Thursday, 29 October 2009

Daniel Merriweather and Adele "Water and a Flame"

I had somewhat given up on pop music, (Cheryl Cole is #1 so it's not me just being a snob). Szjerdene put me on to this song a while back and at first I felt Merriweather was over-singing, but on a second listen I actually really like it. I think Adele is fantastic and she shines on the second verse, her voice makes the song for me - I had goosebumps all over at points. I was a serious 90s r&b chick (long braids and everything), and you can imagine Boyz II Men & Mariah, or Destinys Child & Next (or East 17 & Gabrielle if things went horribly wrong), doing completely over the top versions of this song 10 years ago. It probably would have had some really cheesy instrumentation & a huge choir on it rather than the beautiful and sophisticated orchestration and BVs producer Mark Ronson went for.

This is set for release on Sunday digitally & in the shops on Monday for those that buy CD singles (?!). I hope it goes in at #1 for the sake of pop.

Souls Of Mischief - ONLY UK SHOW - November 9th

Souls Of Mischief, a group that has built a notoriously strong fan base since the 1993 release of their first, now classic, album 93 'Til Infinity, is looking forward to seeing their fans' reactions from around the globe to the new music of Montezuma's Revenge. As always, the crews' dedicated worldwide fans can expect nothing short of spectacular, high-energy shows.

The launch of their new promo campaign for their Prince Paul produced album "Montezuma's Revenge", Souls of Mischief interrupt their current European tour for one day in the UK only, Monday 9th November, at Carharrt, Earlham Street, London.

DJ Line Up will consist of Mr Thing & Charlee Brown, and the night will be Hosted by Mystro.

I can't wait to see them Live as I have always liked their flow and its not everyday that Souls Of Mischief come to town. And remember..... This One Off Show is FREE, So what more could you want?!

Time - 7.30pm

Location - Carharrt Store

I would advise you to get there early as road blockage does happen quite often at these events.

See you there people ;)

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

SA-RA Live at Deviation Wednesday 4th November 2009

I normally try to write something about events I post on here but err, what is there to say other than see you there? For more info click HERE

Sy Smith "The Art of You" (Video)

I won't lie, I'm posting this because of the outfits... well that and because I really like Sy Smith, this one comes from her album Conflict and sounds like some bugged out West London business to me. Get to stepping.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Brittany Bosco Soulculture Interview X Live in London

Soulculture caught up with Brittany Bosco in NY...

As you know already, we have an exclusive London show from the lady coming up this here for more info. Download her stunning Spectrum 2.0 HERE.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Jackson 5 - Unreleased Masters

I'm not really down with the frenzied "let's release people's music after they've died!" thing but I adore the Jackson 5, even if these tunes didn't make the cut back in the day they're still brilliant, especially "Listen I'll Tell You How".

On November 10th these songs and more will be released from the vaults for the first time to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Jackson 5’s debut. This brand new album uncovers 12 never-before-released tracks including should have been hits and unique versions of well-known classics. Now you can rediscover the brothers who 40 years ago took the musical world by storm – Jackie, Jermaine, Tito, Marlon and Michael.

*The way Michael's the only one looking at the camera in this photo just makes my heart skip a beat.

Sunday, 25 October 2009


As promised...

Click to download *link re-upped 15/11/09

orchestre poly rythmo

Full Tracklist 

Breakestra - Get It Right
BUG - Cosmic Lab
Dabrye + Doom (fLako & Robot Koch Remix) - Air
Dee Dee Sharp Gamble (Greymatter Rework) - Easy Money
Exile - Summer Song
Hudson Mohawke - Rising 5
Janelle Monae - Come Alive (The War of the Roses)
Oddisee - Theatre
Orchestre Poly Rythmo - Malin Kpon O
Timbaland (Feat. Keri Hilson & Jay-Z) - Rumors


I don't know about you but I tend to find the trawl through blogs for new music I'll enjoy a bit like panning for gold, so I've decided to start putting together regular (I'm aiming for weekly!) mixes for you, the same way I used to make CDs for my friends. They'll include my favourite stuff from the past week on PMOI, possibly a few things I didn't have time to post, and some gems from the vaults. To start things off I'm putting up Volumes 1 & 2...

