Saturday, 28 February 2009

M3NSA - One of Ghana's finest?

There's only a question mark because I don't want him getting a big head. The man that I often refer to as 50 Percent on account of his time keeping skills but always forgive because of this:

SEWERCYDE IN DA DISCO LIVE IN LONDON from mensa ansah on Vimeo.

Get your free download of the Daily Basses EP HERE, and hold tight for his debut album The Weather Report, coming soon.

Friday, 27 February 2009

Two Fingers (Amon Tobin, Double Click and Sway) remixes of Spank Rock & Missy Elliott

The Two Fingers album will be out on Big Dada, 30th March with these two booty workers on it - perfect for the Ain't It Black crew @ Favela Chic.

Backyard Betty - Spank Rock / Dustmen Rhythm - Two Fingers

Best Best - Missy Elliott / Moth Rhythm - Two Fingers

Download here:

Let's get in to some real bad things...

Thursday, 26 February 2009

ArtDon'tSleep part 2

ADS related things to check out:

ArtDon'tSleep on myspace - myspace will never be obsolete with music players like that around.
(2 supremely talented photographers who go much further than taking photos of art - they make it happen too)


Documentary feature from Mochilla. LA's top DJs and veteren session drummers travel to Brasil to meet and play with their Brasilian counterparts. The film bridges the cultural and generational gap between hip hop and the artists who've influenced it. It resulted in this (which I seem to recall posting on here a very long time ago...) Obrigado Dilla.

VTech (a phone company that sponsors amazing hip hop events and puts all the videos on their website. Eh? Corporate sponsorship gone...right!)

ArtDon'tSleep part 1 - Timeless

I came across ArtDon'tSleep through my inspirational art producer friend Meeshka from LA - the planets only seem to align us when something creative and exciting is happening so of course a recommendation from her is something to pay close attention to. ArtDon'tSleep from what I understand, is an arts collective with a remit to cut through polyfiller and push the finest talent the world, with LA as the starting point.

I'm so sad to be missing out on their four part Timeless Composer/ Arranger Series. Here's a beautiful write up from the ArtDon'tSleep blog about the first one :

A simple blend of wide eye toddlers, hoodies, heels and slacks was enough to warrant such a lucid celebration of sound, but the fact that every person was traveling similar Ethio-Jazz wavelengths together and gave a standing ovation was a first of many historical moments for LA. Upliftment was definitly the air of the Harriet and Charles Luckman Fine Arts Complex; there wasn’t room for anything else. With soul netting music by Egon, Quantic and Cut Chemist, the set up was perfect! The Ethio-Jazz builder and father, Mulatu Astatke walked on the stage to a fifteen piece orchestral ensemble and drenched applause! Not only that, the orchestra was spotted with legends, like Bennie Maupin, Phil Ranelin and Azar Lawrence, but that’s a very short list of names.

Mulatu, backed by a stunning lineup, poured some favorite pieces in to waiting ears. Cuts such as ‘Yekermo sew’ and ‘Tezeta’ soaked the auditorium. The night was a beaming, rare and ethereal experience; one that made the sober high. When the celebration was over, people left with smiles radiating from their souls and knowing that for the next eight weeks, The Timeless Composer/Arranger Series will be LA’s soundtrack! From here, it only escalates!

This was the second event...

Suite For Ma Dukes Session January 2008

To live infinitely in music is one thing, but to simultaneously transform and jump in puddles of different genres is a dream. James Yancey, AKA Jay Dee, J Dilla, Dilla Dawg, Dil Withers and whatever other monikers he carries weight with, was there with his family, friends and fans. You could see it in the heads knocking and swaying to orchestral beats! You could hear it the green room, beneath where the 40 piece orchestra was stomping time as they celebrated. You could feel him in the rhythm section and in the heartbeats thudding in eyes watching something Timeless!

“A Suite For Ma Dukes” was an LA rarity with the energy in the house sun beaming love everywhere! It was even evident in the new dry towels that had to be brought on stage for Miguel Atwood-Ferguson to wipe his brow; which never seemed to be dry in the beginning because of the way he was pushing and pulling an orchestra suited in all white! Even Ma Dukes spoke on the beauty emanating and its endless musical possibilities. The audience’s excitement continued to elevate throughout the night like somebody turning the dial to up the volume. When Carlos Nino announced that J Dilla was a trained cellist, Atwood-Ferguson took the with Dilla’s original instrument in hand and when special guest began appear, the attendants began to glow even more so. February 22, 2009 was stunning. It was a conjuring celebration; a ritual in the most visible setting!

