Thursday, 30 April 2009

Download: The Cinematic Orchestra - Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos


The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos.
Tracklist :

01 - Opening Titles
02 - Arrival of the Birds
03 - The Dance
04 - Soda
05 - Hatching
06 - Marabou
07 - Exodus
08 - Transformation
09 - Hyena
10 - Life of the Bird
11 - First Light
12 - Crimson skies (featuring Lou Rhodes)


More cherries...

Yes, I've been cherry picking again, this time from some very talented females...

First up a delicious new track from Muhsinah featured on The Adroit Adventures EP by Paul Movahedi aka The Clonius, which is due to be released on June 9th (Ubiquity).

One At A Time Feat. Muhsinah (click to download)

If like me you've been hearing about this Scottish/ Iranian chick Zarif (John Legend got her to come perform with him a while back) for a while you can see what you think with this download of her single Let Me Back ...

Kokayi sent me a link to the extremely talented lady DJ Smiles Davis and if he says it's good - it's good. Download her super fresh mixtape Many Styles Vol 3: PREACH!

I complain about the lack of female MCs around at the moment all the time so I had to check out Rapsody, 9th Wonders' new signing to his label, Jamla Records.

Download her track Honda Accord Music but definitely check out her myspace, I'm feeling some of the soulful "The Listening-esque" mixtape up there.

Lastly, I don't have a track for you to download but check out the new video from the infintely watchable VV Brown. I'm still undecided about her voice (over-singing?) but I'll keep trying...
V V Brown - Shark In The Water

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Mayer Hawthorne - Just Ain't Gonna Work Out (Official Video)

Yep, we've all watched heart shaped vinyl spinning endlessly, and now it's finally got a supporting cast in the lovely Mayer Hawthorne. Well, he's lovely unless you're not dancing to his DJ set - then he's rather threatening.

Spot the cameos!


There is so much NONSENSE happening this weekend. I think Saturday is going to be crazy. Wajeed is in town too with Benji and Morgan.



Monday, 27 April 2009

South African Hip Hop Part 2 via Jonzi D

So last night I wrote about the quality of South African hip hop and the fact that I was put on to it by Jonzi D, who got involved and sent me some more artists to share with you guys...but first I just want to make sure you know who Jonzi is!

The short version is that Jonzi is hip hop. He's been involved in the UK scene in every possible way you can imagine as a pioneer, advocate and keeper of the culture, particularly in the Hip Hop Theatre movement. Jonzi, whose family is from Grenada, actually studied at London Contemporary Dance School (not common to see a dread doing ballet and modern dance back then but he - as always - just did his own thing). He went on to create the seminal Hip Hop Theatre pieces "Aeroplane Man" and "Lyrical Fearta", the legendary night "Apricot Jam", has worked with everyone from The Roots to Gangstarr, travels all over the world performing and teaching, has been on TV too many times to mention, set up his company Jonzi D Productions (which has produced amazing hip hop theatre shows such as "Tag: Me vs The City", "Ivan" and soon "Marcus The Sadist"), and is the Artistic Director of (the world renowned and happening next weekend!) Breakin' Convention. Oh and he is probably Spurs' biggest fan.

OK, the first amazing artist Jonz sent me was Tha Hymphatic Thabs. This one is called Fire Fables.

Next up is HueMan aka Nicke, (R.I.P.), who was a classic lyricist in underground SA Hip Hop circles...this one is called Stereotype and the lyrics just blow me away.

I was so excited to hear this - an artist called Tumi on a Kev Brown beat! (If you read this blog you know we're big fans of Kev, who's a mate). Kev actually went out to SA last year and was met by screaming fans and girls trying to climb the hotel walls which I believe was a first, ahem. Apparently Tumi also wrote a play Jonz directed in SA. This song is called Bophelo Hame.

Last track is from Gin-I-Grindith, I've listened several times and know I'm still missing stuff ("our smiles no longer ivory"). It's easy to forget what a history South Africa has and how recent, but the intelligence and political awareness shown by its youth is truly inspirational, and really exciting. This one is called The Length of Time.

A huge thank you to Jonzi for doing what you do best - shining the spotlight on the most talented hip hop artists from all over the world.

King Britt / Santi – Anne remix. Free DL.

"But here, I finally present, by popular demand, my remix (or reproduction) of Anne. This song is a very heavy tune and I wanted to give Santi a very cinematic point of view. Santi loved it and we agreed to give it out. Guitars: Tim Motzer; Beats, Keys and Mixing: King Britt; Mastered by Shawn @ Optimum"

Get it here

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Spotlight on South African Hip Hop...