Click to download 

We Love... Vol 2

Full Tracklisting

Big Pooh (Chris Read Remix) - Strongest Man
Clipse feat. Camron - Popular Demand (Popeyes)
DâM-FunK - Santa Ana Condition
Diamond District - Hologram
fLako feat Amenta - 04500
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - War
Kyla & Crazy Cousinz - Do You Mind (Reggae Remix)
LDNZoo - Not Relevant (*From HHHD Compilation Vol 1)
Nneka - The Uncomfortable Truth
Shafiq Husayn ft Bilal - 3 Cheeba Remix (Nottz)

Saturday, 24 October 2009

All I want to hear tonight...

Breakage ft Newham Generals & David Rodigan - Hard

Frisco ft. Jammer & Tempa T - Big Man Ting

Yeah... you might want to stay away from me tonight...

Common ft Cee-Lo "Make My Day". Sad face.

I rarely blog about anything that I'm not feeling because I don't have time, but that part of me that loves Like Water For Chocolate and parts of Be still gets excited when I see "new song from Common and Cee-Lo" on another blog. I am an optimist, and Common seems to be determined to test those of us who still hope he'll make some more good music. I should have given up after UMC, but like a fool I didn't...and here we are...with this embarrassing offering.

Download (if you want): Common Feat. Cee-Lo -Make My Day

Friday, 23 October 2009

Maverick Sabre "Sometimes"

I had to blog this. That's my park! I live in Stokey & Clissold Park is 1 min from my house - I didn't know Maverick Sabre was from here. Up and coming artist whose name is on a lot of lips, including those of journalist & Editor Chantelle Fiddy who I swiped the link from...

*Big up whoever managed to cut out all the yummy mummies and gap advert kids from the park scenes - must have been hard.

Lupe Fiasco: Solar Midnite

Hmm, I'm still on the fence with this new Lupe track - I've now listened to it about 3 times and can't seem to get the imagery from a Mission Impossible film out of my head!

The song was created by Mr.Fiasco for the 'New Moon' movie (the sequel to Twilight...I've seen it - no comment). I'd read before that Lupe was interested in forming a rock band, so maybe this could be the start of new things?
Solar Midnite is my first commercial release that I actually produced as well as wrote. The New Moon team asked me if I could do a song specifically for the film. They invited me to an early screening of the unfinished film from which I pulled different elements that I thought would translate into a great song. I pulled in vocalist and bassist Graham Burris and acclaimed musician Matt Nelson to help fill it out my vision musically and "joila" Solar Midnite was born. The song basically deals with the chaotic love story that takes place between the characters. It's more on the rock side of my musical catalog and comes straight from my die hard fanhood of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Anthony Keidis, one of my FAVORITE RAPPERS.
- L-U-P-E


Thursday, 22 October 2009

"Go" by Meleka & Kyla "Do You Mind" reggae remix

I'm not a big fan of Funky House. I'm not justifying that either. I am trying to be open minded about it though...(kind of). So far, comedy songs aside, I quite like these two.

Kyla "Do You Mind" reggae remix (Download)

Meleka "Go"

Diamond District - Hologram (Download)

"Haven't I already got the Diamond District album?" Yes and no. You have the clean edits - the full version of In The Ruff is due for its official release in 5 days time with two extra songs and the instrumentals. Why would you buy that? Because you can't listen to clean versions of I Mean Business and Streets Won't Let Me Chill. It's inappropriate.

To whet your appetite here's the new single Diamond District - Hologram


Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Gilles Peterson - Havana Cultura Taster

OK, hands up. Who else is thinking "excuse for an extended holiday" album? Let us swallow our jealousy for a minute and watch, because it sounds pretty good...

The album comes out on 26th October on Brownswood Recordings...

The resulting Havana Cultura CD is actually two CDs. The first disc contains the 12 original tracks Gilles recorded with his hand-picked “Havana Cultura Band," led by pianist Roberto Fonseca. The CD features some outstanding guest appearances from Mayra Caridad Valdés, Ogguere, Danay, Francis Del Rio and Obsesión.

The second disc is a compilation of 16 previously released and unreleased tracks, drawing from more top Cuban talent: Los Aldéanos, Telmary, Yusa, Kelvis Ochoa, Doble Filo, Descemer Bueno, Gente de Zona, Harold Lopez Nussa, Kumar, Free Hole Negro, Cubanito 20.02, Wichy de Vedado and Tony Rodriguez. The CD packaging was designed by Alexandre Arrechea, one of Cuba's brightest art stars.

“In a way this is just the beginning for me," Gilles says. “This is a new starting point for new Cuban music. I think this is something we need to take around the world."