To further permeate the tribute, House Shoes and J. Rocc kicked turntables, Bilal, Amp Fidler, Dwele, De La Soul’s Posdnous, Flora Purim and Airto Moreira’s daughter Diana Moreira and Talib Kweli gripped mics and enthralled emotions just as string instrumentalist rocked while they plucked strings, which of course pulled tears and kept us all counting on the next note and the next note felt nothing like its precedent. The night was precedent! With “Fall in Love,” “Find A Way,” “Runnin,” “Stakes is High,” “Reminisce,” “The Official” and a little Erik Satie, A Suite For Ma Dukes was beyond imaginable expectations!

It was though we were in the heavens. It was an experience to pray for and emotions were sold out! No matter what any mouth exaggerates, the greatest of all time was there and forever remains standing. Turn it up!


I can't wait to hear about the next two events in the series.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Black Milk and Elzhi at Cargo Sat 21st March

Yes - you heard me. Book your tickets here.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Laura J Martin - fresher than a fridge full of daisies.

Doki Doki, the hotly anticipated (by nerdy music types anyway) debut single from 'flute ninja' Laura J. Martin has arrived. I am happy. She both inspires and scares me. Buy it here along with plenty more dope business.

Props to Ray for the heads up!

Monday, 23 February 2009

Spotify, I love you

The wonderful Ralegh Long of Patrick Hamilton, no relation to Lewis Hamilton, and Rose Dougall & The Distractions has been obsessing over Spotify for a long time now. He sent me an invite before it was fully accessible to us normal folk and I thought it was pretty groovy, but just groovy and no more than groovy, until today.
I have just read that U2's new album is now available through Spotify in conjunction with the Guardian. Simply click on the following link, because you won't find it through a standard spotify search, et voila! No Line Through The Horizon' will either pleasure or pall on you in no time at all, and they'll be no line through your horizon....*cackle* Pretty darn cool, eh?
Now, about that photo: Michael Jackson is rumored to play a series of gigs at the O2 Arena (Again). I know we've heard this one before but it's the King of Pop people. The KING OF POP!! All I've heard is a 30 day run, in July. JULY!! I wasn't told which July but I hope he's well enough to play because I've never seen him perform and I simply can't wait.
I wish I had a time machine. All together now: "Where did you come from Baby, And ooo won't you take me there right away, won't you my my baby..."


After delightful banter with Amelia the other night....I had to listen to the following feels like decades ago for some strange reason....

Dudley Perkins- 'Flowers'

Cesar Comanche-'Up and Down'

MURS- 'Dark skinned white girl'

- One of my fave mcs...for a strange reason...i love the fact he can rap about something as mundane as walking to a cornershop and make it sound so much more interesting with no hippy sh*t to cover it him!

Memory: First year uni.....not sleeping for 4 days straight and having these tracks on repeat.......

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Dils Beat Shop

Taken from J. Rocc's blog, click HERE to download

This is a mix of nothing but Dil's Record collection..

...the original source for the beats.

Half of this mix is on "The Ma Dukes Collection"...this is that mix with a 2nd half added.

(There is a 3rd and 4th half)

She was fly

Full Crate - She Was Fly (Ft. Mar) from Full Crate on Vimeo.

(filed under: blissed out Sunday morning)

Dorian Concept live in London

Heads up, people. Dorian Concept plays out at the Tate Britain (not the Tate Modern as his Myspace suggests) on March 6th at an Altermodern music mashup curated by CDR. Price of admission? Free.


Thursday, 19 February 2009

Going, Going, gonnnn.... Deviation Dilla special!