I don't hear very much about South African hip hop in the UK despite the number of amazing artists out there. It was actually made illegal during apartheid & was only legalised in 1993 which is a part of what makes their MCs so passionate, fiercely intellectual, political, and often very angry. I have to say it's some of the most exciting hip hop I've heard - some people don't like the accent but the rolling Rs, crackling alliteration and vicious raspiness feels like a refreshing slap to my often underwhelmed brain.

I'm sure most people have heard about Ben Sharpa at some point, he's one of South Africa's best known MCs and I first heard about him when I used to work with the king of Hip Hop Theatre Jonzi D (you going to Breakin' Convention next weekend by the way?!).

"Hegemony" by Ben Sharpa

I also met Konfab through Jonz at a Hip Hop Theatre Workshop. Konfab came out on stage, militant and marching - informing us there was no "C" in AfriKa, he told us his full name which took about 5 minutes and at times sounded like a cacophony of bullets, kicked the most intellectual freestyle I've ever heard about Joseph Conrad, then asked us if we wanted to come back to South Afrika with him. The roaring response was a sea of fists pumping YES.

"How We Roll" Konfab ft Jaak

Kwaito - which many feel is the true, home-grown voice of the ghettos in South Africa comes from an Afrikaans word "Kwaai" which means anger, and the word "amakwaitosi" means "gangster". It's a bit like slowed down house music with singing or chanting (often in more than one language in one song) and also incorporates samples from African music. Zola is one of the most famous artists from the kwaito scene to make hip hop as well.
"Kwaito kids are made from hunger, abuse, no father, violence, guns. Now as adults we must change the game for the better. Now we must change everything we are made from. " -Zola
This song is from the film Tsotsi. "Mdlwembe" by Zola

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Trawling Download

Often I don't bother trawling through the hundreds of downloads that appear online every week but this week, I did. I thought I'd put together the 20 best or most interesting I could find for you. My favourite tracks on here are the two with Bilal Salaam, who is truly amazing.

Download HERE *NB it's a big ass file, could take a while...

Common (Von Pea's Midnight on Myrtle Remix) - Gladiator
Diamond District - Make It Clear
El Michels Affair - C.R.E.A.M.
Elzhi (prod. By Black Milk) - Deep
Flying Lotus & Declaime Feat. Pattie Blingh - Whole Wide World
Hernan Builes (Sneaky P Remix) - Cot Da Chela
Kissey Asplund - With You
KRS-ONE & Buckshot (prod. By Havoc of Mobb Deep) - Robot Main
Leela James - Baby I'm Scared Of You
Little Boots - NIT remix
Madvillain - One Beer (Drunk Version)
Major Lazer (feat. Santigold & Mr Lexx) - Hold The Line
Nadsroic & Hudson Mohawke - Room Mist promo
Nickelus F & Portishead - Wandering Star
Nomo - Invisible Cities
Oddisee (Feat. Hassaan Mackey & Bilal Salaam) - The Jungle
Saïan Supa Crew - Trop Agile
(Seiji Remix) - Yo Voy
Tanya Morgan - So Damn Down
yU (feat. Bilal Salaam) - BreakDown

Friday, 24 April 2009

Jay Smooth is back! Thank god.

Jay reckons he'll be posting a video every day for a month?! It's like The Freeway Change but I'll actually pay attention, yayyy! It's been a long time, but the drought is over and it looks like we're about to get a treat (well, all of us undying fans anyway).

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble @ The 100 Club 21st May 2009

Funnily enough my sister said earlier this evening, "I would go and see Hypnotic Brass Ensemble every day if they were in London" as Ben V. dropped one of their tunes at the Shook Magazine launch party, and I think most of their fans would agree. The boys are back - the price tag has gone up since they played Broadcasting at Cargo with Tony Allen in February - you can read Katys review here...but I'll still pay the £20 door tax to see them live for a fifth time.

Get your ticket HERE

There can't be anyone left in the world who doesn't know who I'm talking about - but just in case here are the 8 (plus a drummer) Chicago born sons of jazz musician Phil Cohran playing in Times Square recently - this is one of my favourite songs of all time, Sankofa (click to d/l). Sankofa is a rework of Losun (click to listen) by afro beat legend and master drummer Tony Allen featuring singer Yinka Davies, from his classic album Lagos No Shaking. Lagos no shaking just means Lagos is alright, it's doing ok in pidgin English.

