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Sunday, 29 June 2008

Roots Manuva. Sexy Chocolate.

I'm feeling the new Roots Manuva video for Buff Nuff...

To watch a nice quality version click here
I saw Roots at Gullyver last night, sadly he didn't have his beautiful long shiny curls out for the occasion. This man however, makes the effort - Randy Watson & Sexual Chocolate, The Greatest Love of All...

Roots - you need to just let your Soooouuuul Glow...

Eric Lau, my Sunday soundtrack...

If you don't have New Territories, you need to go and buy it you're missing out on much Sunday bliss. The lovely Eric Lau has produced a complete gem, featuring the likes of Rahel, Taiwah, Sarina Leah, Tosin, Annabel & Meshcach Brown. My favourites are, um, all of them but particularly Time Will Tell, Confession Lounge & Hope. It might all sound very chilled & sumptuous but just so you know, Eric is a funk infused badman, reflected in some new stuff I've been hearing and his serious impromptu set at Lookout this week.
Don't ask me how but I got my grubby little mitts on the live BBC session they did at Maida Vale - I'm putting up one for you to took forever to pick one but I went with Begin, ft Annabel, Sarina Leah & Rahel.

live live live!!!


NSG ( )



Friday, 27 June 2008

Don't call him Peanut.

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If you know me it's probable you know that Alexander Nut is my favourite DJ. Bar none. I've been wanting to write something about him for a while but it's a tough one, he's a bit of a character. I first became aware of him through the We Love Radio mix CDs he put out a while back...I don't often listen to mix CDs or even download mixes, but these still get heavy rotation & everyone who heard it wanted a copy. Off the back of that I started booking him whenever I got the chance, which wasn't as often as I'd like but I'm working on it. He's a great radio DJ but I've never heard anyone rock a club like him...a typical set might include Sankofa by Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (one of my favourite tunes of all time), he was the first DJ I heard play Tron by Waajeed & Night by Benga, he gave us all a transcendental experience with a D&B Anita Baker Sweet Love remix and somehow he's so good he shuts it down with Pony by's rare I hear a song that's so amazing I feel I have no way expressing it & that's magical - Alex is the only DJ who gives me that feeling with his sets.
If you know him you know he's not always the easiest of people, he doesn't suffer fools and he doesn't have time for any kind of pretense or bullshit. People know who he is but he's so far from being a scene kid, and he has an honesty about him that's probably a bit too real for a lot of people. I get the feeling he says everything he needs to say through music - and there is no one more eloquent than Alex behind the decks. Tomorrow his weekly show Mixed Nutz on Rinse FM every Saturday 1-3pm is featuring the legendary Morgan Zarate (Spacek) and it's going to be ridiculous - turn everything else off, he's going to play the exclusive new Spacek, Eska & Ghostface track. Aaaaaahhh!
First time I heard Alex on radio was a pilot for the show he does now...I'd given up on radio but I wasn't doing anything so I tuned in. 5 minutes later I had pad & pen out noting down every track he played (I think it was the first time I heard Real Thing by Erykah Badu & Madlib and Tron by Waajeed). 10 minutes after that I was texting everybody in my phone they had to drop whatever they were doing & find a radio. It's been like that ever since - don't try and make plans with me on Saturday afternoon 1-3 I'm busy. A couple of weeks back I took my laptop to the toilet I was so worried I'd miss a bit. There, I admitted it.
Background wise I'm not going to say too much - son of Soulfinger, hails from Wolverhampton (don't be a dickhead, he'll rip your face off, he's trained), cut his teeth at Skyline FM, runs the club promotions department at Zzonked, is no longer called DJ Peanut but Alexander Nut, has played venues such as Koko, Fabric & 93 Feet East, is halfway between Serato & vinyl (only uses the former very begrudgingly), recently warmed up for Prince, drinks Appletons and coke, and is making serious underground moves so just watch.

Go to his myspace and download anything you can download - We Love Radio Vols 1&2 (cannot wait for vol 3 due soon), and all the podcasts. *Please note the 20 shout outs a show are to some other girl called Amelia who texts in "tuuunnneee, but please play something shit I have to go out/ eat/ pee" every 10 minutes.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

How We Fall In Love; A 'Put Me On It' poll to satisfy a curious mind

I'm lead to start this post by stating that I have no standards, when it comes to love or art I let myself get whisked away. Whisked until a girl can't be whisked (away) anymore.
I'm still to figure out where my 'point of no return' is located, because I can't remember the point at which I became a musician, or a composer, or a vocalist nor the the times before I fell well deep into music and sonic arts.
I have been digging deep and not so deep. Poking and prodding and turning myself inside out to try and track the little girl with no musical history before the muses took over. I wonder if anyone else is in or curious about this place/frame of mind....

So tell me guys, what are your stories?
What was your journey like?
Who did you meet along the way?
When did you know that you didn't want to do anything else?

I look forward to your responses.


This is just wrong. But damn if it aint funny!

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Currently Listening to...

I've just moved back to my parents house (eek!) which entails...reorganising books...chucking out what-nots...and i had the pleasure of today of going through my cd collection...came out with some real of my favourite albums popped out at me which then resulted in playing the cd on replay most of this glorious sunny day...

The album in question....

The album in question brings up so many sunny memories in secondary school (high school)...then reminds me of one of my favourite Incubus videos...

One of my all time favourite songs of Incubus...i just love the lyrics...So i'll leave this post on this note....

Note: NO RELATION to Pink Floyd's version...TOTALLY different meanings and different times...just happened to have the same title!

Estelle...I'm sorry

Dear Estelle,

Please forgive me for not bigging up talented British talent like yourself but if you'll just watch this video, you'll understand why I'm apologising.

