Sunday, 31 August 2008

I Miss Ms Lauryn Hill...

I wasn't going to write anything about this...I try to steer clear of the same old things everyone else is talking about online but I've been thinking about it all week. The lead article (as I'm sure you all know) in Rolling Stone Magazine this week is Inside "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" - to mark 10 years since it's release. It was a very interesting piece (all 11 pages of it!) and I'd like to post up a snippet of my favourite section for you to read here - first though make sure you turn on the clip below, when I read the article it was significantly lacking in sound.
To Zion Feat Lauryn Hill - Santana

"To Zion"

Jackson: She called me and sang a verse of "Zion" and I was literally in tears. I went through that with her as a friend, Wendy Williams blowing her spot about her pregnancy on the radio. No one knew! It was definitely a Where's Waldo moment 'cause no one knew who Lauryn was dating.

Marley: She ended up having a child from myself and ones telling her she need to abort the child. Those songs, it's all her experience.

Nobles: Out of all the records, "Zion" was her baby because it was about her child. Can't nobody interfere with that right there. That drum roll inspired Kanye's "Jesus Walks," I know it did!

Commissioner Gordon: I remember the first time she sang "To Zion" to me I almost started crying on the spot. Che put together a drum loop and she came over right next to me at the board and started singing "Zion" in my ear. These circumstances she's singing about I know first hand. I'm at the label hearing everybody say, "How's this girl gonna get pregnant now?!" Then Carlos [Santana] played his guitar in Miami at Circle House Studios. It was a swap. She wanted Carlos to play "Zion" and she did a song for Supernatural.

After having five children I wouldn't be making amazing albums either so I'm not upset with her for that, I just hope that the description aimed at her of being 'pathologically miserable' after she told the Vatican off for child abuse isn't wholly true. She has gone a little self-righteous and strange over the years - the MTV Unplugged material whilst beautiful is hard to listen to for long, and the Fugees reunion was undeniably bad. I wouldn't normally put up this much of an artists' music for download in one go however a fair bit of it is hard to get hold of to buy. You may have some of it but I wanted to share with you why I put these songs together...

1. His Eye Is On The Sparrow - I was in Nigeria when I first saw Sister Act 2 - it inspired us to form a church choir, put on a Christmas concert and perform a lot of the soundtrack which was a pretty amazing experience.
2. If I Ruled The World - My favourite Nas song - blasphemous but true.
3. Mr Intentional - one of the most beautiful songs from the Unplugged session
4. Final Hour - proof she's still here
5. Boom Biddy Bye Bye - a Fugees & Cypress Hill tune I love but never hear
6. Do You Like The Way - Cee Lo, Santana & Hill on one track. Bliss.
7. So High - a strange reversal in fortunes for the man for whom an entire year of Uni was known as 'the guy who played keys on Doo Wop (That Thing)'
8. The Mystery Of Iniquity - Grammy nominated but perhaps the biggest honour is what Kanye did with it...
9. Rumble in the Jungle - made my Dad understand hip hop
10. A Change Gonna Come - would have been musical perfection had Wyclef had some sense and STFU.

Click the pic for a Sendspace link or here for a faster download from an FTP site

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Sexy twins...

Window Licker went totally over my head when it first came out but after being cast in a weird contemporary dance piece to it at Uni I fell in love...I know Aphex Twin might conjure images so bizarre I won't post them in case you can't sleep BUT...he (Richard D.James) makes gorgeous electro-porn and I love it. Don't worry - if you love hip hop and soul but you're not sure about electronic music this'll work for you (might mess with your brain a little is all).

I defy you not to love this song...thumps for my hip hop heads, but with added 80s French porn-pop vibes and Antibalas doing the bad thing style sound effects.

Aphex Twin - Alberto Balsam

...and for the 2 people in the universe who haven't seen the legendary Window Licker video directed by the godly Chris Cunningham here you go...doesn't it make you want to go to LA?

Yeah I know you need this tune too now, here.

Oh and here's Flying Lotus fucking it UP live at Cargo back in April. All the screaming you can hear is me.

OHHHH I'm going to get you strung out when I drop the Good Ish mix, keep 'em crossed til then.

