in charades - 'sounds like music' - we started getting logos with an ear being tugged as you would if you were playing the game. Then we found out there already was a 'Sounds Like' so we continued the charades theme and came up with 'First Word' - it seemed only natural that our first compilation should be called Two Syllables. I have no idea where this charades fixation came from - I don't even like the game that much....

We're sure there have only been highs, but please will you humour us and tell us about the biggest highs and lows over the last 7 years?

It's funny, but when you start out everything is a high. I remember rushing down to the newsagent to buy magazines and newspapers which had our reviews in, recording Radio One off the 'listen again' feature into my minidisc recorder when we had our first airplay, our first big shows at Jazz Cafe, Koko etc, were all hugely exciting. Particularly as the label has always had a real family vibe to it, you really feel part of something. As you get more experienced you get a bit more blase about it, because it becomes normal. The event at Vibe Bar this week was great, because it was the biggest line-up of artists on the label we've had since we started - I'm really lucky to work with a genuinely great group of people, and to have them all meet each other, socialise together and collaborate on fantastic music is really gratifying.

Plenty of lows too though! Going way back, our second single was by a band called Today's Mathematics - a really beautiful hip hop soul record. To this day it's still one of the best reviewed releases we've had - Radio 1 airplay, loads of press, great DJ reactions - we had high hopes..... it sold 30 copies on vinyl - heartbreaking! We've also been ripped off a couple of times, it's the nature of the business that distributors go under, and that's just how it goes. However, one guy literally pocketed a very significant amount of our money, for entirely selfish reasons - he just never paid us (and lots of other people too). It was pretty early on for us and it nearly sent us under. What's even more frustrating is that the guy is still working in the industry today! The only other real low point is when we have to destroy unsold stock - in the last year I've taken two full carloads to the skip and it's pretty soul-destroying - all those hopes and dreams you have end up in the crusher. It's generally all old releases, we definitely have more hits than misses these days, but it's still hard to take.

Is there anything you've found yourself wishing you knew about before you started running an independent record label? Like people don't buy that much music anymore...

There's so much I wish I knew, and so much I still don't know. I think when we started it was at a really interesting time in the independent scene. We were taking our cues from people like Ninja Tune, BBE, Tru Thoughts - labels that had started when people still bought a lot of records - they'd locked down how to run things in that climate and we tried to replicate that. That taught us our biggest lesson - everything changes so quickly - the nature of the business changes constantly. When we started in 2004 iTunes was in it's infancy, and not really a big consideration. If you didn't release something on vinyl DJs couldn't play it - which now is almost unimaginable. Technology has completely transformed the way we work, and the lessons from today don't necessarily help you tomorrow.

Has it made much of a difference moving your base from Leeds to London (apart from the lack of friendly conversations with strangers on public transport)?

Ha ha! Yeah, the number 78 bus from Peckham isn't a place to start a conversation really! I'm glad that we started the label in Leeds - it gave us our identity and the support from people there and in Sheffield was massively important to us. I still feel that we are rooted in that Leeds musical scene which has produced such amazing talent. As well as The Haggis Horns, kidkanevil, Homecut, Mike-L and Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra on our label, there's Corinne Bailey Rae, Andreya Triana, Shlomo, Eliphino, Kato, Laura J Martin, Submotion Orchestra, Ramadanman and tons more - it's a really inspiring place.

The move has been great from a business point of view even though my reasons for moving were personal ones. There is a much greater scope for things here - Leeds is a relatively small city - which makes it all the more remarkable that it produces so much great music, but London opens up so many more possibilities. We're still proud of our Yorkshire roots though!

What's next? Any plans to sign a group of potty mouthed middle-class teenagers from the West Country and take over the world?

What, the cast of Skins or something? Actually, a record made by them would probably outsell everything we've ever done! We've got loads of great stuff coming up though - we're about to release a couple of reggae records in the shape of a new album from Lotek and East Park Reggae Collective (another product of the Leeds music scene). There's also the debut Souleance LP which is gonna feature Shawn Lee and Raashan Ahmad (that track is sounding crazy!) and we've recently signed RBMA graduate Amenta who I'm really excited about working with. There's an ethio-jazz album from Brighton duo Ye Mighty and we've just signed (today in fact) a 7" from Tall Black Guy out of Detroit. Plenty to keep us busy!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

We Love... Vol.27


This one probably won't be to everyone's taste and the fact I assemble these compilations in alphabetical order leads to some strange coupling (Vado, Jada and Luda before Vieux Farka Toure is just bizarre). I just hope you find something you like on here...

We Love Vol.27 Download [Mediafire link]

Amanda Diva - Manchild
Bonobo - The Keeper (Live @ KEXP)
BOSCO - What, when, where....
Dub Sonata - Puffin' on a Fat Blunt
Fleet Foxes - Grown Ocean
Free The Robots - With The Drum
Grey Reverend - Walk The Same
J.Cole - The Good Son, Part I
Kidkanevil - Stomp ft Justin Percival
Lianne La Havas - Final Form (Everything Everything cover)
Mobb Deep - Must Go Hard
Nostalgia 77 - Cherry
Oddisee - You Don't Close Your Eyes
Sbtrkt ft Yukimi Nagano - Wildfire ft (Drake rmx)
Shystie ft Lioness, Lady Leshurr - Warning
Tommy Tempa - Fragments
Tone Trezure - Love me
Toro Y Moi - I Will Talk To You
Vado, Jadakiss, Ludacris - Check Um Out
Vieux Farka Toure - Inne (Live @ KEXP)
*WE LOVE... is a big one click download of carefully selected individual tracks sourced from reputable blogs & artists we love. Please email us ( if we've uploaded a non-promo track in error or to send us something you love.

PMOI Presents: Tanya Auclair "Gabriel" Dir. by Will Hanke

Tanya Auclair - Gabriel (Live) from Tanya Auclair on Vimeo.

When Tanya first performed this song at the Tabernacle in West London a few weeks ago, after only working it out the night before, by the time she sang "he had good news" half of the audience had erupted. Not one for introductions, it was a moment for those who were there on the right dancefloor in 1997, and Tanya had managed to capture and distill the beautiful essence of a two step classic. The reaction has been the same everywhere since, so when director Will Hanke dropped over to her house at the last minute and filmed the lady of many instruments performing a couple of songs from her forthcoming EP "Origami" this had to be included.

My mate Ed makes me the best compilations, a couple weeks ago I was throwing shapes hard in the kitchen to a mix he'd made me ages ago and I rediscovered this Peven Everett/Roy Davis Jr beauty called 'Gabriel'. I spent the next couple days mouth-trumpeting that chorus hook with a spring in my step. For all you old-skool UK garage heads, here's my refix - without mouth trumpet. Directed by brilliant filmmaker Will Hanke. 

"Origami" the new EP from Tanya Auclair will be released on June 13th. The launch party is on Thursday June 9th at Servants Jazz Quarters (click for info).   


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