Your loyal fan (and fellow Grenadian)

Gabi xx

Just before and post my fake letter, I'll let you in on something - I really am anti-radio at the moment. My ipod is full of podcasts and random instrumentals that I can rhyme over while I plan my future rap career (Fiddy and Lady Sov better watch OUT). At work they play Xfm which isn't my favourite but I can deal with it.

Anyways, before I divorced my radio I was really into Radio 1's Live Lounge with Jo Whiley (Lupe singing Superstar with Matthew Santos...was simply amazing), and was quite surprised when I saw that Sam Sparro had done a cover of Estelle's 'American Boy'.
I'm not going to go into my views on 'funky white boys who sing like black people' rant because it's not worth is but I love this guy.

I always feel a little bad when a cover of a song sounds better than the original but DAYUM SAM! (Okay, apart from the weird rap part, this song is just dope). White men might not be able to jump but this white boy can SING!

Check it out:

OlivierDaySoul. The Interview.


KILOWATT, the hotly anticipated new album by OlivierDaySoul is released today and Put Me On It caught up with him for an exclusive interview...

Where does the name OlivierDaySoul come from?
Well it started off as Daytona Soul originally. I was toying around with the idea of pairing smooth with a rough edge, however I didn't want it to be like sexual smooth with a bit of thug. Nothing D'angelo-eque. (There can be only one anyways!). I also wanted it to have a bit more of a futuristic ring to it. I kinda like Formula 1; you know those cars are the hallmark of all the advanced technology that goes in to every fast flash car on the market. That’s when Daytona popped up. Close music affiliates and family of mine kept ringin’ in my ear that I should keep my name - Olivier St Louis. I thought otherwise however because it was too smooth and too ‘Francois’ for me. That wasn't the kind of music I was making at the time (I was producing as well as singing). Then one evening during a studio session someone came up with the idea to fuse both names. A hybrid of my birth name and my stage name... and OLIVIERDAYSOUL was born. It hit me like a ton a bricks. I've stuck with it ever since.

You have a really interesting background - Haitian & Cameroonian parents, raised in DC, went to boarding school in England & ended up at Oxford University! How did your heritage & upbringing influence you and your music?
That's a good question. I guess I'd always loved and been surrounded various genres of music. My mother had a couple of Hatian and zook records at home that she used to play, but it was her Sister Sledge, The Brothers Johnson and Anita Baker records that got me singing. Music really became important when I got to boarding school though. I was still quite young at the time and that soothed me best being away from home for so long. Boarding school was also where I got the freedom to hear the parental advisory stuff I knew I couldn’t listen to at home. That was a real growing period for me because between being in an international setting and studying in Europe where there is such an open mind to different genre's of music, I was hearing stuff I know I would have had a filter on if I was hearing it at home. The setting I was around before school in the U.K. normally glorified hip hop and RnB was the music to listen to. Things like house, rock, 2step, dance and garage would have been either been a firm no no or I would have never heard it. Going to University was just an extension of that exposure – that’s when I picked up on stuff like Roots Manuva, Dilla, and Slum Village.

You ended up with a degree in molecular biology - what made you decide you were a singer not a scientist?
Well I was always thirsty for a career in music. I always sang. But coming from a Hatian Caribbean family where every other person is either an MD, lawyer or PhD, music as a career choice was not an option. Which is funny because so many in the family still did music as an extra-curricular. My grandmother and three of my cousins sang opera. I pretty much headed down the science route because of my parents’ ambitions, I was good at the subject and I enjoyed it but it never gave the satisfaction music does.

What's your new album Kilowatt all about?

Kilowatt is about conveying feeling with an acute energy. Whatever is expressed in the music on this album vocally and lyrically I try to do with as raw a sense of interpretation as possible. With the least bit of inhibition as it were, so that it has intensity to it. Whether it’s expressing feelings of sex, fun or fantasy I want to deliver it as uninhibited and as energetically as possible so you can really visualize the music and the song with almost neon colours. Everyone has the capacity to express at such intensity, it’s just certain people need the jump-start to open that up. I feel this is what my album brings you. That kilowatt, that couple of joules of current you need to initiate whatever you got pent up that you just can't seem to release on your own.

A lot of people who've seen you perform live describe your style as really unique & hard to put a finger on - how would you describe your sound?
I would describe my sound as charged variation. I know this sounds weird but it seems like I generate an unbalanced balance I suppose. I like to try and give people a real wonky line to follow. So that they're heads bop but they can't put their finger on what they're listening to. I think it's great because what then happens is they have to give in and say this is Olivierdaysoul.

If we looked at your itunes most played list what would we see?
N.E.R.D.s new album Seeing Sounds, KENNA's track SAY GOOD BY TO LOVE. I love that song. Pharrell and the Yessirs Outta my mind, AVENUE TO Three Way Intersection, and Van Hunt's latest album Popular.

Some people may know about you through your work with Oddisee and the Heralds of Change Mike Slott & Hudson Mohawke - tell us a bit about your collaborations with them...

Oddisee is my man, he's like my brother from another mother. He and I are forever working on music because we often have the same mind set and approach towards music and song production. Hudson and Mike caught wind of my music when hanging with Oddisee, Unknown and Trek Life during their tour in Europe a while back. Those guys played some stuff I'd been working on and I guess it was good enough for Hudson to give me a holler. He passed me a beat and that turned in to BOPGUN. Heralds and I been cool ever since.

What are the major differences for you working as an artist in DC and the UK?
I don’t know if I have quite discovered a significant difference yet. The biggest thing is the U.K. and Europe are a lot more open and supportive of new music. If something has a dope sound to it and isn't necessarily the norm, it seems like the U.K. isn't afraid to grab at it and say YO THIS IS MY ISH if you know what I mean. At home I think music may often times need to have certain reference to something to generate a head nod. Not that they're not open they just need to have a l’il bit more context to get in to it so it seems.