Friday, 29 August 2008

Definitely One Of A Kind

Now, I hate to follow the last post(which is fuckin' awesome by the way) with something so silly but I couldn't resist. I was sitting in my living room with my sister who so fortunately loves flick through various channels and managed to end up on BEN(Bright Entertainment Network) which is basically a cheap afro-caribbean version of MTV. My sisters timing couldn't have been more perfect because as soon as she stopped  flicking we were both looking in awe at what I can only describe as a jamaican reincarnation of Flava Flav... This guy kinda reminds me of them older guys at family parties who had way to much to drink and end up taking over the dance floor, preying on the young girls!! Feast your eyes Leroy Smart and his video for "One Of A Kind" and pay attention to his... umm... dance routine?? Anyways, enjoy! 


Thursday, 28 August 2008


As you all know by now my current holy grail of music is Mixed Nutz, 1-3pm, Saturdays on Rinse FM. One of my recent texts in to the show read: 'BRAAAAAAPPPPPS! WHAT'S THAT?!' - Alex's phone was blowing up and the tune got a deserved (and fairly rare) re-load. It was for Turn It Up - the new tune from Funkenteller - that those in the know are keeping in their backpockets for official party starting purposes. I became an instant fan. Listen to a clip hurrrr -


Rick Skizzo (aka Funkenteller) is about to drop his PRELUDE TO 2012 EP - he's based in Sweden so I don't know if he's referring to some plan Swedish people have to take over East London before the Olympics (starting with what I have long referred to as Sweditch) - but quite frankly after our lame-ass display at the weekend they're welcome to it.

'Ere be what young master Nut said aboot that thar EP:

Formally of pioneering Swedish Hip Hop outfit Up Hygh our boy Rick takes us back to the days when Hip Hop was all about getting high and partying, whilst blasting us into the future with his p-funk gamma rays guaranteed to get your head nodding. Invoking memories of when the Alkaholics used to ‘call their daddy a punk’ and Redman ‘travelled the milky way’, Predlude to 2012 is pure bugged out b-boy brilliance.

It features a whole bunch of people I've never heard of because I'm just not that deep including - KayDee, Force (oh wait actually I have heard of him), Aaron Phiri from Hearin' Aids, Leafnuts and Bud McNuggit (repping Sweden). If you're a bit deeper than me you've probably heard about Up Hygh who released a critically acclaimed album entitled Venus last year, it's the group our young funk hero was in before he branched out alone and formed The Deep Space 69 label. He has also collaborated with; Little Brother, Planet Asia, Hearin' Aid, Melo, Bas-1 and (Queen) Eska. He produces, he raps, and he sings. He's also very nice and has sent me FIVE EXCLUSIVES to give to y'all. Click here to download it!!!

*Disclaimer - no offence to anyone else but I prefer the stuff Funkenteller himself has been producing but for that you'll have to cop they EP out on itunes tomorrow because you can't even dodgy download it anywhere (I've checked)!

Here's the track listing for the exclusives-

1. B - Funkenteller & Andrue Cavaco, produced by Damon Frost (of Hearin' Aid)

2. Nightofthelivingcookieheadz - Funkenteller & Bud McNuggit (of Supahumans), produced by Bud McNuggit

3. The Great Depression - Funkenteller & Bud McNuggit, also produced by Bud McNuggit.

4. Slow Down - Funkenteller
NB - Funkenteller informed me "The beat was made by a guy I found on myspace. I really digged his shit but unfortunately he took waaay to long time to mix it...This is my original mix"

5. Unity - Funkenteller;
"Same thing as Slow Down, but this one he never even mixed, I even think he stopped answering my e-mails...the song is still pretty cool even though it never got 100% finished."

Now if that's not exclusive I don't know what is. COP THE EP here, here, or here.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Let me hear ya say ooohhh, ahhhhh

No not Wayne Marshall's G Spot, thank god, I'm talking about the Isley Brothers. Just having a little moment, thought I'd share it with you...hold tight for the Good Ish mix CD currently in 'production'...let me tease you a little first.

Don't Say Goodnight - The Isley Brothers

*A prize for the first person to tell me who most famously sampled it on what...eaaaasy.

Monday, 25 August 2008

The first hip hop video to make me cry...

I must live a very sheltered & cozy little life (with no TV) because I'd never even heard about Nelly's Tip Drill video until today despite it coming out in 2003. I have the feeling there are much more horrible videos out there but this is by far the most soul destroying I've ever seen. I'm not about to enter in to the well worn debate surrounding the objectification of women in hip hop videos and porn - and the fact that the line between the two is rather blurry in this video. Don't watch it if you find women inventing new ways to degrade themselves & men finding new ways to delude themselves upsetting.

