Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Ghostface Killah May 6th

Something For May.....

Ghostface Killah Live May 6th 2009

Location - The Scala

Time - 19.30pm

Check agmp.co.uk for more details

You Know What To Do ;)

Jungle Drums feat Ahu - Walk - Mr Beatnick Concrete Remix

Beautiful & strange vocals, tasteful orchestration, WARM analog synths and a deep underlying pulse.


out soon on We Ain't Records in Germany. limited to 300 copies.

don't sleep on this.
Two very talented musicians.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Can I get an amen?

An audio installation that unfolds a critical perspective of perhaps the most sampled drum beat in the history of recorded music, the Amen Break.

"To trace the history of the amen break is to trace the history of a brief period of time when it seemed digital tools offered a potentially unlimited amount of new forms of expression."

"The story demonstrates that a society free to borrow and build upon the past is culturally richer than a controlled one."

Check it. NSFW, or for sensitive ears, thanks to the NWA excerpt.

Something for June......(Talib Kweli live in London)

So Many Events & So Little Time....

Well Talib Kweli & Idle Warship feat: Res & Graph Noble Are Coming to London!!!!

The Date for This Event is on Wed 10th June 2009 @ The Camden Centre

This Event Is Hosted By agmp.co.uk

Click link for more info

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Faze vs 2Face Idibia

Now I don't know how up on Naija pop you are, but I'm definitely not an aficionado. I was intrigued to see that Faze (one third of the legendary but defunct group Plantashun Boyz) has just released the first single "Originality", from his third solo album , and I thought I'd run it past you guys to see what you think...

His fan site claims he has sold 6 million+ albums so far, but keeping track of numbers of anything with any certainty in Nigeria in my experience isn't exactly easy. You're more likely to have heard of Faze's former group member 2Face Idibia, from "African Queen" fame. I wasn't feeling his latest release "Enter The Place" from January, which was on a promo CD that had some promo problems apparently...his third studio album should be out this year.

I think it'll be interesting to see how this one pans out & who ends up as the true King - obviously 2Face has won lots of awards and worked with international artists (I mean, that video was shot in London), but his recent stuff seems to have lost it's way and cheesy charm to me. I have to say, I prefer one of 2Face's major early hits "Ole" to both of the tunes above. Particularly the video...keep it Naija.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Soweto Kinch and Co up in the (Rich) Mix...

Sounds like Rich Mix is pulling some serious heads...

Promo info says:

"Rich Mix is proud to present its partnership with Soweto Kinch that will bring a new flavour each week to Rich Mix Bar. With a selection of guest artists and performers, including Femi Temowo and Shabaka Hutchings , taking jazz to the next level."

If you haven't yet seen Soweto live, clear your diary for at least one of these dates.

Sun 29 March, 5 April, 14 and 28 June Soweto Kinch
Sun 12 April, 7 and 21 June Shabaka Hutchings
Sun 19 April – 31 May Femi Temowo

Every Sunday | Bar | 2.00pm - 5.00pm | FREE

Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA

More info: http://www.richmix.org.uk/aandc_inthemix_soweto.htm
020 7613 7498


I've got 10 guestlist spots for the exclusive Eglo Records/ Love Me Like This launch party tonight at Plastic People, first 10 people to hit me back get it (for some reason you lot think if that's not in the first 10 minutes there's no point - just try!). I'm on info@putmeonit.com

If you don't know about the amazing up & coming UK producer Floating Points (http://www.myspace.com/floatingpoints) who is releasing his dancefloor killer Love Me Like This you may want to emerge from underneath your rock and check out this party, here's the facebook link.

(Heavy) line up includes the Eglo records crew & more:
Floating Points
Alex Nut
Spencer Lowe
John Rust

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Happy birthday Pinboard

One of the UK's finest blogs - they wanted everyone to tell one person about it as a gift. I figured you lot must be checking it regularly because it's fresh - but just in case - bookmark it, subscribe to it, join the group on facebook etc etc.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Could these two geeky looking blokes really be on to something?