So where's home?
Home is both D.C. and the U.K. That was always my intention. However if we base it on where I'm from it would have to be D.C.

What's next for you?

I’m trying to do as many shows as possbile. Couple collabos could be in the pipe line too - Im talkin to Muhsinha, Tawiah, Eric Lau, Heralds of Change, Rahel, Oddisee, Morgan Spacek and some others I wont mention just yet. And I’m trying to juggle this with work on a sophmore album follow up! We'll see how it all pans out - everyone's just gonna have to stay tuned!!

I was supposed to pick my favourite 3 songs from the album for you to listen to - see side bar - but I only managed to narrow it down to my top 6 - apologies.
For you lucky readers here's a download link to Brain - the serious banger that's got us bouncin' like a pogo stiiiiick!

To lower the tone further - I'm going on the town in Walthamstow...

I LOVE Gene Kelly. If I wasn't trying to seem normal and even a little cool I would admit that when it rains & I'm alone I dance down the street singing extracts from 'Singing in the Rain'. But of course I'm not to about to admit that.

The sixth annual McGuffins Open Air Cinema takes place in Walthamstow town centre on Saturday July 12th from 8pm and they're putting on 'On the Town' and absolute MGM Gene Kelly Oscar winning classic. It also stars Frank Sinatra, Betty Garrett and features some of Hollywood's most celebrated dance sequences and routines. The film follows the exploits of three young sailors looking for love on an eventful day's shore leave in New York - you've probably seen bit's of it. But you haven't seen it at a free outdoor cinema on a giant screen in Walthamstow Gardens! It's going to start with a live performance by the John Garfield Swing Band performing classic songs of the period including their own tribute to Frank Sinatra...

I know we write a lot about hip hop on here but I'd go insane if that was all I listened to...Doobey doop doo, dobadoobeydoop doobey doo....

Kobe, tell me how my ass tastes


nice to see shaq's rapping has not improved over the years since can we rock

Monday, 23 June 2008

José James. The Dreamer.

...I saw him live very briefly at the Brainfeeder thing last week and even though it really wasn't the right space for it his voice has been haunting me ever since. I'm having this weird problem - do you ever encounter music that's so special if you just go to the shop and buy it then it's all over? I can't even imagine downloading it, that would be like nicking a diamond necklace then always knowing it was dodgy and in reality - cheap. I will go and buy it soon but for now I'm just going to listen to snippets online and build up to it a little...

I have mentioned it before but he's playing the Roundhouse on 6th August alongside the legendary Eska Mtungwazi.

Pay Jay

Who's Biting J Dilla's Beats?

Hip-hop producer's legend ascends posthumously; estate struggles to maintain control
Wednesday, June 18, 2008 - 12:00 pm

No art form lionizes its fallen quite like hip-hop. Forget Biggie and 2Pac. Their reputations were sealed the moment the doctors zipped the body bags — though, to be fair, few can argue against their posthumous crowning in the pantheon. More telling is the postmortem red carpet rolled out for Big L and Big Pun, two prodigiously talented artists who released a mere single great album each, (* k notes - I would say Big L actually had 5 if you count both lps plus D.I.T.C., The Unseen Picture and The Archives 1996-2000) dying before they had a chance to ruin their reputations with the inevitable 2005 Houston bounce track. No, in hip-hop, molehills are turned into mountains, with even lesser talents like Dipset flunky Stacks Bundles earning a spate of po-faced eulogies and a prominent “R.I.P. Stack B, Ima keep you alive, kid” shout-out from Lupe Fiasco on last year’s The Cool.

J Dilla is a different case. Unlike the aforementioned names, when the 32-year-old beat-maker/rapper, born James Yancey, passed away at L.A.’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in the winter of 2006 (due to a cardiac arrest stemming from complications related to Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura, a rare and incurable blood disease), he was neither savior nor supernova. Instead, he was an underground legend in those pre-Internet days, when the term actually meant something. Racking up a string of left-field hits capable of stacking up against any producer of the late ’90s/early ’00s, Dilla quietly dropped bombs working with the Pharcyde (“Runnin’”),” De La Soul (“Stakes is High,” “Itsoweezee”), A Tribe Called Quest (“1nce Again,” “Find a Way”), Erykah Badu (“Didn’t Cha’ Know,”), and Common (“The Light”). Meanwhile, with Janet Jackson, Dilla had his only brush with mainstream success, carving Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi” into the lean proto-chipmunk soul of “Got Til It’s Gone,” his only single to ever reach the Top 40. In what would become a pattern, Dilla never saw full credit, with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis “mistakenly” getting credit in the liner notes. Nonetheless, the track’s sonics directly influenced the next generation of crate-diggers, with Just Blaze, 9th Wonder and a certain college dropout all taking notes.

Like most great producers, Dilla’s mike skills couldn’t match his otherworldly ear, but he still managed to amass a respectable discography as one-third of Slum Village (whose Fantastic, Volume 2 is often regarded as a subterranean classic); a Jaylib collaboration with Madlib; and Welcome 2 Detroit, an uneven solo effort. Cumulatively, it wasn’t as eye-popping as it was a portent, a start to what would inevitably have made for a first-ballot Hall of Fame career, considering Dilla’s notoriously rigorous work ethic.

He died the same week that L.A.-based Stones Throw released Donuts, an impossibly soulful trip of head-nodding, hip-hop instrumentals that served as a gorgeous, plaintive requiem. It was also Dilla’s finest work,earning him the 2007 Plug Independent Music Awards for Artist of the Year and Producer of the Year. Donuts’ greatness and the sentiment engendered by Dilla’s passing helped to kick-start construction of the Church of James Yancey.