Before that E drops tonight did you check the Deviation Podcast this week? It'll be up for another couple of hours, quick get to it! Easily one of the heaviest podcasts in the world, if I didn't work with the man I would be plotting to rob Benji B right now. The most exclusive 10 Dilla/ 10 minutes mix you'll hear anywhere - enough to make Houseshoes mad - and nestling amongst some disgustingly tasty other biz. The Jay Electronica Candy Man tune (Deviation exclusive, grrr) is making my mouth water, but the RaeKwon ft Ghostface Killa & Method Man – Wu Ooh (LINK RE-UPPED 25/02/09) tune is making my entire body leak. Sorry, it's the truth. I'll confess - I haven't managed to get to the Phil Asher mix yet because I keep rewinding the first half, our own Floating Points' Love Me Like This (tune of the year indeed it seems! You should have seen the yung un's go mad when he dropped this at Pause) closing it out. For those of you who missed it I posted this song for download plus Shangrila wayyy back in December - check back HERE to download.
Damn the BBC & their 7 day podcast rule sent to test us. I miss cassette tapes, I still have years worth of Trevor Nelsons' Saturday afternoon Rhythm Nation show recorded off the radio sitting under my bed in shoe boxes - yet the only person I know with a cassette deck is a guy called Cornelius in Germany (in his car, he still releases hip hop mix TAPES!).
Ah well, for posterity...

If you value good music see below...I'd love to tell you who the surprise PA will be but I can't - but when has the mystery guest at this not been serious?


Who makes better flyers than Kay Shin?

Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Im Loving the site. Tune of the year so far has to be
Love Me Like This by floatingpoints check out his mixes too, reminds me why Jazz is in my life.

The way hes used this....nice.

HARMONIC 313_ This Thursday

I cant make it, I'm working. But this will be a nice mid week jam


Download the Cubic Zirconia (Tiombe Lockhart & fam) mixtape Vol. 1

Whachoo know about Cubic Zirconia? Not much yet? Me either, but I think that's about to change...have you seen Tiombe Lockhart live? (You know, the amazing girl off the Platinum Pied Pipers Triple P album - but don't let that influence you, she's extremely diverse & pretty out there). I caught her at NyLo @ Cargo a couple of months back - she is a seriously inspirational performer & woman so check for the tour, dates below!

Click HERE to download Cubic Zirconia does London...

cubic zirconia- i wanna freebase you
cubic zirconia- dick for a day
chase and status- eastern jam
cubic zirconia- josephine
claw- jersey shore guidos
curses ft maggie horn- the deep end
bucketheads-the bomb instrumental
cubic zirconia- the phone
tyrees- acid crash
cubic zirconia- fuck work (proper villians/ jubilee remix)
dj class ft lil jon- i'm the ish
cubic zirconia- secret bonus track

They're on tour in the UK this month too (see you on the 28th obv):
23 Barfly w Gold Teeth
24 The Underbelly w Sophie Delila
25 Monto Water Rats - DJ SET w 1990s and Solid Gold
26 YOYO - Notting Hill Arts Club w La Roux
28 The Monarch Bar - Play It By Ear - w Playdoe


Tuesday, 17 February 2009


I know I've been bad. I know I should post more. I've had one written warning and may receive another later today :) But I need to share the love.

This Saturday we have PAUL PRE joining us fort his Uk debut set at Plastic People. Check out his mixes here

He will be joining us alongside our other guest, ALEX CHASE of One Handed Music

If you want G List - Hit me us by Friday. Its gonna get steamy...


Monday, 16 February 2009

Eska Mtungwazi plus the A-Team at Jazz à Vienne 2008

I've said it before, I'll say it again - Eska is a genius. I do not bandy that term around lightly, I mean it. When people ask me if I can sing, I think of people like Eska, Heidi Vogel, and even up & comers like Tawiah (oh and watch for Richard Lianhart who's beatboxing + bvs in this clip this year people!), and I smile and say truthfully and happily 'no'. "Come on, not even a little bit?", 'No.' Maybe sometimes to amuse myself in the shower, but I think it's important to know the difference between being able to hold the occasional note & being able to SING - with true artistry & mastery. I'm more than happy just listening.

Props to Bopstar for the link

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Love hurts - Ill Doctrine 'Beyond Chris Brown & Rihanna'

I wouldn't normally post about their music, but if music helps to spotlight issues of import in society then I will highlight this example.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Calling all hot producers...Kidkanevil remix competition

Kidkanevil has an interesting proposition for you - please see below:


I’m currently putting together a remix album consisting of remixes I’ve done for various peeps, and then remixes they’ve done for me. Gotta bunch of heavy producers submitting tracks (watch this space!) but wanted to unearth some new talent too – so here’s the dilly deal…

Download the parts for either The Profound Truth or Tokyorkshire below, flip that shit, and then submit your remix to (no attachments, links to full quality files please gracias arigato) by the END OF FEBRUARY.