I'll own up - when I first moved to London aged 18 I kept getting scouted for music videos etc and I went to a couple of auditions. I showed up in about 18 layers of clothing which I refused to take off and barely looked up or smiled - needless to say I decided it wasn't for me pretty quickly.

There are so many things that upset me about this video...but the main thing is the combination of the lyrics and the normalization of black women as cheap, vacant sexual beings and the fact they'll allow themselves to be seen as such. On camera. I'm sure there's reasons for it but I'm not sure they translate across the Atlantic...A friend told me recently about her 5 year old mixed race niece asking her why there weren't any brown princesses, and also that she'd been jiggling her bum to music as little kids do and her mother proclaimed "that must be genetical!". The thought of that little girl ever seeing the countless videos of this nature fills me with dread. Who exactly is going to explain to her why only brown girls seem to be in these videos, why these women would want to do it, and why she shouldn't do it. I just found myself welling up at the thought.

Where are the strong female voices in 2008 who provide a healthy counterbalance to this crap? Where are the Ursula Ruckers, Sarah Jones', Lauryn Hills, Erykah Badus, Missy Elliots, and Jill Scotts of the last 5-10 years? I've been listening to Janelle Monae's Sincerely Jane a lot lately and some of her lyrics sprang to mind -

Teacher, teacher please reach those girls in them videos
The little girls just broken Queen, confusing bling for soul
Danger, there's danger when you take off your clothes, all your dreams go down the drain girl

Are we really living or just walking dead now?
Or dreaming of a hope riding the wings of angels
The way we live
The way we die
What a tragedy, I'm so terrified
Day dreamers please wake up, we can't sleep no more

Janelle is one of the few truly inspirational current female singers I can think of who doesn't sell herself sexually despite being a raving beauty. I've put this up before but it's going back up in case anyone hasn't seen it -

As my own little counterpoint I'm going to give you a download link to Your Revolution by DJ Vadim & Sarah Jones - "your revolution will not happen between these thighs..." and post up the sadly ever relevant (12 years after it was first made) What They Do by The Roots.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Alexander O'Neal - all true man.

Some things in this world can't be explained. My love for Alexander O'Neal is one of them. I understand to everyone else he could be perceived as a fat, sweaty, conk-wearing, creepy, reality TV whore coke head who's probably gay (you might even find him quite scary). To me aged 9 however, he was my future husband. If Kenny Thomas said no. All road trips had to be accompanied by our "This Thing Called Love" album as we yelled all the words to Fake, Criticize and Never Knew Love Like This and bumped through the potholes and police stops on the road from Warri to Benin, Lagos or Port Harcourt. I still know every word, every ad-lib, every weird speaking moment of all those songs. FYI you can't cuss him off too much - he was the lead singer in The Time (with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis) and got signed by Prince. Alex was replaced with Morris Day after he allegedly had a row with the purple one about "looking too black"...

A few years back I got VIP tickets to see him live at the Hippodrome - I can't tell you how excited my sister Katy and I were - and it was probably one of the saddest, most disappointing things I've ever seen. For some reason I was expecting the place to be rammed with screaming fans since he's always been more popular here than the US - there were maybe 50 people there, and it's one of the biggest clubs in the country. The show began with Alex coming up through a hole in the stage, and as he rose from the depths the realisation of how far he'd fallen seemed to hit him. Katy and I were right at the front and determined to make up with enthusiasm what the crowd lacked in numbers. Apparently this only made things worse for Alex because he avoided our side of the stage all night as we sung our little hearts out - we were the only two young black women who knew every word in a (small) sea of uncomfortable middle aged white people who only remembered Fake...I guess that could hurt. By the end of the night he seemed really angry and bitter, had a load of awful drunk women on stage and looked like he'd done loads of coke...a far cry from the days my Mum used to tell me about when he actually had a bed on the stage - he's still to this day the only black singer to ever sell out 6 straight nights at Wembley Arena.

Despite it all - I still love his music. I've never heard an Alexander O'Neal song I don't like and his voice is probably one of my top 5 favourites of all time. If I had the cash I'd buy everyone in the world a copy of his greatest hits. I even have a tough time picking out my favourite 5 AO songs...I think they're; All True Man, If You Were Here Tonight, Innocent, What Is This Thing Called love, and What's Missing. I'm going to post a couple of videos...unfortunately I can't find any where he's not doing really weird and scary over-acting to camera. Thanks Alex.