I also really like the Havana Cultura website, if a bit too fiddly, it's full of great cultural info (not just music). Check it out!

DâM-FunK "Toeachizown" is out NOW.

I'm not generally a cynical person, so I'm hoping the hundreds of people who stood in the rain outside Deviation this month, and I imagine are doing the same thing outside Plastic People tonight (I can't, too much work to do!) have either already bought, or are about to buy this album.
To make it really easy for you, buy it on iTunes HERE, or the CD directly from Stones Throw HERE.

I don't need to tell you that DâM has been incredibly generous in giving away lots of music for free because I post it all the time. Now's the time to show your love and support.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Bjork - Innocence (Video)

I don't know how, but I missed this and only came across it today via Artnouveau Magazine. Such a big tune from the album Volta, and the video is exactly what you would expect with Bjork attached to it - incredible. She launched a competition to create this - to watch the rest of the entries click here:

Björk - Innocence - Competition Winner

Björk | MySpace Music Videos

Monday, 19 October 2009

DOOM - "Unexpected" Guests Trailer...

Still not quite sure what's "Unexpected" about any of these guests & waiting for Whitney Houston to be announced on a bonus track or something. The masked ones latest album drops on 27th October. I posted a HEAVY Dabrye ft Doom Flako & Koch rmx a while back - did you get it? Might help tide you over until the 27th...

1. Get ‘Er Done feat. DOOM - Jake One
2. Fly That Knot feat. DOOM - Talib Kweli
3. Sniper Elite feat. DOOM - Dilla Ghostface DOOM
4. Trap Door feat. DOOM - Jake One
5. Sorcerers feat. DOOM & Invizible Handz - John Robinson
6. Da Supafriendz - Vast Aire
7. Quite Buttery - Count Bass D feat DOOM
8. ? - DOOM featuring Kurious
9. All Outta Ale - DOOM
10. E.N.Y. House - Masta Killa
11. Bells of DOOM - DOOM
12. My Favorite Ladies - DOOM
13. Street Corners (Remix) - Masta Killa, Inspectah Deck & GZA
DOOM’s Unexpected Guests drops on October 27th.

Johnny Popcorn "Next Episode" (Video of the year contender)

"Watch what you ask for, she is such an asshole - Momma never told no lie". My favourite video of the year so far by a long way (directed by Hasmore Coyne), and to think it's more than a week old - what I have I been doing?! Hezekiah is ridiculous, we HAVE to get him out here for a show.

Hezekiah & Tone Whitfield will release the Johnny Popcorn album in 2010.

Buy the single HERE

EGLO present: Ras G & Shuanise @ Oneness + Alex Nut "Crazylegs Mini Mix"

Eglo Records strike again. I'm super excited about seeing Ras G & Shuanise (and the wonderful Illum Sphere), and if you can't wait til the 29th head down to Plastic People on Sat 24th to see Floating Points, Fatima, Alex Nut, Funkineven 1956 and special guest Seiji (£5 before 11).


Shortstuff & Heytal - Ice Cream
Mount Kimbe - Sketch On Glass
SRC - Goomba
Next Hype - Plastician Remix instrumental
Shadz - Summer Rain
Joker - 80's
Plastician - Missing
Dizzee - Respect instrumental
The Bug ft Flowdan - Skeng
Jahdan Blakkamore - General (Noah D Remix)
NY & Badness - No One Every Cared
Meleka - Its Over Boy (EL-B -Ghost Remix)
Heartbreaker Brackles remix
Donaeo - Watching Her Move

Sunday, 18 October 2009

People Under the Stairs - Trippin At The Disco

Alright there lads!! It's Kenneth Fever here. Here's a crackin little disco number for you, strictly for the dance floor, I kid you not with a gentle fingering of hiphop! Blam!

I've got my cousin Yoshitoshi featuring in this video, what a brilliant performance on his part. Straight in!!

And here is the original beat, "Everyman" by Double Exposure. Oooooooh everyma-an!

Download HERE

Evelyn Glennie shows how to listen

My name is Tanya and I'm a TEDaholic of 3 weeks

In this episode the brilliant Grammy award-winning percussionist Evelyn Glennie explores the idea of listening - demonstrating that are ears are just one of many channels through which we 'hear' or even create sound and music, that really "listening to music involves much more than simply letting sound waves hit your eardrums."