I've been reading about Bandize this week, which appears to be a service for artists to (micro) manage their careers...features you can manage using this software include...
Apparently it's different to band marketing sites like ReverbNation (never understood this one) because it offers merchandize management. It's basically a really detailed project management system where you can do everything from booking a tour to registering your equipment to networking and promotion and more, all for $10/ month. It's still in the Alpha stage (they're not even testing it on the public yet), but it's about to hit Beta. You can register for an invite to try it on Beta but they're sending out invites for that once a week so if you want to try it hit them up on their website...
I can't help but think software can't make you an organised artist if you're not one - but maybe it can help you understand how much really goes in to running your music career like a business....

Monday, 23 March 2009

"Fun to do, not to watch" by Ciara

Sorry. That is one of me and my sister's favourite phrases and I can't help but feel Ciara should have watched the editing process a little more closely in this case. She looks great but what's with the graceless contortion? Reminds me of when children are first learning gymnastics and get stuck in a forwards/ backwards roll...

The Legend That Is Jesse Tugboat

Jay-Z — Dirt Off Your Shoulders
T.I — What You Know
Chamillionaire — Ridin’
Ludacris — What’s Ya Fantasy
Bonecrusher — Neva Scared
Twista & Kanye — Overnight Celebrity
Ludacris — Move Bitch
Lil’ Jon — Get Low
Kanye — Gold Digger

Hilarious 8 bit remixes from Jesse Tugboat


I'm sooo late on this but I can't stop laughing & had to post it. I would love to hear this at Deviation...

Friday, 20 March 2009

Guess Who's coming to Town......

Guru & Solar are going to perform Live @ Cargo on The 11th April 2009!!!!

So I would say now people go and get your tickets & Put in your iPhone, Crackberry and any other form of technology that you use so you don't forget this event.

Peace ;)

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Underground Resistance

I was introduced to Detroit Techno about 5 years ago, and still don't know that much about it. Just been sent this serious documentary by Alex Nut featuring interviews with UR label founder Mike Banks, Cornelius “Atlantis” Harris and some of the label’s more recent signings like Nomadico or DJ Skurge. Check it out -

Diamond District - Who I Be

As promised here's the update....

DC Hip Hop artists Oddisee, XO & YU are - "The Diamond District". The groups' new single "Who I Be" is the first track off of the mid-90's Boom Bap themed album "In The Ruff", which will be available for free download online on April 14, 2009.

Check out the first single "Who I Be" along with a mini documentary about the new group on their site - www.diamonddistrictdmv.com

"Who I Be"

Props to Peter Rosenberg as always on the exclusive.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Dates for your diary!!!

One of my all-time top 5 producers is crossing the waters to be here in London on the 12th!!! BANK HOLIDAY SUNDAY! BE THERE!!
The last time these guys threw a night i went to last year for the incredible Ali Shaheed Muhammad..the crowd just stood and stared as he dropped some TUNES...make sure this time we REPRESENT....the man's never toured here before for god's sake!

also on the cards...

Now i've never been too sure about seeing FlyLo live....i guess i like to hear his music while i gaze at somethin else or just wanna chill....but this night seems interesting....

The show is at the Lightbox venue, unique for having walls composed of a wraparound array of 15,000 programmable LED's! Bit trippy, no?!

On another note: Hold tight to Fatima & Alexander Nut on Gilles Peterson last week...i'm late, i know...the office is the only time i listen to the radio and i was very happy to have these two talents speaking down my headphones for a hot minute...missed the show?


Am i late? Has someone posted this track up before? Any like it? For me, for some reason, it was on replay all day today...

I'll leave you with this...

Monday, 16 March 2009

The Pussycat Dolls Can F*** off.

Not content ruining one of the greatest movie soundtracks of recent years, they insipidly pretend to be entirely without intellect...or maybe I'm just hoping that's pretense.Try not to throw up in your mouth!

Friday, 13 March 2009

...and my spare ticket for Q-Tip at The Roundhouse goes to....

I wasn't expecting the response I had at all when I offered members of the PMOI facebook group a spare ticket - begging, black mail, the famous card, the friendship card, bribery, and worst of all people being really sweet. I said I was picking a name at random and I did - I just didn't have a big enough hat. After all the pressure I felt I had to prove to you guys I didn't cheat, so there's your proof. Katie I'll send you a message later to arrange things...