The winner will be featured on the album dropping this summer, and that will be nice. word.

The Profound Truth (108 BPM) –

Tokyorkshire (128.73 BPM) -

Cool. Enjoy! Peace, kidk

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and Tony Allen at Cargo (Nigerian Time Review)

In terms of the IVF argument (is it ethical for someone to give birth to a further eight children when they already have six hungry mouths to feed?) the answer should be "Hellyesss!" However with a clause that states in full, "only if the resulting mouths shall never go hungry due to their genetic disposition to suckling on brass (rather than/or in addition to nipples) having been fathered by Phil 'I laugh in the face of birth control' Cohran."

The reason I say this is because Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and Tony Allen at Cargo was without question one of the top five gigs I have ever been to. As we hurried down Rivington Street (Black People Time not exclusively related to writing reviews or starting inauguration proceedings) a sousaphone was visible in the distance and the prospect of an impromptu busking session looking likely. Sadly, this did not occur, however another reason the Ensemble are regularly seen lurking outside their own gigs is to sell 'access all areas' wrist bands to unsuspecting music tourists, presumably to recoup expenditure on condoms and brass polish, so perhaps that's what they were doing.

The celebratory atmosphere was unbelievable, with trumpeter Hudah, resplendent in an Obama as superman t-shirt, playing next to the man hailed jointly responsible with the original 'Black President' for Afrobeat. As they kicked off with Sankofa (In Akan 'to go back and take') the significance of the joy and camaraderie on stage can not have been lost on any member of the audience (apart from perhaps, the dickmatized individual in front of me who spent the evening trying to retrieve the party bra she had thrown at the stage earlier on).

Even Ty seemed completely star struck as he stepped on the mic to rap over Baliky Bone, a strong performance which almost, but not quite made up for the consequent embarrassment of Damon Albarn and Natty. The former was soggy, moany and summed up everything people don't like about England (hence getting booed off stage-shame) the latter was the opposite; hyperactive to a terrifying degree, spinning around on the spot, dreadlocks and fizzy cola bottles flying, spouting spurious nonsense about bombs and prisons. They were both bad in their own special ways, however nothing could dampen the evening which was in essence, like a really good roast, when you've only had two potatoes but you're really sad that soon, there won't be any left.

Oh I forgot to mention, Baaba Maal was there too, looking unbelievably fresh in a sparkly silver dinner jacket. There is an ethereal beauty in his voice that compliments the horns perfectly, I realize I am gushing now but there was something almost other worldly about the music (and it wasn't the holy water-it was far too rammed to get to the bar). As one of the brothers once said in a Guardian interview, "You can read Revelations. You can read Genesis. You can read all the ancient texts - and they speak about how the angels played horns..."

Afterwards a few of us met Tony Allen and had a strange mixed reaction of curtsy's, bows and mumbled "hello uncle/hello oga." One of the Ensemble caught the whole thing and came over saying "Aw that's jus Tony, he my Nigga!" He was later seen inviting party bra to the 'after party' at the hotel, so everybody happy. This was the first really good night I have been to at Cargo in a while, reminiscent of my own personal back in the day (in the yard with a whole summer of hip hop and student loan to spend ahead). It's that time of year again (Dilla R.I.P) so hopefully, we'll be able to recapture the family atmosphere this Sunday.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Francis & The Lights

Musicians blogs always intrigue me - maybe because up to a certain age I was convinced that all musicians never changed from their stage like performance and just stayed continually hyped. I found a clip of Francis and the Lights on Nikki Ntu's blog and shared this link with a friend - who then sent me back another one of their videos.

With a bare set - nothing but lights and a mic stand - imagine if you will Mick Jagger and Prince having a love child (it's actually not that crazy, lol)...

Check out Modern Promise as's dope!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Frank & Dank Feb 6 - Footage

Frank & Dank Live @ Herbal Check it out 

Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Ish According to Joni

Just a little dollop of the dopeness of Joni for you

One Taste Present Little Dragon @ the Jazz Cafe March 13th

Hilariously, one of the best gigs at the Jazz Cafe this spring will be one of the cheapest (£12.50, buy your tickets now!). I was considering writing a post questioning what has happened to the bland & stale programming at what has at points been one of Londons' most exciting music venues. Luckily now I don't have to...