Initially rejected by the Royal Academy of Music for being deaf, she challenged and successfully over-ruled their decision. This subsequently changed admittance policy to music schools across the UK and changed their attitudes towards the way people of all physical abilities can experience music. In even just the 4 minute piece she plays on vibraphone at the end, her sensitivity and compassion as a musician are a beautiful example of how redundant these old preconceptions about 'hearing' are.

Listen listen listen

Friday, 16 October 2009

PMOI Exclusive: Odd Autumn

Long-time contributor and friend of PMOI Oddisee gave us the second installment of his seasonal instrumental playlist series "Odd Autumn" today. Known for the diversity of his production style, Oddisee has been making music with collaborators all over the world this year, and we think this album is a great example of his eclectic yet always soulful palette. After the huge success of Odd Summer, we hope you enjoy the soundtrack to fall, "Odd Autumn"; which we imagine you'll follow up with the official release of "In The Ruff" by Oddisee's group Diamond District, set for release October 27th on Mello Music & is currently featuring on Rolling Stone's Hype Monitor.


01 The Supplier Feat. Tranqill 
02 Almost A Year Since
03 Everything Changed Nothing Instr.
04 Every Day People instr.
05 Pulp Fiction
06 Saw Myself Today
07 The Second Date
08 Grey's Anatomy
09 Tell The Truth Instr
10 Theatre
11 Autumn Run
12 Bonus: Tell The Truth feat. Nikki Jean

*Update 10.05.2011 this project is no longer available for free download and is available to purchase on iTunes, CD & Vinyl.*

+Pre-order "In The Ruff" CD or collectors edition CD & double vinyl
  (fatbeats (cd) + fatbeats (vinyl lp) + ughh (cd) + ughh (vinyl))

Kev Brown - Another Random Joint (Video + Download)

We're big fans of Kev Brown over here, love the new video for Another Random Joint, which we put out as a PMOI exclusive back in June. If you haven't bought the album Random Joints yet, you can do so HERE (iTunes)

You can also still download Another Random Joint HERE

Chris Read presents... THE LITTLE BROTHER SHOW‏

Chris Read is one of those DJs whose name you might not see on every line up in London every weekend, but when he does do something he goes all out. I've talked about The Diary and his other very impressive projects on here before and he's done it again. I got so worried when I saw "I Need You" on here, one of my favourite songs of all time, but he took just took it in a different direction (I can listen to this version through my headphones in public without fear of giving off too many pheromones).

1 - The Little Brother Show (Intro)
2 - Little Brother featuring Carlitta Durand - Life of the Party (Chris Read Remix)
3 - Big Pooh - Strongest Man (Chris Read Remix)
4 - The Download (Interlude 1)
5 - Darien Brockington featuring Little Brother - I Need You (Chris Read Remix)
6 - Little Brother - Whatever You Say (Chris Read Remix)
7 - The Tour Life (Interlude 2)
8 - Little Brother - The Way You Do It (Chris Read Remix)
9 - Hope You Enjoyed The Show (Outro)

Download HERE

Choice Cuts via...Choice Cuts

We seem to think we're pretty much the centre of the universe in London but I so often find myself salivating over Ireland's Choice Cuts newsletter - their event programming & recommendations are always absolutely flawless and they often get shows we don't here. I was so blown away by all of the music they posted below I'm just re-posting it for you guys. For more info on Choice Cuts check the website -

Download fever for you all, and fittingly all the acts are playing for us(you) in the next month or so. Enjoy and please feel free to comment.
The man of the moment, Los Angeles boogie don Dam Funk drops his LP next week ‘Toeachizown’. Here is a track for you titled ‘On and On’. If you like this, cop the LP, it’s a classic, and on another note you can also check him out on the sublime Butter Lp by Hudson Mohawke. Both albums are essential listening.
From the sunny south of Ireland, Brian Deady has recently released his Lp ‘Interview’. This song is produced by Colm Kenefick and it’s one of the albums strongest cuts. Very warm and earthy, reminiscent of Omar in his heyday, but delivery is definitely in Mr. Deadys own style. Great to see music like this coming out of Ireland, Brian is supporting Mayer Hawthorne & The County in Crawdaddy on Saturday October 31st.
This long overdue release on Strut picks up from where Music Man Miles left off with The Breakestra. Scratchy guitars, snapping drums, thumping basslines and melodies galore makes The Breakestra  one of the most consistent funk bands of the last 10 years. The Breakestra are playing with The Candidates on Saturday November 28th in The Button Factory….highly recommended
There is not much more for us to say about these guys, if you have not witnessed them live yet, shame on you. War is an epic masterpiece of a track that featured on their street albums and was reworked for the recent Honest Jon’s release. This track along with Balicky Bon would be their most well known. 4 date tour of Ireland next weekend…Hyp Hyp Hypnotic!
Everyone knows Mayer Hawthorne’s story by this stage. ‘Your Easy Lovin’ follows in the vein of ‘Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out’ and ‘Maybe So, Maybe No’. If you like your soul served sweet, you can do no wrong than checking Mayer’s music out. Fans include Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Ghostface, Mark Ronson etc..Mayer & The County are playing Galway and Dublin on Fri 30/Sat 31 of October respectively. Mayer went straight into the top 10 itunes worldwide when this album dropped last month, highly recommended.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