All True Man (and the only high top perm I've ever seen)

What Is This Thing Called Love (the video isn't going to explain that's for sure)

If You Were Here Tonight (it was 1985 - what?)

Love Makes No Sense (and neither does this video)

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Latifah. Retire. Please.

Just in case you haven't seen the distressingly bad new offering from Queen Latifah - here you go.

This rather cynical little video is so wrong on so many levels I don't know where to begin. I will list my issues with it forthwith.

1. When 2 become 1...

Using the certifiably insane Mariah as your style guide has to mean you are also insane. If anyone were questioning my thinking on Mariah's insanity you clearly haven't heard 'I'll be loving you long time' - no, I didn't make it up and it's featuring LL Cool J (he can join Latifah in the retirement home) and Ghostface (Mr Rent A Verse can join Mariah in the loony bin for this one)

2. Apparently if you're middle aged and not a great singer the best thing to do is try to channel Mary J, loose some weight and have very very shiny blond hair - please see Faith Evans for ref.
NB Miss Evans is about to release a book originally entitled 'Keep The Faith" which details how she cheated on Biggie but not with 2Pac. Whatever. At least she'll make more from it than she ever did singing or sleeping around and she can retire too.

3. There is something really dark and weird about Queen Latifah (a middle aged lady who let's face it probably doesn't have a particular affinity for the gym) dancing around like your aunty trying to be cool, surrounded by weird producer types pretending to like the terrible song, to a back drop of Olympic athletes, whilst singing lyrics that include:

I don't even care no more
That's my word, that's for sure
I don't even cry no more
That's absurd, I'm so cured

I'm so secure with who I is,
oops who I am
And I'm a champion for sure boy
I'm a champ
oh yes I am

(Click here for the full lyrics)

It was clearly written by everyone's favourite - Eli Porter (of "I'm da bes mayne, I diiid it" fame) - just in case you don't know what I'm talking about:



NB I had to get this video off Dailymotion because someone has requested the embeddable link be removed from Youtube...personally I think it was the aliens who have clearly abducted the real Queen Latifah...

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Real talk...

What was the last album you BOUGHT? Not on itunes that doesn't count, not a freebie copy someone gave you - I mean CD or vinyl you paid for and have sitting physically in your house. NB if you're a nerd ass DJ you may not want to join in proclaiming how you spent your rent money this week on vinyl - I'm talking to the people who don't have to acquire music as part of their job.
I'm going to fess up - the only place I now tend to buy music is Amazon and that's to replace much of the music I lost years back (I swear I've bought the Score and Voodoo about 10 times each - I will catch the tief sitting on a mountain of iconic 90s R&B and hip hop CDs one day...actually my first copy of the Score was a tape!) Apart from the CDs I buy direct from artists at shows if we're talking new music the latest I've bought were Bjork - Volta, 4Hero - Play With the Changes and Dizzee Rascal - Maths & English.

There was an article in the Independent on Sunday about the death of album art (click here to read) - how technology is killing it (from LP to CD to itunes to free download) yada yada yada. Volta and Play With the Changes are both exceptionally beautiful fold out CDs with cardboard covers, booklet inserts, and amazing artwork which is why I bought them without hearing a lick. If you've never seen it Bjork has created a website for Volta (and all of her other albums which link back to her main site) and not only has she produced an incredible album, a stunning album sleeve - the costumes for which she had made by designer Bernard Willhelm and knitwear by the Icelandic Love Corporation (see this fabulous page about it specially built in to her website), she has also produced a beautiful website just for the album with additional video art clips called vlips. Check out this article about it and a 'making of' video on She's probably not short of a bob or two but still - the reason she's not is that she's always been ludicrously creative about every aspect of her work. She is a complete artist and I don't believe that the so called constraints of digital music distribution will stop her - they'll feed her. I cannot see myself ever downloading a Bjork album because I consider it a piece of accessible art - I feel privileged to hold it in my hand or place it on my shelf. I hope that she will inspire other artists to do the same and raise their game wherever possible - sales of CDs may be down but sales of art aren't.

The article goes on to mention that there will be an exhibition next month at the University of The Arts London called Spin: The Art of Cover Design...and to be honest I have the feeling I might not see Big Daddy Kane's Long Live The Kane or Ice T's Power - if not who's down to do a little covert after hours exhibition curation with me?