Here is their dad Kelan Phil Cohran - trumpeter, composer, former member of Sun Ra's Arkestra, and founder of his own group The Artistic Heritage wonder they're amazing.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

So what would happen in a post apocalyptic music industry?

Just noticed the video below over at The Rap Up, and the additional article is from Chris Purifoy at via make a lot of sense but raise so many questions -

Does being an artist & being great at marketing really go hand in hand? What would the music industry look like and become in the face of a collapse of the "big four" labels? Our society has gone from mercantile to industrial to post-industrial to an "information/digital" economy - is the music industry just at the end of an inevitable revolution (the likes of which we've seen many times before), and has it actually lasted longer than it should have? What does it mean now that we're not so attached to physical and material goods - we pay for things we're happy not to have physical evidence of - but at what prices? In a market where information and knowledge carry the most value what will that mean for the quality of music? Does the ease of personal distribution of music (starting your own label etc) create bigger stars of the top few who emerge from the masses, and what does it mean for the people who can put them there (it used to take a whole record company - now it takes Eskay at Nah Right or a big name DJ co-sign)? What can't technology replace and what will those things be worth in a technological era? Is art now more valuable as a live experience, a cultural artefact or a portable piece of information? ...Lots of questions - what do you think?

Defining the Music Industry Crisis

To every problem there is already a solution whether you know it or not.

-Grenville Kleiser (1868-1953)

With this in mind, I would like to attempt to identify the main problems that have threatened to destroy the vision that was born on the streets of Tin Pan Alley. I urge readers to add to the list and help me begin this journey towards resolution.

11 of the issues that make up the current Music Industry Crisis.

1. Internet radio is the future yet providers can not sustain growth due to growing taxes on streaming music and a lack of clear revenue models.

2. 360 deals strain everything and everyone causing countless problems yet they are a necessary evil for struggling funding partners (Labels, publishers, Management, etc. . ).

3. Social networks and other web 2.0 outlets provide easy and personal access to fans yet the growing number of networks dilutes the overall message and dramatically increases the time spent marketing.

4. Apple has been an incredible innovator in the quest to a brighter music industry. We owe them a great debt. However, their unprecedented high market share in digital music sales mixed with their stubborn and controlling business models leave no bargaining room for funding partners (labels, publishers, etc..). Growth and innovation in this important industry sector (music retail) is therefore stifled without the ability for competitive trials. In addition, Apple's 30% take on each track sold leaves little for the artists and song writers.

5. Physical Retail stores have lost the ability to turn a profit unless attached to a one stop business model (i.e Walmart, Hastings, Best Buy, etc.). As a result the true music pushers, independent music retail stores, are almost extinct.

6. Traditional radio, though still an important promotional front, has lost much of its glory to the on demand world of iPods, satellite radio, and Internet radio. It has therefore become increasingly more difficult to predict market trends without a standard radio format to follow. The result is a much higher risk/return ratio for funding partners (Labels, Publishers, etc..), which in turn limits the number of acts that ever see a major market entry.

7. The RIAA in an attempt to combat the growing number of music pirates, proclaimed war on piracy by means of civil suits with individual copyright infringers. Many average American citizens were made an example of with outrageous and bizarre settlements. The music industries' minds were in the right place. They had intended to create the perception of risk for stealing music and in turn, change consumer thinking. In the end however, it only generated a false image of a "Greedy Recording Industry". This wall between the consumer and the industry has instead furthered the cause for this viral pirating trend.

8. Video and audio sharing networks act as a breeding ground for the spread of illegal music in the form of audio and videos. These new networks cut into the profits of funding partners (labels, publishers, etc.) yet act as a wonderful way for independent artists and major artists alike to receive viral promotion. In addition, simple mathematics states that all of the illegal media sharing portals can not be shut down. Lawsuits cost money, and the recording industry doesn't have much. Instead, the industry goes after the major outlets one at a time. But for every 1 that is shut down, 7 more are built in its place. Let us just say that this fire is out of control.

9. And let us not forget, stealing music is still more convenient to the average consumer than buying music. In addition, the only way to fully shut down music piracy would be to turn on "Big Brother" and violate very important privacy privileges. Therefore, it can never truly be stopped as long as we live in a democratic society. The solution must lie in connotation and change. Though it may appear that the RIAA is doing more harm then good, they have it right. The battle ground is in the mind.