fLako - 04500 feat Amenta

The lovely Jannis from Jakarta Records sent me a message about Amenta today because she's on tour in Europe and thought she'd be perfect for Bitches Brew (*she would but I'm already over budget so UK promoters hop on it)! I headed to her Myspace and fell in love with the song 04500, then later on discovered it on one of my favourite blogs Apple Juice Break. Enjoy!
fLako - 04500 feat Amenta by kwatro

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Charles Stepney Story

Q:What do Common, Jay-Z, Earth Wind & Fire, Minnie Ripperton and Muddy Waters all have in common?

A: Well, apart from being great musicians - they've all either sampled from, or had music written by Charles Stepney. I'll admit I didn't know him by name but had definitely heard his music. Not only did he write music, he was an arranger, producer, and musician who helped define the famous 'Psychadelic Soul' sound.

Nneka "The Uncomfortable Truth"

Nneka get's full PMOI support for 3 reasons.

1) She's just incredible
2) She's from my town Warri, in Nigeria
3) She's about to change the game

Nneka "The Uncomfortable Truth"


Thanks to Okayplayer for the link

Monday, 12 October 2009

Joss Stone feat. Nas: "Governmentalists"

I won’t lie: Joss Stone and Nas didn’t seem like the likeliest of collaborations. Upon learning they’d worked together, I wasn’t overrun with the same (ultimately unjustified) horror as when I heard that Jonas Brothers and Common had produced a track; but there was certainly apprehension.

That’s due to my prejudice, I’ll readily admit. The title of the tune, "Governmentalists", and the seniority and severity of the New York rapper suggested to me that this was a Nas-led enterprise, and therefore a track which would make countless and fruitless references to The Man. Well – in Joss Stone’s case at least – it’s somewhat more subtle than that. Written as a response to a UK politician telling her that she should keep her nose out of war commentary, the track begins with the portentous strumming of bass, perhaps a conscious channelling of Marvin Gaye; in fact, it put me in mind of "Heard It On The Grapevine". The tune begins with the faintest of falsettos, as Stone waspishly wags her finger: "Don’t you dare interrupt the White House ball", she hisses.

She’s on best songwriting form when reaching for a more original strain of sarcasm: when she steps away from comfortable phrases, there are some couplets that really hit the mark. "Look up, look up/See a dead man walking/See his baby face/Hey, let’s duplicate a few", she suggests. To those sending yet more troops into wars that she sees as unwinnable, she reassures them that it’s OK if they "snatch ’em in their prime, go ahead/that’s fine, that’s fine…Their mamas will be alright/Just give’em time."

Not all of the phrase-making is this fluid, nor does it need to be, with vocals as good as Stone’s; the lowest note she strikes, unfortunately, is the last one that she sings before the entry of Nas. Speaking to the Christian president George W. Bush – and presumably now the Christian president Barack Obama, who has inherited his conflicts – she asks "will you ever be satisfied/If in God you trust/…I ain’t no preacher but/Thou shalt not kill". This just isn’t a good enough end; if you’re going to attack someone for their warlike ways on the basis of their faith, then you have to examine the Christian argument of the "just war". Otherwise the rhetoric is in danger of striking a somewhat hollow note. Or maybe I’ve overthought this. Whatever, the track deserves better.