Huge apologies to all of you who didn't get the ticket - just remember to check the blog regularly, we were the first to announce the Q-Tip gig (I had to tell the Roundhouse box office assistant which date it was on and who he was), and since then we've written about the upcoming Black Milk & Elzhi, Cubic Zirconia & Madlib + J.Rocc shows. That's um, why it's called "Put Me On It"...

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Psapp and the Toytronic revolution

"When I was a child I spoke as a child I understood as a child I thought as a child; but when I became a man I put away childish things." I Cor. xiii. 11.....Psapp clearly think otherwise and thank the Lord, because last night's launch for forthcoming album The Camel's Back was a true sonic delight and lesson in invention.

Aside from your common garden violin, guitar, bass, keys, their arsenal included floatation toys, lumps of wood, ashtrays, bottles, toy cash register, furry animals that squawked, dog bones and some kind of whistle-rocket-rubber lobster thing - as the photo testifies..oh and Brunhilde the famous mechanical chicken..

Galia Durant's sultry voice and sharp-wit ride a intricate idiosyncratic rhythm section to make unexpectedly phat little shoulder-shimmy numbers out of the most random mundane objects. With influences ranging from Duke Ellington to the Cure to the Aristocats..It kind of makes you see the world a little differently when a rubber chicken is the perfect closing note. In these credit crunch times the car boot sale and kitchen cupboard may hold a treasure trove of musical potential...Either way, it was great to be reminded that we should never lose our sense of play...Opening track Hi off their last album The Only Thing I Ever Wanted always puts a spring in my step..even when Spring ain't quite sprung..


Dates for your diaries people!

Which have Madlib & J Rocc in the line up!!!!!

So if your up to going to Butlins Holiday centre, Minehead, England for a weekend check it out

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

These are the breaks (surely!)

Reading the below article about PBW's set, I'm reminded to always keep an element of "play" when you DJ (and in all aspects of life for that matter - wow that was deep!). 2 tracks that somehow manage to creep into my sets are:

Emotional Rescue - The Rolling Stones

Fool's Gold - Stone Roses

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Oddisee - Hip Hop's Cool Again

A new track for you to DOWNLOAD HERE (off the forthcoming Mental Liberation album ft Oddisee, Black Milk, Invincible, Georgia Ann Muldrow & Dudley Perkins etc...). Peter Rosenberg had the hook up for this one.

Watch out for the Diamond District release from Oddisee, X.O. & yU, coming to blogs, radio shows, magazines etc etc near you soon.

In the meantime, cop X.O.'s Realmatic mixtape which dropped this week...

Sunday, 8 March 2009


Virgin have persuaded Vanilla Ice to apologise for what he did - and he drips with sincerity, clearly induced by the realisation of his grave contribution to the ridiculing of hip hop by the mainstream media. That and the massive cheque he's blatantly getting for this - not just from Virgin but the free advertising as people realise they can't play their cassette version of Ice Ice Baby anymore and have to buy it to play 'ironically' at parties (or check they still know the whole routine and all the words).

The website asks what else we would add to the list - Milli Vanilli, David Hasselhoff and Peter Andre all come above the Crazy Frog, whilst the rest of the top ten seems to be largely haircut related (Bros, Kenny G, Michael Bolton, Billy Ray Cyrus etc) . Then, hilariously, part of the manifesto says this:
But real music is not ours to judge. It isn't defined by what's underground or popular, it's what excites or what moves you. It's what makes you sing along or the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.
Firmly handing the democratic judging of good music back in to the hands of the public. Who bought all the music they're claiming is rubbish in their millions. Vanilla Ice made half the world sing along, and I'm pretty sure the hairs on the back of plenty of necks stand on end. Although it is quite a funny concept from Virgin, they also make a bizarre claim that the V Festival isn't a part of the
...World awash with the incenserity of reality pop stars and pre-fabricated, celebrity seeking, silicone enhanced lip sync-ers.
This years line up includes; Lily Allen, Katy Perry, Alesha Dixon, Lady Gaga and Pete Doherty.