10. (Addition) The music industries, both production and business, are now intimately and infinitely tied to digital and to the Internet. The systems that govern digital music across the web are not yet fully realized by the core of the music Industry. A clear vision for the future of these newlyweds (music and Internet), has not yet been defined. The marriage is still rocky and working out its kinks. The solution can be found in the collective mind of the industry. To quote our motto, "We must unite to restore."

11. (Addition & Invitation) The Live Scene

The first round of comments from the Linkedin music business network laid claims to a crisis within the live music scene. The live scene has been neglected by this article. I invite anyone who works in live sound to help me analyse this market niche for problems. Your collective wisdom will greatly aid me in future editions of this article as I seek to once and for all define the music industry crisis.

Tradition in Transition: A Postcard from Cali

Tradition in Transition: A Postcard from Cali (TRAILER) from Quantic on Vimeo.

I've been a big fan of the LA based Mochilla camp and I did a two part post here back in February (Art Don't Sleep Part 1 & Part 2) - they covered the Timeless Composer/ Arranger Series which included "A Suite For Ma Dukes" by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson & Carlos Nino, the Brasilintime Trailer, and Obrigado Dilla.

The video above is -
Trailer from the forthcoming Mochilla/Sonido del Valle production.
Shot in Cali and Buenaventura in Colombia. Based around the music of Quantic and his Combo Barbaro from their forthcoming Tradition in Transition album on Tru Thoughts Records featuring the talents of Will Quantic, Alfredito Linares, Nidia Gongora, Freddy Colorado, Arthur Verocai, Joao Comanche Gomes and Malcolm Catto.
Also, just in case you didn't catch it (I didn't), here's their beautiful piece about legendary drummer Earl Palmer.

Earl Palmer: 1924 – 2008 from Mochilla on Vimeo.
Maybe the most recorded drummer of all time. Earl Palmer passed away on September 19th at the grand age of 84 – a legend moved on. He fueled so many great hits its hard to know where to start. Earl Palmer was from The Black Vaudeville era. He came from New Orleans and through his tap dancing he learnt to play trap drums. This self taught drumming defined Rock’n’Roll rhythm. His hits with Little Richard and Fats Domino engraved the “swamp beat” as David Axelrod has called it into the American psyche. The music Earl made with Axelrod became the raw materials of mid nineties hiphop. That’s how we met Earl – first on the video for Midnight in a Perfect World for DJ Shadow and then later as part of our documentary Keepintime.

As part of the funeral service his family wanted to make a slide show to illustrate his incredible and diverse life. In fourteen insane hours myself and Coleman and brilliant editor Luke Lynch put this together. Thanks to the Palmer family for letting us share it with you. Earl we love you, we will miss you but we feel assured that the party just got better in Heaven.
October 10th 2008

Big up photographer Nicky Dracoulis for the heads up.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Antipop Consortium find a new home at Big Dada...

A pretty natural move for the group who created a cult following and became known as "avant garde hip hop". Antipop Consortium is the kind of intellectualized off-kilter stuff that makes 30 something backpacker types all wet, but is still really good music, and any fans of hip hop that's saying something will no doubt eagerly anticipate a new album from this crew.

Big Dada always used to confuse me, the name conjured up Ty & Roots Manuva - who is still on the label and is their biggest artist - and I thought it was strictly UK. It's actually the hip hop imprint of Ninja Tune and really it just has a specific remit that APC definitely fit; intelligent, thoughtful, discomfortingly honest (and sometimes angry and scorn-tinged) adult music from artists such as Saul Williams, Mike Ladd and MF Doom. Recently it's all gone rather modern with Speech Debelle, XRabit & DMGs etc, but it's nice to see they're still flying the backpacker flag.

Antipop Consortium perform live at Cargo Sat 9th May (Soundcrash).


So I never really share this info, but It's essential. Some of the sites you may know.
My online daily routine normally consists of Skysports at 7am with a coffee. (not relevant)

I then check out the following:


I then check to see if any of the following have got any updated stock:


(I then do the standard, youtube, ebay cut and paste to see if I can find it cheaper. Some records will be lodged in the brain for record shopping :)

Earlier today I came across a Count Bass D interview I thought it was quite relevant that he was talking about digging and how poeple dont really do it anymore. He says people go from blog to blog downloading etc etc. He's right, but its also a good thing. He made a point about people only buying old records because they heard them being sampled by Dilla,Pete Rock etc. Thats how Hip Hop educated me. I love Count Bass D. He is so true to what he does it hurts.