Saturday, 16 August 2008


OK, so the other day I had a slightly unusual request from a PMOIT reader who happens to be a hip hop DJ and was wondering if I could hook him up with some music...I'm not a DJ (I'm too pussy and I hang about with such amazing DJs I wouldn't even want to try) but I would say I'm a bedroom selectah. So I'm going to oblige this request - but it wouldn't be fair not to share it with all the other lovely people who read this blog (thank you thank you love you love you). I can't mix so it's just 21 tunes I'm listening to at the moment, some of it's old (but not old skool), the nerdier among you may have a lot of it, some of it's really obnoxious - sorry about the Obie Trice lyrics but I really only listen to beats (please see Dave Chapelle's 'hit em with a dick, fuck em in the eye' sketch for an explanation), and to be honest I kept all my serious gems for myself (I think I have DJ mentality)...but these are all tunes I'd love to hear out a bit more so I'm putting them out there. If you don't know about Invincible she's my knew favourite thing so I'm going to post the video below the mix.
Click the pic to enjoy!
or click HERE for a really fast download!


Invincible - Sledgehammer!

Friday, 15 August 2008

I love L'il Wayne & Jay-Z's Mr Carter - don't you?

I know, I never thought I'd hear me say those words either - but you have to check this out it's a classic! Make sure you watch all the way to the end.

FYI, this is not about to turn in to a funny videos blog (see the Musiq Soulchild vid below), I'm working on some deepness but in the meantime...


Thursday, 14 August 2008

Take me now Lord....

Okay and my relationship with the radio (no pun'll get it when you watch this video) is a very bad one. In fact, I detest it so much, I've sort to downloading podcasts to block out the sounds of Xfm playing at work - I think I may be going deaf - but ANYWAY.

This is the video from Musiq Souldchild's new album..I'm NOT going to plug this because I'm upset. I feel that the big cheeses at his record label have somehow let Souljah Boy and T-Pain loose on this track. I wouldn't be half surprised if they got the Ying Yang Twins and Lil John on the remix "okaaaaay".

I started watching the beginning of the video and thought...ha ha he's making fun of how everything on the radio sounds......and then it just continued. The visuals are nice, his haircut is very "edgy" - let me not be mean anymore and just post it.

I'm so sorry, lol:

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

mike gao x beatbox x midi x abelton

For those not in the know, Mike Gao is that off-the-wall producer that recently demonstrated how to use headphones and beatboxing to trigger multi-layered MIDI signals using Ableton Live 7.

Download: The Mike Gao Collection

Tuesday, 12 August 2008


I just found this. I really hope somebody does a tribute concert as beautiful and with as much love as this one for Isaac. We seem to be coming to a time where many of the people responsible for the significant changes in black music and civil rights are passing away, certainly many legends of the 60s are reaching an age where perhaps fast living will start to tell on you...I just hope it doesn't take that for us to fully appreciate the people we still have. I'm glad I saw Isaac Hayes, James Brown, Dilla and Lynden David Hall perform all shortly before they died. They were amazing artists who meant a lot to me...I grew up with a strange sense of family about musicians (my Dad shouted 'Uncle Ray!' whenever he saw Ray Charles on TV to the point I really thought he was my uncle), so when they're gone it feels as though a distant part of my family has gone. I hope I don't have to add any more names to that list anytime soon.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Santogold Remix...

Has anyone else seen the episode of Little Britain where Ann clearly has a pre-release copy of the Santogold album and does a rendition of the opening bars from Creator? No? Here you go:

In case you haven't seen Santo's version of it - spot the difference:

In case I get lynched for this post here's a link to Creator - Santogold vs Freq Nasty & Switch.


National Vinyl Record Day - August 12th (Invention of Phonograph)

this Tuesday August, 12th we’ll all have the chance to join in and celebrate Vinyl Record Day. Those begging for a bit of trivia will be happy to know that this also happens to be the day that Thomas Edison invented the phonograph in 1877. According to the Vinyl Record Day website, the concept is behind the celebration is "to preserve the cultural influences, the recordings, and the cover art of vinyl. And to have a good time on Vinyl Record Day."