In the short span since, Dilla’s stature has increased exponentially, both critically and commercially. His higher-profile collaborators have ceaselessly kept his name alive, with Badu, the Roots and Common dedicating songs and/or entire albums to his memory and constantly praising him in lyrics and interviews. In turn, a new generation of producers and rappers has started taking cues from Dilla’s sound, chief among them two of hip-hop’s brightest stars: Black Milk, a fellow Motown native who got his start working with Slum Village; and Jay Electronica, a Badu-affiliated New Orleans native who has gotten the Internet crazy by kicking fierce rhymes over long-lost Dilla beats. To say nothing of the hordes of MySpace MCs aping Dilla’s style and in the process discovering what Kanye West found out on Finding Forever: how inherently difficult it is to mimic Dilla’s twisted alchemy of tweaked-out soul samples, black mountain drums and twinkling keys.

But as successful as the deification has been, the budding Dilla empire has foundered, thanks to astronomical health bills, which forced Dilla to go into hock with the government and die with high six-figure IRS debt and few tangible assets — save for a few hard drives of beats and a publishing deal with Universal Music. Ironically, as Dilla’s stock is at an all-time high, the executors of his estate have been bedeviled by a one-two punch: scrambling to pay his tab while fighting rampant Internet piracy of his material, both aimed at the ultimate goal of providing an inheritance for his two young daughters. “It’s frustrating,” says Arthur Erk, the estate’s executor and Dilla’s former business manager. “People have been cropping up left and right, trying to make money off Dilla’s name and likeness. There was something called the Dilla Foundation, which doesn’t even exist legally, yet it was trying to host charity events, claiming authorization from the estate. If there weren’t young children involved, we’d give up. No one needs this type of aggravation.”

Enforcing copyright in the Internet age is a Sisyphean task, and trying to protect one of the first big names to die young in the RapidShare world, Dilla’s estate has been beset with a dilemma that figures to plague families of all prematurely deceased musicians henceforth.

Explains Erk: “The problem is that Dilla was friendly with a lot of people — many of whom I know, many of whom I don’t ­— and there have been dozens of bootleg situations we’ve had to expend estate cash on to shut stuff down. If we don’t, it cheapens the value of his brand. We’re trying to protect his legacy and his heirs.”

Keeping track of the wealth of Dilla beats floating around the Web is practically impossible. Most notably, Busta Rhymes released a free Dillagence mixtape last year, featuring an introduction from Dilla’s mother, a matter that Erk claims is currently in mediation. This April, the recording masters of Pay Jay, Dilla’s never-released MCA record, were illicitly leaked to the Internet, sabotaging an estate plan to rerelease them at a yet-to-be-determined date. In a last-ditch effort to assert control over the heavily pirated material, the estate recently took out a full-page ad in Billboard, informing the industry that the only person, including friends and family, legally authorized to execute transactions or make any decisions regarding the commercial use of Dilla’s name, music, merchandise, photographs, video appearances, artwork, etc., is Erk.

“We’re not sure how many Dilla beats are floating around,” says Micheline Levine, Dilla’s former lawyer. “It’s been an absolute nightmare. [Erk] and I have been working without fees, and neither of us dreamed that copyright infringement would be so extensive and harmful to the estate. We’re trying to get the message out to third parties, who may in some convoluted way think they’re helping out the heirs but are really depriving them of income.”

A Dilla tribute is tentatively planned, as are several lawsuits against copyright infringers; both actions are meant to deliver at least a modicum of income beyond the modest royalties. With the gospel of Dilla secure and reasonably certain to grow, his legacy and brand certainly have the potential to provide for his children. Whether or not they do lies in his empire’s efficacy in striking back.


I feel I need to go buy all the Dilla stuff I downloaded now, you should too...

but one thing you won't be able to buy is this;

Jaylib vs J-Rocc

Stones Throw Fan Club 45 #6 is J-Rocc of the World Famous Beat Junkies mixing the best of J Dilla & Madlib's beats from recent years.

The Jaylib Vs. J-Rocc 45 is not for sale.

Uhh...aren't you supposed to battle rap not battle blog?

50 year old Tracy Lauren Marrow AKA Ice T just posted a video on Youtube about 17 year old Soulja Boy.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong but if you have beef aren't you supposed to battle each other on record? Ice T talks about how he doesn't have to make another rap record (he hasn't since 1999 unless you count 2006's bomb Gangsta Rap which most would choose to ignore) and how much cake he has. I thought as a real OG he would have been the first to respond in the time honoured fashion, not telling some little kid to watch Youtube, and watch the blogs?! At the very least it's a good excuse to get your wife to roll out some dental floss & make a new album cover...I wonder what would have happened if 2Pac, arguably one of the greatest battle rappers of all time, was still alive today...R.I.P.

Feel Meh!

Sunday, 22 June 2008

OutKast. The real kings of the South.

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I couldn't care less what T.I., Rick Ross, L'il Wayne or anyone else has to say for themselves - OutKast will always be the kings of the South to me. I've been listening to them a lot again lately, I'm missing them...most of the current cohort of Southern rappers are missing the intelligence, funk and fun that for me marks the difference between some humourlessinanehomogenisedgangsterbollocks that I find virtually unlistenable and the beautifuluglyhypercreativedirtysouthsoundscapes I'll listen to forever. I'm not technically qualified to say that in some eyes because I'm not from there but for me music is universal - I don't feel ownership or more connection because music is from a particular place, if it's instrumental or if it's in a language I don't speak - I just get it or I don't.

All I know is they have one album left on the LaFace contract which is meant to be happening after solo projects. It could be a bit of a wait. I'm going to put up a couple of my favourites from OutKast & the Dungeon Family in case god forbid you haven't got them...