..What a nice day

Monday, 20 April 2009

EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD: "Can't Complain" Faith Evans vs The Jones Girls (Aaron Jerome re-edit)

I've been talking about Aaron Jerome ever since I was given his debut album Time To Rearrange in '07 and fell in love with it. I still play it all the time - it's a beautifully put together, extremely diverse piece featuring loads of other fantastic artists inclusing - Andreya Triana, Simphiwe Dana & Yungun to name a few.

Aaron is one of several artists who send me their music but I can't blog it, which kills me! So I hassled him & we got a PMOI exclusive - apparently the only other person is Gilles P who played it on his show. I spent most of today jamming to this in my garden - it's deliciously summery. Check out Aarons myspace for more - I love the Little Dragon & Adele remixes...

Enjoy - "Can't Complain" Faith Evans vs The Jones Girls (Aaron Jerome re-edit)

Karriem Riggins “Music Kaleidoscope”

Karriem Riggins is a drummer, producer and dj who has worked with the likes of Common, Slum Village, Proof, Erykah Badu, Madlib and many more... This is really nice mix that he has done including some of his own work. He is definitely a musician that im feeling a lot! Support his music.

Get the mix here


Sunday, 19 April 2009

Namata - The Freshie In You

I can't seem to find Namata or Lacoy Records (I think they're based in Oslo) on myspace or itunes so you can buy these tunes I'm afraid, but at least you can watch the videos...

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Reality Check - Dilla ft Black Thought (plus a li'l extra...)

I'll be honest, much as I'm a Dilla fan I start to get a little wary of other people (even if Ma Dukes is executive producer & Pete Rock mixing) releasing the departeds' work. For now I'll lay my cynicism to the side & post the track because of course it's dope - part of the Jay Stay Paid album, due for release June 2nd on Nature Sounds...

Download HERE

Oh, and just so this post isn't identical to everyone else's, check out this crazy mix by Dilla's label mate J.Rocc... anyone else having trouble holding it down til Fabric on the 13th?

Friday, 17 April 2009








DâM-FunK in The Funkmosphere lab

DâM-FunK In L.A. | Funkmosphere Lab ~ 4.09

Oh yeahhh...who else is feeling all Alexander O'Neil 4 minutes in to this?

Two "Be There" Launch Party Events next week...

I have no idea how big the Lexington is but I hope it's LARGE because London's entire great & good will be there on Sunday for the Arale launch party with; Muhsinah (Exclusive London show), and Ben Jones (Debut solo show), hosted by Tawiah. Musicians on the night include; Jodi Milliner (bass), Lewis (guitar), Julian Ferrarretto (strings), Yasmin (keys), Vula (vocals), Leon King (vocals) and more. The DJ line up is insane too; Budgie (Livin Proof), Alex Nut (Eglo), Grace (Numbers), Bopstar (Volumes), Akane, & Deejayla (Arale). That's pretty much the craziest line up you're going to get this year, and you get a free 7" of the release as well - see you there. Obviously.

On Thursday night - tiny tiny venue so get down early for the launch party of Shook Magazine No. 005

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Invincible ft Tiombe Lockhart - "Rope" video

Invincible is one of my favourite hip hop artists, and Shapeshifters was definitely one of the best albums to come out last year. I love it when rappers really know how to pick beats, aren't afraid to address real topics and have the talent to make a "press play and leave it" album. If you didn't buy it you're crap - go to Emergence Music and sort it out.

This tune addresses mental health issues & suicide, shame on MTVu for being too pussy to play it - their programming is probably more dangerous to public health than this video. Tiombe Lockhart keeping it original with the vocals as always.

Invincible "Ropes" feat. Tiombe Lockhart from Okayplayer on Vimeo.

I had a nice surprise this afternoon when catching up on Sarah Love's show on 1Xtra - you might just catch it if you listen NOW - Invincible was the featured artist. UK please stop sleeping on current hip hop, let's truly support the way France, Germany, and apparently even Poland do!

Saturday 18th May - International Record Store Day

Check out this video about the world's largest record collection - both amazing & heartbreaking, why it's not a museum I don't know...but I have a horrible feeling this guy has really bad taste & no one was prepared to buy the place off him (quality not quantity no?)

I imagine you have to be completely obsessive to still be running a record shop. I can't say I have fond memories of them...for those of us who have dated crate diggers it usually meant moving house was hell, you spent inordinate amounts of time being patronized by the men who worked in them (who generally lived at home with their mothers & got paid in records), and holidays/ meals/ rent (in extreme cases) were foregone for some ridiculous rare white label 12" that would get lost amongst the other 6000. You can usually tell when someone has dated a crate digger - she knows about Ramellzee, Pharoah Sanders & Dwight Trible, can navigate Soho blindfold in the dark, and is one of 4 (single) women you'll see at bacpacker-music-nerd events. To this day I still feel uncomfortable crossing the threshold despite the fact that now I actually know what I'm talking about. Sort of.