Cynical I may sound but I'm far from it. Last night at Cargo, Peanut Butter Wolf played an amazing AV set, which leapt from hip hop to 80s soul, a Michael Jackson medley that had me screaming concert style, loads of commerical late 80s dance music, back to Wu Tang, Mos Def & Craig Mack, ending on a jump up and down Dilla set. Some weren't happy (quote - "What was up with PBW's Chumbawumba-Wetherspoons-Wiggle It Just A Little Bit set?!") but as I found myself doing the running man to Pump Up the Jam and grinding (alone) to Imagination, I felt that all music has it's place. Even this did last night - (and PBW is a legend for including this in his set) the topless homo-erotic homage to "pure hip hop, no sell out!" and doing the splits in puddles from Marky Mark which clearly inspired so many.

Long live music wrongs.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

The Cock N Bull Kid

Yep, one of the biggest female talents to rise in the UK music scene for a long time The Cock N Bull Kid, is launching her single @ the ICA this Wednesday, only a couple of tickets left (get one HERE). In case you've been in hibernation for about a year here's what I'm talking about...

A little care package of tunes I've gleaned from other sources - There's A Mother In Our Bed, On My Own (and my personal favourite), The Head. Download HERE.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Shuanise - Masudasante Naima (mp3 download)

If you're a Mixed Nutz listener then you've been sweating it out waiting for something official from this lady for a long time - she is truly magnificent. Alexander Nut sent this out to the great and good (and me) this week:

Shuanise Odunaiya is the latest artist to join the ranks of Eglo Records (Floating Points, Alexander Nut). Dallas born but raised in North London, the lady is something of an enigma. She was introduced to playing percussion at an early age. Around the same time she started to use her voice as a way of expression. From freestyling with the local hoodrats to weekly jams on the grand piano with the old guy up the road, Shuanise started to make sense of it all. "I liked the way it built itself up, my music is a fusion of everything I love: synth sounds, heavy bass, high frequencies, African choirs, crackling vinyl & talking drums".


Thursday, 5 March 2009


Tickets go on sale at 7am on Friday 13th March (I'm not superstitious but boy he's brave). Get on the pre-sale list at michaeljacksonlive.com, which will also be selling the tickets exclusively.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Chris Read - "The Diary Volume 1.5 (20 Years of the Remix)" Remixtape

How much do you love hip hop? Whatever your answer was you should probably add "but not as much as Chris Read does" to the end of it. If you don't know, Chris has been inspiring dance floors for many many years, and a lot of DJs coming up right now will tell you that he's the reason they're doing what they're doing.
I was completely blown away by The Diary Vol. 1 - "A chronological mix of the genre's landmark recordings by order of release from 1979-2007. 801 records in the blend! " the attention to detail was mind altering, it's the kind of thing you could only put together if you devoted 15-20 years to it, and every part of it reflected that (I sometimes find myself flipping through the booklet in wonder). I'm the first person to admit I'm not up on old school hip hop the way I should be, and I've never enjoyed educating myself as much as I do when I stick this mix on & let it play (after digging out my pro shells & combing out my 'fro whilst top rocking really badly).
Somehow Chris is back a year later with another carefully crafted masterpiece for you (for free again??!) and you can get your lucky little mitts on it HERE.

Monday, 2 March 2009

DJ Juco / Full Member (and Q-Tip!)

Whenever I'm in Japan, I always check out DJ Juco (part of Fullmember Crew) and what he's up to. I got introduced through his "Browning" mixtape but he's making good beats too. Check it.

Also everyone's favourite party DJ, DJ TKO had the opportunity to tour with Q-Tip and The Pharcyde in Australia last month. Here's a preview of what to expect at the Roundhouse!

We Fight!

Q kills it with the MPC. Mount Airy Groove by Pieces of A Dream

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Heard this the other day...

A friend dropped this track in the car the other night and I absolutely loved it...now i'm definately not a dub-step fan.....not my cup of tea at all but i have to say this track is HARD..i think the tracks been around for a while now.....anyway i got asked immediately where the sample was from so i thought i'd share it with you all too...

the track in question:

Chase & Status- 'Eastern Jam' (Indian dub)

and the sample was taken from a very expensive and famous film and one of my favourite tracks from the film itself, a very traditional film, remake of an old wive's tale going for decades, not your average kitsch Bollywood film but amazing all the same...

'Silsila Ye Chaahat Ka' from the film 'Devdas'.

The musical director is a man called Ismail Darbar who has done some other amazing Bollywood music, hit me up if anyone ever wants to know any other Bollywood songs!


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