Rosa Parks
from Aquemini (obv)- my favourite OutKast track of all time.
I Can't Wait, Sleepy Brown ft OutKast from the Barbershop 2 soundtrack
Get Rich to This by the Goodie Mob, I've been dancing around my room secretly to this for almost 10 years, sorry but Cee-Lo can do no wrong in my eyes. Dungeon Fam for life babay!

Saturday, 21 June 2008

I don't want it - if it's brand new!

I haven't seen anything really new that's made me go rah! for a while. Here's some old -new stuff I am feeling.

Pharoah Monch threw a couple of verses over Erykah's The Healer - maybe this means I'll hear it in a club?! It's not too slow, don't argue. Practice your moves with it - click here *No idea why they just get bored & fade it out at the end but you get the drift, sorry!

Here's a guy called Shawn Jackson I know very little about but quite like. This album cover's saying something to me even though it's a little bit contrived - I just like its old skool vibe & the Marvin reference.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Here's his video - Feelin' Jack...correct, I am feelin it.

?uestlove has a new BLOG on okayplayer. Nothing new about him or okayplayer but this post made me love him all the more...

….for real nigga’s who aint got no feelins…
By ?uestlove
Posted in Uncategorized, take it personal

its 5:21am.
and i don’t know how to cry anymore.
that shit depresses me to no end.
this aint some being mellowdramtic to be mellowdramatic shit.
i want to cry.
i was taught long ago that if i enter this game of constant competition
and competitiveness and dog eat dogness and getting your soul sucked
and 25 hour workdays and long un-approving looks in the mirror and anxiety
and constant judgment—i better numb the shit outta myself.

i mean i saw no harm in that.

sheeeeit if anything it borderline helped my sanity all the years that i too was wondering
“what the fuck we gettin slept on for”*

but now? i dunno.

Lastly my favourite of the bunch - Janelle Monae. Been around for a little while but I haven't heard much about her over here. This girl is incredible quite frankly - ignore the rest of the post if you must and just watch this...

Maybe I'm getting old.

Friday, 20 June 2008

If I have to read all this crap so do you

I'm about to post a nice little blog with some gems I'll have sifted through, uploaded to easy to get to sites etc for you in a sec. First of all, I feel I should share some of the bollocks I sifted through to find it. - (they're not bollocks) currently have a blog post entitled:
The Search For The Biggest Douchebag In Hipster Rap , which speaks to me. They're far more harsh than I am but I see their point - they list L'il Mama - Lipgloss, Kid Sister - Pro Nails, M.I.A. - Paper Planes, The Cool Kids - Black Mags (I quite like that), Kidz in the Hall - Driving Down the Block (fuck, I quite like that too), and Lupe Fiasco - I gotcha. FYI The Cool Kids are winning. I, however have got all that stuff beat! Check this out - I thought it was a spoof at first but I'm not sure...
Buff 1 (yeah right haha) - Beat the Speakers Up (just not very convincingly)

Someone thought it would be a good idea to do Portishead vs Joe Budden. Why? Get it here if you can be arsed. I seem to have downloaded it but can't be bothered to press play.

I got all excited when I heard there was a rapper out names Plies - was hoping he had something to do with ballet but then I am a weird dance nerd. (If you don't know to plié is to bend in ballet). I've just read that part of Freakonomics about why crack dealers live with their mums so this song seems rather apt...wonder if he reads it when doing his port de bras...

Lastly, this Tabi Bonney dude from Togo (via DC). I don't understand why he shot this video in Togo - watch it on silent or with a really good song on top and fall in love with West Africa - it's crazy but beautiful.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

last night - kidz in the hall + atmosphere + brother ali

Ok I am not too much of a fan of KOKO, but free shit is good shit right? (thanks James!) and I am most definitely an Atmosphere fan and I have grown to like Brother Ali.

Rewind to the last Atmosphere - Brother Ali gig at Koko last year, was hyped, been to all the last Atmosphere shows, so yeah I'm a fan right? had not heard Brother Ali's material back then so just knew he was hyped but was unknown ground to me. Lots of kids up in the place, felt mad old (yeah yeah, I know I am, thanks amelia, shan, cav, et al). The sound was pretty bad, I mean I couldn't really make out the words on Atmosphere songs I knew! And Brother Ali was just a big shouty mess to me. The only track of his I could understand was the acapella. Anyways to say I wasn't feeling it and was disappointed and felt like I wasted my money was an understatement.

So I had mixed feelings about going this time, no that's not true, i was not prepared to pay for a ticket and had no intention of going, then i get the hook up and figure what the hell, it would be rude not to.

Got there a bit early, alone, nothing happening yet. Met my boy, he introduced me to some girls then went to do his biz, girls had heard kids in the hall and liked them, i couldn't really comment. was kinda impressed with the back up mc/dj/sampler/drummer Double-O and his multi tasking on mic, laptop, sampler, drum pad and the mc Naledge definitely has skills, not quite sure if they had enough fans in the room to make their energetic show work as well as it would in say a smaller venue, later at night. but hey they were pretty good and brought it home at the end. "put both hands up! like the police told you..."

Ok so on the the main act...

Now like I said, I'm a fan, i must admit midwest male 30s angst rap talks to me, but was disappointed with the last show and KOKOs sound bites in my opinion. by now i had met up with fellow guestlisters, LOOKOUTS! door girls friend and flatmate, who both were kind enough to remind me that I'm old. what's up girls? chill. at least men look good ageing... psych!

Anyways what can i say... I haven't heard the new lp too much, and I do like all the old stuff, so I couldn't exactly sing along but the sound was most definitely better, slug and brother ali seem to have a better synergy on stage now, as opposed to ali just supporting atmosphere they did a mix of atmosphere songs, ali stuff giving shine to each other and backing up each other when needed.