The track certainly deserves better than the Nas verse. The gold standard for verses of this type, in my view, is Damien Marley’s "Confrontation". If you’re going to mount an all-out attack on The Powers That Be – and there’s very little margin for error - you have to take it as far as Marley took it. Nas talks about his enemies, and his issues with police, and then throws in a reference to JFK. None of this really has anything to do with Stone’s verse, or even the track as a whole. Nas may well have been asked to guest due to his work on Marley's Road To Zion, where hs content was far more impressive (his flow, as ever, is almost matchless). But GZA or Mos Def would have been wiser - if less commercial - choices to share the airwaves with Stone, and they might even have given her the urge to polish her words further.
VERDICT: 6.0/10


Michael Jackson "This Is It"

Ouch. Very strange and sad hearing new music from MJ like this, he sounds beautiful (not sure about the streaming quality, sounds a bit dodgy to me but hey). The album "This Is It" will be available on CD 26/27th October worldwide. For more info check his website.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Hudson Mohawke - "Butter" Update + Downloads

People seem to be under the impression I am Fly Lo & Hud Mo's biggest fan, and I was asked for an update on Butter the other day which made me laugh. 3+ years ago when I first heard Heralds of Change "Bopgunn" ft Olivier DaySoul (clk to download) on a Roskilde mix it blew my mind, and the beat generation promptly exploded. Every producer from that movement who was truly innovating and not just imitating the next guy is still innovating, and that's why I'm excited about Hudson's first album Butter despite the fact I've moved on from some of the kind of music that was coming out in the early wave.
Hudson Mohawke / Spreadable Edition - Butter Tub Side Sticker

Info from Warp
The release date for Hudson Mohawke's stunning debut album Butter has moved back 2 weeks until 26th/27th October, but we now have a new free sticker for all of Bleep's preorder customers, loads of new live dates and the designs are in for the Spreadable Edition Butter Tub and are looking fresh.
On top of all this we have re-capped all the recent free Hudson Mo downloads below and there's ample opportunity to see our man live - with dates spanning the globe including this weekend at Nail The Cross in London, an Australian Tour and a Butter Album Launch Party courtesy of Numbers in Glasgow on October 17th.  Boom.

Download Free Butter Album Sampler MP3
Download Free Track - Rising 5 MP3
Download Free Ooops Remix EP MP3s

Raphael Saadiq X Tha Boogie X The Cool Kids X The Ice Cream Man

There's some bloke called The Ice Cream Man on Bablegum road tripping round America talking to people who make great music. In this episode he does just that by talking to Raphael Saadiq (from 3 mins in), who plays a beautiful live studio rendition of "Big Easy". He also speaks to up and coming R&B group Tha Boogie and The Cool Kids.


I've fallen in love with Raphael Saadiq's new video for Let's Take A Walk - he's even got some of that slightly awkward dancing thing Marvin had back in the day going on in this vid, which he didn't seem to have live.

take a walk outside from videos222 on Vimeo.

RS's tour dates this Autumn/ Winter are on myspace and he will be playing Shepherds Bush Empire on 19th October

Friday, 9 October 2009

Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Cotonou "Malin Kpon O"

I'm pretty late on discovering Benin's amazing Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Cotonou despite fair warning from PMOI's own T-Bird about their show last month at the Barbican.

Excerpt from a review in the Guardian of their Barbican show...

This was a remarkable night for Clement Melome. It was his 65th birthday, and the singer and saxophonist celebrated by performing with his Orchestre at their first ever UK appearance, 41 years after he founded the band in Cotonou, in the west African state of Benin.
He had a lot to live up to. He and his band were introduced on stage as "the next big thing on the world music circuit". Did they justify such a build-up? Well, nearly – this was a slick, original, crowd-pleasing show, with good-natured music designed for the dancehall.
There were 11 musicians on stage, with guitars, keyboards, and a three-piece brass section that included Melome, along with two other male singers. The songs were driven by light, slick percussion work provided by a drum kit, congas and a variety of hand drums, helped out by some impressive keyboard and bass work. The insistent rhythms (which had links to Benin's voodoo traditions) were interspersed with a dash of Latin influences, afrobeat, and the taut funk riffs that provided a reminder of James Brown's influence in west Africa. This was stirring, gloriously rhythmic big band music, and the best of their cheerfully melodic, funky and galloping songs sounded like the soundtrack to some unlikely African cowboy movie.

Download "Malin Kpon O" below

Thursday, 8 October 2009

PMOI Exclusive D/L: Dee Dee Sharp Gamble "Easy Money" Greymatter rework

I love Twitter and a few months back I asked if anyone knew where I could buy one of my favourite songs of all time "Easy Money" by Dee Dee Sharp Gamble. A random bloke DM'd it to me and made my month - turns out he was none other than producer/DJ extraodinaire Greymatter. He has since reworked it and I am beyond excited to share it with you as a PMOI exclusive!