I was walking past a poster under the bridge in Shoreditch and stopped short - Busta Rhymes at the Albert Hall? Weird. So I had a little dig around - you can't buy the tickets. You can't win the tickets. You can volunteer for them! Check out this link to Orange Rock volunteer 4 hours of your time to a community project and then you get a ticket to see Busta Rhymes at the Albert Hall on September 26th. I think that's a wicked idea and I've already signed up - the project I think I'm on (tbc) is working at Guide Dogs for the Blind in Woodford on August 24th - if you want a seat near your mates you have to volunteer at the same project on the same day as them so if you want to come with me sign up!

*I was going to put up a pic of Busta but I think you know what he looks like.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

This week...

I took a blowtorch to the proverbial candle at both ends. This will be known as the year I gave up sleep.

Before I get in to anything else, Brownswood Bubblers 3 came out. Now, I like the other two, but this one sounds like Gilles has been drinking fire. I didn't get to the whole thing until this morning but I had a heart stopping moment when listening to Mixed Nutz this Saturday on Rinse. YAW - WHERE WOULD YOU BE? IS ONE OF THE MOST INCREDIBLE SONGS I'VE HEARD IN I CAN'T REMEMBER HOW LONG YOU NEED IT IN YOUR LIFE. I want to cry, dance, fly, do things I won't write about here, and somehow exist inside this song...I'll have to settle for putting it on repeat for at least a month. Here it is - Yaw - Where would you be?

I wanted to go to the Roundhouse on Wednesday as mentioned way back when on here for the Jose James (love love love) and Eska (Queen of everything) gig, but best friends birthday meal was more, but I did leave early to go to Deviation. It's official - Deviation is far and away my favourite night in London for so many reasons. The consistency of their wet dream programming, the quality of DJs (if they had Alexander Nut on residency it would be on a whole other level but hey - no hints there), the crowd (no scene kids, just music lovers), I've never had less than an amazing time there. I had a beautiful moment dancing in the dark to Q-Tip with my friends thinking - it's hard to be much happier than this (missing loved ones aside). Vula, Morgan Zarate and Queen Eska made it yet another classic 'oh my god, wtf?!' night.

Thursday I was feeling pretty fragile after getting home at 3am and being at work by 9.30am but a colleague put on Vespertine by Bjork and it was all ok...can I just check you've all heard it? Click the link to listen, it's classic, buy it don't download, you need it on your shelf. One of my top 5 favourite albums of all time, I truly believe if there is a heaven that's what they're bumping. Best times to play it - Christmas with fairy lights, in the bath in the dark, and Frosti is my alarm clock - means I don't mind waking up. I then went out AGAIN to Nuts to Soup at Visions Video bar in Dalston. I would love to know why everyone has started to go out so late? I had to leave at midnight or so - when everyone started to arrive. Highlights - Santee dropped Conscious by Womack and Womack, Alex dropped Sunshowers by Dr Buzzard's Original Savannah Band, and Ed (Mr Wonderful indeed) let me taste his suya and jollof rice (check out Suya Express people) - hold tight boys.

Friday I actually fell asleep in a meeting. Again. Shame. I came home and got in bed at 9pm, carried on with my mission to learn Wordpress CSS code (nerd alert), and checked out blog land - half the music on there put up for free download they can't even give away it's so bad but I did come across a little gem. Here's Would You by Richard Swift.

Saturday I went to DJ Cavalry's house for a mango juice, to raid his Dad's allotment (I was scared I'd get mugged I got so many blackberries), and to listen to his amazing music collection. He's currently working on the mixtape to end them all, bait your breath people. I then headed down to Plastic People for a last minute ting - Benny Blanco of Chaingang and Alexander Nut were DJing with some indie Roisin Murphy/ KT Tunstall sounding live band on before. Hilariously a few PP regulars came down, heard the band and took the entire London hip hop scene with them to a party in Dalston. A couple of the hardcore stayed to watch a bunch of shameless office party types get down to the finest music in London. Spied antics included - trying not to be sick on their own shoes, zombified walking to the booth & staring, soul clapping completely out of tune, begging requests (well done for not laughing in anyone's face gents), and 'seducing' the DJs by shaking non existent booty, squatting to the floor every 30 seconds like you have a urinary issue and waving. It was definitely interesting.

Tonight I'm going to Pause at Market Place -Eric Lau, Fatima Layla & the whole crew's night. The last one was beautiful vibes, very chilled, wicked music, and made my weekend seem pleasantly long and fulfilled. See y'all there.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Is We Stoopid?