I could actually make out what ali was saying this time and having listened to his lp was appreciating it much more, Uncle Sam Goddam was dope live... welcome to the united snakes...

Slug did finish with Trying To Find A Balance which is a favourite of mine...

So yeah, go beg, borrow, steal or hell, even buy these lps...

Legal free shit cos them boys got it like that...

Atmosphere has decided to leak the lead single off of their upcoming full length album, "When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold" for your listening pleasure. Download it. Share it. Pass it around.

Slug says;

"as a way to thank all of our supporters, ant and i have put together this party favor.

it's called "strictly leakage." thirteen songs to chase away the winter doldrums.
free and downloadable at either of these links: (Right Click and Save as...) (Mirror)

it's great for first dates, crappy houseparties, or to play in the backround while you google yourself again.

is downloadable a word? what's a doldrum?

nonetheless, thank you for the love, and please have a happy safe holiday.

oh yeah, i almost forgot, "sad clown bad winter 11" is available now, and a new album from atmosphere, "when life gives you lemons, you paint that shit gold" will be available on april 22, 2008."

and for those of you in a breeding way, check the deluxe edition which includes a 40 page gold embossed hard cover book featuring an illustrated children's story written by Slug. Hell I may have to buy one for my collection of hip hop crossover kids books, already got Qberts and Kid Koala's, who'da thunk it!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008


a few weeks ago i saw blak twang live for the 1st time(yes ,i dont know what took me so long....)one word:WOW.........

Paul Gilroy is a badman...

I've been helping organise a debate called Sounds of Political Freedom for the Urban Enterprise Network recently, and the main reason I said yes was Paul Gilroy was on the panel. If you don't know about him please find out - to jog your memory he wrote The Black Atlantic & Ain't No Black in the Union Jack - he also took up a tenured post at Yale University where he was the chair of the Department of African American Studies and Charlotte Marian Saden Professor of Sociology and African American Studies. Badman.
When they opened up to the floor I put my hand up as always, then started sweating realising I would now have to speak in front of my hero...I felt that the panel's viewpoints on such things as; technology fragmenting us & our musical culture, how the record shop brought people together, the idea that Africa is a prime producer of political music and that artists have a responsibility to lead debate were all a bit narrow. So I made my point, which went a little something like this:

"I'm one of those naughty downloaders, I don't have a TV or listen to mainstream radio, but I do run an online music blog and live music events. 5 years ago I dated a DJ and was too nervous to go in to a record shop - the attitude was very male and 'what's this girl doing in here, what does she know?'. The internet has enabled me to do find music I wouldn't have before, to research it and have the tools to find out without being fed - I do my homework. In a way I think we are discovering artists in a more 'pure' way because we aren't being told to like them, we're finding them for their music. I wouldn't have been able to put on some of the nights I have without the internet because I wouldn't have been able to contact the artists - and most of them you won't hear on mainstream radio but hundreds of people still came because of the music.
Secondly, when I go home to Nigeria no one wants to listen to Fela anymore, they think I'm mental if I do, they want to listen to 2Face Idibia. I agree with Paul, and think that artists are often very reactionary - if something is affecting you directly then you'll say something. Otherwise, as Beth said, we're pretty lazy and we might not feel the need to. I think the States is a prime example of hip hop artists making "political" music in reaction to events right now. Hurricane Katrina provoked responses such as Katrina Klap from Mos Def and Kanye West saying on live TV "George Bush doesn't care about black people" - he may not be a leader of the people but he does have a huge stage to make his point on. Also, the Obama campaign has artists making a lot of "political" music - from Will I Am's huge celebrity led internet campaign to smaller artists like Cody Chestnutt & Flying Lotus all making their point..."

I was shaking like a leaf at this point & worried I'd say something really dumb so I shut up, but I did get a big clap, haha. I didn't realise I said so much, felt like 2 seconds, oops. Anyway, I just felt inspired by Paul - everything he said was so interesting and I just wanted to share the moment with you that I got to agree with one of my biggest heroes.

If you go to the states....

So now I hear there's gonna be a party calendar on the website, which reminds me, when I was in the states this year, a friend of mine gave me the heads up on this website. It pretty much sorted me out for the whole week I was there. It has great taste in parties, and covers major cities in the states.

So even if you wind up there without a guide, this will give you a good starting point.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Album of the week. A really original concept.

I'm getting interactive on your asses. It's very simple - you vote, the album artwork goes up in the blog header for a week. It's a work in progress. I've kicked off with Los Angeles by Flying Lotus in honour of the Brainfeeder 'festival' (one room & vouchers for beer?!) yesterday. My favourites - Melt!, GNG BNG & Camel. I actually featured a couple on here way back when & now it's been released so I hope you've all bought (not downloaded!) it.
I've given you a hefty list of choice releases from May & June for next week since I don't know how up on them you won't always be new releases - feel free to make suggestions, write reviews, suggest your own album every week etc etc...

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Jus another day in the life of you're average goddamn boss...

Push da hoes out of bed & get up. Check beard. Eat breakfast - cheese steak wit extra cheese. Check beard. Take a shower, comb beard. Root through safe & choose which chain. Check beard. Have entourage pack 200 rolexes for da journey ahead. Check beard. Drive to soundcheck in da biggest Chevy you've seen thus far - (give out rolexes to the police cavalcade who now seem to follow me everywhere I go). Check beard. Call beard stylist for da daily update, check my beard is da biggest he's seen thus far. Take some hoes back to da crib (via Rolex to pick up supplies). Check beard. Freak in da magnum until a bitch starts trying to braid my beard - hop out da magnum & pull out da magnum, pop dat bitch. Check Beard. Pop dat other bitch too - how she gone cross out a Freeway neck tattoo & get my name underneath?! Check beard. Eat the biggest burger that I've seen thus far. Check beard. Drive back to the show in the blacked out Maybach with the customized Boss license plates & rims - (da police still pull me over for them rolexes - must be dat lame l'il homie fresh outta jail in his old jeep working with 'em is how they know it's me in the car). Check beard. Showtime - I'm a tell these people who da biggest boss that they seen thus far is.