The incredible Jamie Woon, Polarbear and Stac (with our own Tanya from Elova on BVs!) will be supporting - is it possible the venue didn't think Little Dragon was more than enough for us?! This is going to be one of the best gigs of the year without doubt. Right, I'm off to see if Aaron Jerome will let me give you his unbelievable remix of Twice by Little Dragon...if not possible I'll stream it so you can hear it, sublime.

You should also check out Jamie Finlay on Feb 27th & Meshell Ndegeocello 30th-31st March both at the Jazz Cafe (click links for info).

Skint & bored of going to the same old thing?

Three events you may want to check out...

GASH! 06/02/09
Always fun, always a crazy line up.

Afrikan Boy

The A Team
Bob Foster
Jonathon Rockwell
Palace Wayward Boys Choir
Sex Party Vs Skill Wizard
Dj For Time
Pure Filth
Dr Beat

8 till LATE
£5/ £3 Concessions
The Macbeth/ Hoxton Street/ Shoreditch
Facebook/ myspace/ blog

Pause 08/02/2009

Pause is Eric Lau's night - this month is Floating Points: One of the most talented producers in the UK hopefully mixing his own creations with some delicious music for the soul. Support his single “For You/Radiality” which will be released on 7 inch only in late February on Eglo records.
Also expect sets from Juven, Hits & Mr Lau himself - the last hour will be a Dilla set (don't yawn) - Eric always makes me want to jack him for his laptop it's so full of rarities, this will not be the identikit tribute you might hear elsewhere...

6-11pm *Free entry*
Market Place/ 11 Marketplace/ W1 8AH

Hooked on Music 10/02/2009
The Hooked On Music Residency gives some of the UK’s best up and coming artists the chance to play four showcases across two months. Not only do they get to play, they also curate the whole show. They are given complete freedom on choosing support & are encouraged to stamp as much of their personality on the shows as possible.

This month is the nigh on godly Jono McCleery and Tim & Sam’s Tim & the Sam Band with Tim & Sam

8 til Midnight *FREE ENTRY*
The Big Chill House/ 257-259 Pentonville Road/ N1 9NL
Facebook/ myspace

Sunday, 1 February 2009

7 new releases you might want to check out...

*A little treat I found digging around on John Robinsons' site -

Click here or on the pic to download
Enter the Produce Section Intro (Prod. by Flying Lotus)
Ordo Ab Chao (Prod. by J Dilla)
Grandz (Prod. by I.D. 4 Windz)
1 of the greatest (Produced by J Rawls and DJ Rhettmatic)
N.Y. CA (Prod. by Madlib)
Makings of U (IG Culture Remix)
Mascot feat Peter Hadar (Prod. by K Dubble)
Why'd You Lie (Prod. by R.Thentic)
Rapsploitation (Flying Lotus Mix)
The UK feat Cymarshall Law & K Banger (Prod. by I.D. 4 Windz)
It's Worth It feat Tiffany Paige (Prod. by I.D. 4 Windz)
Cherish (Confusion) feat Wordsworth of EMC (Prod. by K Dubble)
2 Things (Japanese Import - Planet Groove/Jazzy Sport 12") (Prod. by Grooveman Spot)
The Big Picture (Prod. by I.D. 4 Windz)
Dap Feat. Farrah Burns (Prod. by Flying Lotus)
Science, Jazz and Politics (Remix) (Prod. by IG Culture)
Circulate feat Invizible Handz (Prod. by Flying Lotus)
On the Road Again (Prod. by I.D. 4 Windz)
C.U. (Prod. by Ta'Raach)
Hit Me (SP's Phone Home Remix)
Heavenly feat ID 4 Windz & Tiffany Paige (Prod. by J Dilla)
Rap Thing (Prod. by Flying Lotus)
Invizible Man feat 20/20 aka U George (Prod. by MF DOOM)
Its Jay ARE (J Rawls and John Robinson) Prod. by J Rawls (Album coming in 2009)
*Leaving the Produce section outro (Prod. by Flying Lotus)


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