For those of you, male and female, still dedicated to keeping record shops open - and this is actually still a surprisingly large number - knock yourself out this weekend, your partner will understand that their birthday present is a bit late and you can't take them out to dinner. Just tell them it's International Record Store Day!

Participating shops in London (if they haven't closed down by Saturday):

All Ages Records
The Dream Machine
Phonica Records
Pure Groove
Record Savings
Rough Trade East
Rough Trade West
Soul Brother Records

Tuesday, 14 April 2009


This shouldn't really be free but apparently it is. For now. Get the whole album right HERE. *Please note - ready your Yayo face. Props to Oddisee, X.O. & Y.U. for making a classic. Our interview with Oddisee about the album should be up by tomorrow so check back then, in the meantime I'm off to dance around my house to Track 8 - Make It Clear...

Monday, 13 April 2009

Cherry Picking...

I subscribe to approximately 135,799,456,356,888,243 other blogs. You will almost never see me just straight re-posting something on here but that doesn't mean I'm not trawling through it all at 3am - luckily for me plenty of blogs are saying the exact same thing as each other so it cuts down on time. Here are some of the cherries I've been lucky enough to pick this weekend.

Amel Larrieux is back. If you didn't manage to catch the surprisingly funky Orange Glow earlier this month here it is. Our friends SoulBeautiful sent this track out as their download of the week - join their mailing list for weekly goodness. Download Orange Glow here.

According to Amel's label Blisslife, this will be out tomorrow, and they will be dropping a single every month until they're good & ready to release the album. She has been so consistent over the years (who else is still jamming to Groove Theory?!) I doubt it will be anything less than beautiful.

Aloe Blacc is getting some love on Current TV - I sincerely hope he's coming back to London on tour soon because quite frankly there is nothing like his live show. If you rap, sing, flip it in Spanish, play trumpet and ignite a party in under 10 seconds you're pretty special. I can't wait to see what his new album sounds like...

Aloe's label mate on Stones Throw Dâm-Funk could probably poo in a box and people would want to blog about it right now - and for good reason, Dam is the man. Let's Take It Off is available for early digital release now and the 12" will be out next month. Don't watch the photo by the way, he's a very down to earth lovely bloke.

Just in case you missed the stunning Hood Pass Intact take a listen here...

I'm loving this Bat For Lashes cover of Use Somebody by The Kings of Leon and can't stop playing it - no idea if there are plans for a release, I believe it was part of a BBC 1 session. Kings of Leon seem to appeal to even the most hard core soul/ hip hop fans so I didn't think this would be a stretch - enjoy.

I didn't think I could love Roisin Murphy any more but I just found her blog. It is full of downloads and has a link to her other blog "Interesting Music". I was really excited about the 4 acoustic tracks from her days in Moloko - please Download & do some amazing remixes.
Familiar Feeling (Acoustic)
Forever More (Acoustic)
Sing It Back (Acoustic)
The Time Is Now (Acoustic)

OK - there was hardly any hip hop in there but that's because I've got something so tasty coming up tomorrow. Until then.

Sunday, 12 April 2009


Isn't that the name on your lips?

It probably should be. This girl is about to be HUGE. Check her out here, she's doing loads of live dates & from all reports it's all about her live show (7 piece band, amazing costumes & tight choreography)

View on YouTube

Say My Name - Women In Hip Hop Documentary

I came across this today, featuring MC Lyte, Remy Ma, Rah Digga, Jean Grae, Monie Love, Estelle and newcomers Chocolate Thai, Invincible and Miz Korona...

There are a couple of things that irk me about this video - the perpetual dilution of the image of the female in hip hop (why is there a cut away of Erykah Badu in this clip? In a documentary about men in hip hop would you splice in D'Angelo and have John Legend sing something pretty at the end?). There is a reason that recognized MCs such as Miss Dynamite, Estelle, and recently Queen Latifah?! have started singing despite the fact that they can't - and the fact that Estelle is featured in this video at all will probably confuse an American audience who never heard 1980. Why the assumption females are supposed to sing and rap, but men aren't really supposed to (unless you're Phonte and you're just amazing at both)? Not every woman can or should be expected to be the new *Lauryn Hill because they most likely will not live up to it and will be seen as commercially unviable/ failures.