“When I create things I almost have to dumb it down a little, because low record sales for me is seen like a failure. The new minstrel movement in hip-hop doesn’t allow the audience to believe the artist is smart. I love Kid A, but I don’t think D’Angelo would be allowed to sing ‘Cut the kids in half’ over and over and be taken seriously. It’d be like, ‘What’s wrong with that boy?’”

Questlove, via Marlon James. Read the full piece here, as Marlon breaks it down...

Friday, 8 August 2008

Thought I'd Share With You....

My boss at work tossed a cd to play in the shop...and i've been banging it out in the mornings for the past month or so (on those very little days i work) American Roots Rock band called Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR)....popular in the late 60's and early 70's....

Thought i'd share some tracks they've been popular for...

They covered Mr Gaye's 'Heard it through the grapevine' which still to this day causes a personally, it's like comparing apples to oranges...2 styles both doing it their own way.....

The original cover lasts over 11's amaaaazing...unfortuanately couldn't find the version anywhere!

And one of my favourites which gets played full blast...

Heard it before? Miss Turner covers the track a few years later...

Somethin' a lil different for your ears...hope ya liked!

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

music of many colours

been looking for this for time! finally found it...

music of many colours

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

First there was Cupcakin, now there's...................

REH DOGG with his latest effort 'Why Must I Cry'

Saturday, 2 August 2008


But which ONE are we?? You decide!! 

I've recently come across two covers of one of my favourite EVER songs, "We Are One" by Maze ft Frankie Beverly... The first cover being being done by Mike Phillips, an amazing Saxophonist with the ability to take your mind and soul on a journey so good, you never want it to end! If I'm not mistaken he came and did a surprise performance along side Vula at the last Lookout! which was simply breath taking. Being someone who used to play the Saxophone, I have a strong penchant for the beautiful, glistening, unmistakable instrument so I'm gonna try not to be bias whilst making my decision. The second cover is by a band I've recently come to love, a band who's urban brass appeal is growing stronger day by day. If you haven't guessed already, I'm talking about the Hot 8 Brass Band. They were at Cargo on thursday and I'm SO pissed I didn't get to go (If anyone did go please don't rub it in, I already know it was amazing). Those of you lost, confused and unfamiliar should get their album "Rock With The Hot 8 Brass Band" if you know what's good for you! 
Riiiiiight, I'm stuck... Although the original title track will forever remain solid as one of my favourites, these two newly discovered covers are doing it for me! Hot 8's rendition gives it that danceable factor that it never had before, which I believe will appeal to the vast majority whereas Phillips' cover stays true to the subtlety and mellowness of the original but still manages to give the kick some may say it was lacking before. Both tracks are amazingly righteous in their own right but I'm failing to make up my mind as to which I prefer. Neither cover have any vocals which is part of why I love the original so much but even without the vocals of Frankie Beverly, the man who claims to have a violin for a voice, the covers still manage to do the original serious justice without offended it in anyway.
I can't decide so I'm gonna leave this one to the public.

In chronological order we have for you...

Which ONE are you?!?!

By the way Maze ft Frankie Beverly are performing at the Hammersmith Apollo come September 21st. It WILL be an indescribable night full of amazing music and good vibes. I have their live albums but never actually seen them live so it will be a great experience for me and anyone who wants to join me so start saving them pennies as tickets are a bit pricey but OH so worth it :D... I swear I will go by myself if need be... This band haven't touched UK soil in how long!? I'm not letting this pass me by and you shouldn't either!


The Making Of... "Scenario"

Oi oi. A quick scrubbing of the feeds this morning yielded a particularly interesting post at Spine Magazine, referencing a hitherto unreleased (pre-release?) version of ATCQ's classic "Scenario" joint. One of those "I know all the words to this and will spout them whenever I hear it played as if I wrote them myself - I'll spit my heart out, united with anyone in the vicinity that feels the same way..." kind of joints.

It's fascinating for me, as someone that loves this track, to be able to hear an early sketch:

Been a while since I posted here. Glad to be back.

Yanga girl


I was making a mix CD with all the amazing deepness I've stumbled across or been sent lately, and it ended up getting way too long and quite African so I decided to split them in two. I've never been a true connoisseur of African music to be honest but I thought I'd share some of my favourites from the last couple of years...luckily for you I don't DJ so this is not mixed, just click the pic or this link to download it.
En hen.

*If you don't understand the name to 'make yanga' is to show off, and 'banga soup' is one of the most popular dishes in West Africa.
Nigerian Pidgin English Dictionary
African recipes


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