For more info about G's Basement Soul releases & new party Low Pass (Sat 7th Nov w/ Domu, Noodles & Motet) visit-

DJ Cam Presents InLove - Stories

InLove is French hip-hop producer DJ Cam's soul singing protege, and Stories is their first full release together, which is out now on Inflammable Records. At 40 minutes long, this 10 track soul album manages to combine modern production techniques and styles with classic soul influences like it was a mere walk in the park. Well, that's the class of DJ Cam, I suppose!

01. I Want You
02. For Minnie Riperton
03. Sweetest Pain
04. Talk To Me
05. Winter In New York
06. Rain
07. Fight
08. Rock With You
09. Look Of Love
10. Real

Naturally, InLove is the linchpin for this entire record, and she wont let you forget that in a hurry. Her sound is somewhere between Roisin Murphy, Sade and Jenny Wilson, so as you might already gather, she's very good indeed. There's a distinct array of styles present on the album, from straight up mellow soul, to near on disco soulfulness - but with smooth, rich vocals and extremely tight production throughout, it's all a genuine joy to listen to.

You might not think it to look at her, but InLove spent the first 15 years of her life in Nigeria, totally under the influence of the African arts, fast falling in love with reggae, soul and funk music, and learning African dance and how to play drums. Upon moving back to France with her Mother, she was snapped up by a modeling agency and became renowned in such global circles, but this allowed her to experience even more types of music from around the world. At 20 years of age she met DJ Cam and they worked on some collaborations, but the natural progression for InLove was to make a full solo album, and so here we are today.

InLove counts artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Jill Scott, Sade, Dusty, Springfield, Kelis, the Neptunes, Portishead, and Estelle as her inspirations and seeks to create music that reflects her personality, "warm, sensual, deep, luminous, sunny and full of Love", as she puts it herself - and it certainly shows, too. Upon hearing this collection of songs, it is very apparent that there are a lot of emotions shining through, and I think this sincere and honest delivery certainly helps enable the listener to connect with the music on a deeper level.

Needless to say, I'm totally in love with this record, but you really need to hear it for yourself. You can catch some clips here...

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


We're having a should come...


Janelle Monae @ Cargo 4th November

Janelle is finally coming to London! All I want to know is if she's going to stage dive or jump in a pool - her stage energy is spectacular. It's all in aid of charity too!
SMJ Entertainment presents ALL THE RAGE - THE LAUNCH SHOW; the first in a series of ground breaking live music events with a difference, all for positive causes! The Launch Show will be supporting UK Charity Resources for Autism and will be a celebration of individuality through art, music and culture. Talent from the US to the UK will come together to promote positivity and raise funds for people with autism in the UK.

*Cargo - 4th November2009

7-1, £35 advance

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Joy Jones - Over

Joy Jones has just released this brand new video for her track, Over, taken from her recent album Godchild. The video was directed by Coodie and Chike (directors of Kanye's "Through the Wire" video), and The Soulful Fundamentalist (Keith C. Harris) and, as you can see for yourself, it fits this stunning track perfectly.

Although it is one of the shortest tracks on Joy Jones' Godchild, Over is actually one of my favourite tracks from the album. Simple, yet deep and angelic at the same time - it delivers an acutely profound message in a soulful style - an electronic afro lullaby, if you will.

If you haven't copped Godchild yet, then you my friend have found yourself having slept on one of this summer's top albums. It's out now, everywhere, on Love Jones Recordings/Future Soul Records - so make sure you check it out!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Q-Tip Feat Norah Jones – “Life Is Better” video

Definitely one of my favourites off the the video, feeling Norahs' hair cut too, on a slightly shallow tip.

Big UP Pinboard for the link

Ane Brun on Black Cab Sessions

A pigeon-poop grey Monday in London with a hangover requires that extra bit of tlc. So Doctor Music Medecine prescribed me this bit of 500 carat goodness from Ane Brun, performing Lullaby For Grown Ups for Black Cab Sessions. Fist-bitingly gorgeous.

Janelle Monae - Come Alive (The War of the Roses)

The brilliant singer, songwriter, and performer, Janelle Monae is currently involved in a project called the Kia Soul Collective, which is a hand-selected group comprised of some of today's hottest artists, thought leaders and influencers.