The second thing that got to me was the overly emotive Monie Love talking about women wanting to be taken seriously as lyricists. Preceded by clips of L'il Kim looking like a pneumatic black Barbie gone horribly wrong (as though she were the route of all evil - instead of a product of it). I could be wrong but the way I see it is this - female rappers need to understand and accept that who they are should be enough. If you don't have the talent to be yourself, maintain your honesty & integrity and still find a way to be successful - that's a shame but you should really go and get another job. If you have to dress like a lesbian/ prostitute, have a man ghost write your rhymes, sleep your way to the top, get your entire body rebuilt with plastic, rap about things you don't believe in, develop an uncharacteristically passive/ aggressive personna, turn your album in to a porn soundtrack etc etc then no one will take you seriously as a lyricist and they will be less likely to respect other (talented) female MCs.

I'm not saying there is equality for women in the hip hop industry and it's all their own fault because obviously that isn't the case. I'm saying that women achieved greater equality in other industries by addressing the issues holding them back and fighting long and hard for their rights. If you're really good at what you do then no one can say otherwise and you should fight for what you want and force people to take you seriously through your actions - as Jean Grae said "the most beautiful music comes from pain and struggle, and if this is really really what you want to do - then it's gonna suck, it's gonna hurt". If so, women should really be making the best hip hop out there. I look forward to seeing the film.

*Heads up Lauryn Hill fans - Lauryn will be playing as part of the obscenely good line up at the Montreux Jazz Festival this year. Check out the full line up HERE

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Turning Point Festival @ The Roundhouse

I started working at the Roundhouse when it was a building site & the new wing on the side was a massive hole in the ground. It was an amazing experience to be a part of raising the money to get the building open, then being in the Roundhouse Studios team working with the young people who are central to it's heart and mission.

Three years after the building re-opened to the public they are turning it over to young people to programme, curate, organise & take part in the Turning Point Festival from 8-10 May. The line up they've come up with is heavy & I'm really excited to share this ticket offer with you....

How to get half price tickets!
- Online: go to and either log in (or if you don't have a log in, register) and then enter the promo code 177. Then go to the Turning Point page and click on the book now button and the discounted prices should be automatically applied.
- Phone: 0844 482 8008 and quote promo code 177
- At the box office: give the code 177 to one of those nice people at box office
Offer valid until Monday 20 April

Friday 8 May

Zane Lowe | BeardyMan | The Bug | The Qemists

Floating Points (live) | Ikonika | Wachuku | Olivier Day Soul | Paul White | Fatima | Tranqil | Shuanise | Bad Fx | Hey Zeus | Alexander Nut

Saturday 9 May

Kano | Natty | Noisettes | Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip | Kissy Sellout (live) | Tinchy Stryder | Bashy | Ghetto
Pulled Apart By Horses | Agaskodo Teliverek | The Chap | Live Jam

Sunday 10 May

The Pipettes | VV Brown | Ebony Bones | Rosie Oddie and the Odd Squad
Spoono | Jazz Alive | Roundhouse Voices and Roundhouse Jazz Band

Friday, 10 April 2009

We've gone over to the dark side...Twitter.

We are aware of what this means. Come find us anyway -

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Meth and Red Forever.

Not sure about the chorus, but I'll never ever get bored with these two. Ever. Love the budget look to the video, there's something so reassuringly straight forward about this. I really haven't been keeping up with hip hop lately - purely personal but I feel like everyone's been taking themselves a bit too seriously lately and it's become a little one dimensional. Blackout 2 is due out on April 28th, 10 years after the original, and features production from Pete Rock & Eric Sermon.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Do you understand how hard it was to keep this to myself??? More details coming soon but it will be a one-off special @ Fabric - Deviation are taking over the club with the best sound system in the country (they have bass in the floor) to bring you the gig you've been dreaming of.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Womack and Womack - just in case you need them.

Last week a lovely girl I sit with in the office called Hannah was having a bad day so I played one of her favourites - Teardrops (click to download) from my Best of Womack and Womack album (easily one of my favourites of all time too, if you used to sing "oh life is just a bogey, we play jackpot with it all" to annoy your parents say yeah!).

Just in case any of you are having a hard time here it is.

Oh have a W&W fest on me...

Missing Persons Bureau

I would go see them live tomorrow...

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Homelessness does not preclude musical talent.