A day in the life of Rick Ross's manager...

Call police to tell them where Mr Ross will be traveling today. Check results of Mori poll survey commissioned by the Hip Hop Managers Association-
beards for resize

Call L'il Waynes manager - re-assure him that Wayne should NEVER grow a beard (hope he doesn't detect fear in voice). Call bank & check 20% from police department has cleared. Call Mr Ross's chef & check he has started using the new super strain of msg & hydrogenated trans-fat seasoning in all of his meals. Call Mr Ross's doctor & check his blood pressure is going up. Call PR press clipping service for any new potential 'beef' developments. Burn the birthday present Mr Ross sent (a Tshirt emblazoned 'I work for da biggest boss you've seen thus far').
Freeway - threat number 1
David Banner, threat number 2
The Ying Yang twins - not a threat individually but together could prove problematic
Probably not a threat to mr Ross but ?uestlove certainly is hirsute...

Rick Rubin - possibly the biggest threat of all...

Go home before lunch.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

I'll sleep when winter comes. This summer's going to be crazy.

I'm about to just splurge all over this page.

Here's what I'm listening to right now - download & dance round your room with me.

Cody Chestnutt (yes, he's back and I'll bet he still looks good in leather). AfrObama!

New Busta Rhymes - Why you breathin like that? (I can't help but shake it to this)

Old Lupe Fiasco ft Gemini, prod. by Boogz - Gangsta's Groove. (It sounds dated but it is so I'm with it. I actually prefer Lupe's old flow, gives me that 'uh!' face.

OK, random stuff I have to tell you about that's coming up:

I'm skint but seriously considering saying fuck it and going to the Worldwide Festival 3-5th July in the south of France. Gilles is a badman. Cinematic Orchestra, Laurent Garnier, Madlib, Sebastien Tellier, Pascal Comelade, Breakestra, Henrik Schwarz, Benga, zero dB, Pilooski, Little are £75 aka rien, is anyone else down?!

If you missed it at the Manchester Festival last year Monkey: Journey to the West, the brainchild of Chen Shi-Zheng, Damon Albarn & Jamie Hewlett has just gone on sale at the Royal Opera House.

I hope you've put in your competition entry for free tickets to the Itunes festival in July. I'm going to in a sec but can't decide between Chaka Khan & Jamie Lidell?!

Date for your diary - free 50 year celebration of Bossa Nova Festival happening on the Southbank Sunday 6th July 1-7pm headlined by Nouvelle Vague.

2 must see gigs at the Roundhouse this summer:

Soil & Pimp Sessions
14th July

Jose James with back up from Eska
6th August

I wasn't going to go to Big Chill, but they keep adding to the line up & it's killing me. In no particular order: Roisin Murphy, Random Dance, Orchestra Baobab, Still Black Still Proud Tribute to James Brown (inc. Manu Dibango, Cheikh Lo & Tony Allen), Heritage Orchestra, Matthew Herbert Big Band, Little Dragon, Benga, Flying Lotus, Roots Manuva & MK, Benji B, Daedelus, DJ Vadim, Nitin Sawhney, Lemn Sissay, The Light Surgeons and Ty. I think I might have to - anyone?

Who's up for Hip Hop Kemp 22-24 August? I heard a couple of decent people are playing, you know, like the Roots.

I'm going to have to sell some organs to do all of this but it'll be worth it. Add to the list people - if you know about something amazing we can't miss let us know! See you at Brainfeeder tomorrow (well, today since I'm typing late).

Friday, 13 June 2008

Dirty old town, dirty old town...

I grew up in many places - it went Oxford, Brighton, Warri (Delta State, Nigeria), Oxford, Shoreham By Sea, London. Of all of those places Shoreham was the worst. It was the kind of place where many of it's inhabitants had never gone on the epic (15 minute) train journey to Brighton because it was too expensive and frightening. Think Little Britain/ League of Gentlemen - their most popular band was called 'Local's Only'. As you can imagine my sister and I had many interesting adventures there and were known as 'Cleopatra Comin Atcha' (we had braids). We were also informed that we resembled Whoopie Goldberg, Busta Rhymes and poo. Lovely place.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Well today Ty posted a note about a website with a page entitled BLACK CELEBRITIES WHO DIED WITH LITTLE OR NO FANFARE. On it was this article:

Doreen Waddell, a former vocalist with the groups Soul II Soul and KLF, died in a traffic accident, apparently after running from a store where she had been accused of shoplifting, police said. She was 36.

Waddell died March 1, 2002 after she was hit by cars on a highway in Shoreham in southern England, Sussex police said. It took several days to identify her body.

Police said it appeared she had been running from a supermarket after being confronted about shoplifting. She was struck by three cars on the nearby A27 highway and was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Goods from the store were found scattered across the road.

Waddell, who used the stage name Do'reen, sang on the influential British dance band's best-selling 1989 album "Club Classics Volume I'' and was lead vocalist on the songs "Feel Free'' and "Happiness."