Today it was announced that, through the project, Janelle Monae was releasing a free track called Come Alive (The War of the Roses) via the Kia Soul Collective site. It's a very energetic track, but what really caught my ear was how impressive Janelle's voice is. I've known her work for some time, but seriously, at certain points in this track she hits notes that will leave you staggered.

Also, check out this behind the scenes footage...

Other artists involved in the Kia Soul Collective include; MGMT, Silversun Pickups, Against Me!, N.E.R.D., and Clipse - and they will be doing a 10 city tour in America shortly.

Gretchen Parlato - In A Dream

In A Dream is jazz songstress Gretchen Parlato's debut release on the ObliqSound label. This incredible album strikes a balance between original tracks and wonderful covers of work by artists such as Stevie Wonder, Duke Ellington, Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter. But the real testament to the strength of this album is how original the material sounds - the covers have been flipped in a really fresh way, and Gretchen consistently demonstrates what a talented and versatile singer she is.

01. I Can't Help It
02. Within Me
03. Butterfly
04. In A Dream
05. Doralice
06. Turning Into Blue
07. E.S.P.
08. Azure
09. On The Other Side
10. Weak

The very first track, I Can't Help It, grabbed me by the ears and whisked me away in an instant. Originally a Stevie Wonder track, but perhaps best known for its incarnation at the hands of a certain Michael Jackson, Gretchen put a fantastic contemporary bossa nova tilt on it and it is simply beautiful! Gracefully flowing over the understated sounds, Gretchen's ethereal vocals truly do the track much justice.

In A DreamGretchen Parlato
"In A Dream" (mp3)
from "In A Dream"
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More On This Album

The album was created with the help of a fine quartet of musicians; Lionel Loueke on guitar, Aaron Parks on piano and Fender Rhodes, Derrick Hodge on acoustic and electric bass, and drummer Kendrick Scott. They combine seamlessly to produce ten tracks of very diverse vocal jazz, oozing with classic influences, yet delivered in a fresh and modern manner. Much in the way Esbjorn Svensson and his trio brought piano trios into the lives of the modern listener, Gretchen Parlato brings her vocal jazz stylings to the same audience. It's rich and deep enough to appease the hardcore, whilst accessible enough to appeal to non-jazz fans. Rather than conclude that it be the "best of both worlds", I would rather suggest it is more worthy to simply be considered a fantastic jazz album which can be appreciated by all music fans.

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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Shuanise - Voice of Reason EP

  Shuanise - Voice Of Reason EP  by  upmyalley

I completely fell in love with Shuanise back in March when Alex Nut sent out the unbelievably gorgeous Masudasante Naima (click to download). Kingdom is actually my favourite track of hers so far but I don't think I'm allowed to do anything with it for now - it's so subtle yet urgent. Sexy time. 

Loving this Voice of Reason EP, coming out on UpMyAlley soon, you can pre-order it HERE

Friday, 2 October 2009

DâM-FunK returns to the legendary Deviation

As I think everyone on the planet knows, Dâm will be back in London on Wednesday for Deviations' 2nd birthday party. I think most would agree Deviation by now is a legendary London session and I've been blessed to work on it as a promoter for over a year, alongside Benji B, Layla, Rahel, Jude, Santi, Ben, Euan & Bart (+Kay on the flyers!) who were the team last year, and more recently with Benji, Jude, Alice, Zainab, Ben & Bart. (I've had to bow out now due to insane business). *I never know if anyone knows about all these brilliant people work so hard to make it all happen - so now you do!

Last years birthday was such a special session, and it was beyond packed - this year if you don't get there by 10pm good luck to you, those bouncers don't play. The line up is insane - Benji B & Dâm Funk are holding down the basement, and upstairs are Alex Nut *only guest DJ to play Deviation 3 times! (Rinse FM/Eglo), FunkinEven (Eglo), Moxie (Deviation), Mr Wonderful (Non-Sense) and Santi-San (Eardrops). I hope this signals yet another incredible year for the session which to me is musically unparalleled in London, I've met loads of amazing and lovely people at, and it continues to fly the flag for the some of the worlds best underground avant garde music.  

Download Afterglow Stroll by DâM-FunK HERE & Moovmnts Damn...Funk!?! mix HERE


Thursday, 1 October 2009

Whatever U Want/ However Do You Need Me?

So I checked out the Consequence, Kanye, John Legend video. Those boys might have looked less miserable if they'd had the originator of the hair-swing Wunmi there instead of the personality-free model chicks.

The original. (Wunmi is the best hair swinger of all time. Of all time.)


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