I have a problem with homeless people being showcased as just that, "homeless" - as though it were strange or unusual for them to have musical talent. There have been a couple of videos doing the rounds lately where the subjects are undoubtedly talented, but the "homeless angle" has really made me think about whether I wanted to just stick them up on the blog - what would the title of the post be? "Look, isn't it amazing what these homeless people can do!"

Talent is a wonderful thing and should definitely be praised, but at the end of the day music is an industry like any other, and it is not always the most talented people who make it. Often it's the most well connected, the most tenacious, the most hard working, the most intelligent, the most PR savvy, the most marketable, and occasionally - it's the lucky. I'm sure these videos have been posted and titled in the spirit of the "lucky break" - maybe if the right person sees this they'll get a record contract!

They way I see it is the people in these videos do not have any experience of, or trusted contacts within the industry and as such are extremely vulnerable. It's unlikely they have a strong support network of people to give them advice and they could easily end up signing contracts that could compromise them at best - and exploit them, their situations and issues at worst. Snoop & Warren G didn't call on the guy in the first video despite acknowledging his talent, and I suppose the question you have to ask is - would I? If the answer is no, then is this video really in the spirit of the lucky break which probably won't come and I wouldn't give?

In the video below the rapper has obviously been through a lot and it's unlikely that this video will transform his life (but we can hope). It is interesting to hear his story, his talent, and what hip hop means to him, but that seems to be where it ends. A statistic brought in to our lives in technicolour for a few minutes, our voyeurism mixed with concern, we are passive and tacit in our acknowledgment of the fact that our fleeting support does this man no good. At the very least though, we could nod to his talent regardless of his story for a moment, and let that define him, instead of his lack of address...

True Hip-Hop Stories: Homeless Emcee from D-Nice on Vimeo.

Friday, 3 April 2009

I'm a little toxic, are you?

I just read this article over at Soulbounce about "Toxic Music Heads"...personally I think they were a little tame & nice about the definitions, and there are obviously variations and cross overs but I'd say most people fit in to this somewhere. Unfortunately, I'm probably closest to what they call a snob (largely due to poor time management) with a bit of all the others mixed in. Read their types and cures...which are you?

1) Living in the Past: Regardless of when you were born, you generally believe no good music was released after you turned 25. (Cure: Talk to your parents. You can't be any worse than them.)

2) A Liar: Por exemplé--"Oh, I listen to a little bit of everything!" No you don't, which means you, in effect, are lying your ass off. (Cure: Use some other lie if you're trying to get laid.)

3) Hype Beast: You chase trends without regard to quality. If a song is more than a month old, it's "so over." (Cure: Quiet time in a room with no technology. In fact, read a book.)

4) I'm So "Different": You exclusively chase unknowns and newbies (regardless of genre), and quickly discard them once they catch on with others. (Cure: You're the same person wearing multi-colored Chuck Taylors, a blazer, and skinny jeans. And so is everyone around you. You can all go somewhere and be "different" together.)

5) Lamb: If you've never heard of it through established means (terrestrial radio, BET/MTV, etc), it's wack and you can't be bothered. (Cure: Grow the eff up.)

6) FunCrusher: You over-intellectualize every single aspect of a song, parsing out the instrumentation, lyrics, vocal runs, and the artist's life story until there's virtually no enjoyment left. You turn leisure activities into a chore. (Cure: Record an album, since you know so much.)

7) Taste Burglar: Did you just recommend a dope artist to a friend and claim credit when they tried to hip you to it three months ago? Yup, you're a burglar! (Cure: A cookie, since that's what you seem to want anyway.)

8) A Snob: Your listening habits are exclusive to one or a few sounds and artists, and you use your elitist musical taste to determine who you will socialize with. (Cure: Musical taste isn't a college degree. Perhaps it was enough for you hear that.)

I'm a jazzy mo fo tonight...

Nothing electronic, no hip hop, not even soul, right now I'm just listening to some heavenly new jazz. Check it.

I Don't Even Know - Homecut ft Corinne Bailey Rae & Soweto Kinch

This song is on repeat and it's not coming off.

Freddie Joachim - Nights Alone EP (Free Download)
I'm also loving this guy right now...
DOWNLOAD THE EP HERE, props to Honey Soul for this one

Lastly, this video has been doing the rounds & is super fresh...
Mulatu Astatke / The Heliocentrics Interview (Strut)

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


I don't normally blog about an event but....
I suggest you get there very early.

All the details are on Facebook, join the group if you haven't yet foo.

J*DaVeY | Mr. Mister


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