Wednesday, 2 June 2010

PMOI TV: Grillade @ SXSW 2010


I'm working my way through my footage from SXSW ridiculously slowly at the moment but there is more to come. I was really impressed by a new band called Grillade - comprised of singer Ragen Fykes, producer Keelay (of Keelay and Zaire), and supergroup The Park. I wasn't quite sure what to expect since Ragen is quite softly spoken and was rocking the kind of English straw boater hat I was forced to wear on top of my afro to school as a child. As you can see from the video she's not so sweet on stage and tore a hole in it - Ragen actually reminds me of Tiombe Lockhart a few years ago. You absolutely have to watch this through until the guitar solo at 3.50mins - the band and production were very much on point. Ones to watch for sure...


Grillade @ SXSW2


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