Further research reveals she was chased from Tesco at the Holmbush Centre (my sister used to work at M&S there), and that she had to be identified by finger printing she was so badly injured. It does seem we all look the same to people in Shoreham though. I actually left in 2001 for Uni but my sister was still there - we never heard about it, it's a tiny place and quite literally NOTHING ever happens there. We were also big fans of Soul II Soul. All I can find is this article in the Argus (local rag chatting her business) If that's not little or no fanfare I really don't know what is.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Szjerdene can SING. In case you didn't know.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I have no problem with Duffy, Adele, Winehouse (yes I've seen the latest but that's another post I can't be arsed to write) etc etc singing soul music. However - I am concerned about the gaping hole in the industry where all the successful black artists should be doing their thing too...well, luckily Szjerdene has arrived to sort it out. I've heard about her & listened on myspace but never seen her live. Tonight I did. If nothing happens in the UK with talent like this in the near future I'm moving country, it would be too unbearable. This girl can SING.

Favourite lyric: What am I doing now? Yamming on some forbidden fruit...
taken from Damaged Goods. Sorry if I misquoted that but it resonated with me & my mental faculties went a bit hazy at that point.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008


apparently wal-mart made nas change the title...

this is blowing up all over all the blogs right now, I believe it's just a teaser to promote the album and you can't buy this anywhere so it's not infringing any copywrite. not listened to it yet myself but I'm very interested to hear, and a mike tyson track produced by salaam remi? and a richard pryor outro? gotta be dope...

the Nigger Tape - Nas and DJ Green Lantern (download)

1. Intro
2. Gangsta Rap rmx.(Prod by Dj Greenlantern)
3. Cops Keep Firing (Prod. By Dj Greenlantern)
4. Hero (Prod by Polow Da Don)
5. Black President (Prod. By Dj Greenlantern)
6.Association (feat. and Prod. by Stic Man of Dead Prez)
7. Legendary (Mike Tyson)..(Prod by Salaam Remi)
8. Ghetto rmx feat. Joell Ortiz (Prod by Dj Greenlantern.
9. Seen it All (Green Mix)
10. Esco Let’s Go (Full Song).(Prod by Dj Khallil)
11. N.I.G.G.E.R. (Slave and Master). (Prod by Dj Toomp)
12 “Be a Nigger too” rmx feat. Dante Hawkins (Prod. by Dj Greenlantern)
13. Surviving the times (Original Cool and Dre Version)
14. Nas Timeline mixed by Statik Selektah (Nararated by Nas)
15. Outro feat. Richard Pryor

Two extremely dope free resources in London - check them out.

I realise London is full of them but today I discovered...


What it says on the tin but to expand: There is a lot of music in the public domain which has fallen out of copyright however a lot of it is tied to physical media (e.g. gramophone records) and locked away in archives or private collections which are not widely accessible. The Open Music Archive aims to digitise as much of this music as possible in order to free it from the constraints of a physical collection. It's open to anyone and they're trying to expand it all the time. Dope.


THOUSANDS of films, television programmes and archive footage of Britain you probably can't see anywhere else...just ring up or show up if you feel like it, book a HUGE screen, and enjoy.

I love London.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Because I Know Amelia LOVES Reggae

We all know deep down you have an unquestionable love for genre that has moulded many others! Don't fight what you know is true!!

I'm gonna come round and we can spark up the chalice to this-No belt buckle included.

Why I don't like reggae...

Contentious I know but it's true. People have the same look on their faces as when I tell them I don't drink alcohol or like strawberries - utter horror and incomprehension. I will explain but first - I would like to say for the record that last time I checked we were all free to have our own personal tastes - this is one of mine.
I have grown up predominantly in England. My Mum is Scottish and my Dad was Nigerian - I don't have any Caribbean family. Growing up a large part of my experiences with reggae were as follows: sun comes out (for 10 minutes). White people decide to have barbecue (NB this is just my experience not the whole picture I'm describing). Requirements for a successful barbecue - beer and reggae. Possibly sausages. Drunken renditions of Redemption song follow.
Please see extreme German example below.

I am well known for not liking reggae, however this weekend I braved it at Stokefest and entered the reggae tent. There I stayed for a whole hour, such is my love for my friends. Here are my observations: Reggae always sounds much better on a huge soundsystem. Reggae also sounds better when you are surrounded by people from Grenada, St Vincent, Dominica and various other Caribbean Isles who have fantastic dancing skills. Reggae seems to attract an amazing number of very sweaty, pale, topless men and rotund red ladies with missing front teeth. It also seems to attract a number of very hungry looking young men keen to introduce themselves to you with their belt buckles first. I think. Reggae has a very unique smell. I could go on however I had to leave at this point due to a large number of expensively dressed middle class 12 year olds rolling herbal cigarettes and shouting 'Mmm yah!Pass the lighter blud' - reggae apparently affected their spacial awareness.

*To clarfiy - I find reggae too slow and I don't connect with it. I especially don't like Roots Reggae and remixes of Take That songs with 'Jah' substituted for 70% of the words. I'm not keen on dub or ska either. I'm not a fan of trustafarians or their bongos. I do like ragga/ dancehall. I respect many reggae artists and you can't dislike Bob Marley. I also like Aba Shanti man. I am aware you now think I am a music heathen - especially since I listen to hip hop (yes Kool Herc started it so reggae gave birth to hip hop). I just don't really like it. Sorry.

Friday, 6 June 2008

the truth is you can't hide from the truth

and the truth is i'm mad hungover from free drinks in my work bar last night where i was spinning some tunes and got props from my colleagues. made me go digging through some mixes to give to peeps and to cushion my sore head...

no tracklist so i've just written what i know a brief listen

change my mind - latryx
duel of the iron mic - el michaels affair
hater - various production
thriller - instrumental funk cover version
last bongo in belgium - incredible bongo band
ghetto - ? cant remember
can't take it no more - ?
no good - plan b
? - el michaels affair
stop the rain - average white band
some dicso thing
just be good to me - S.O.S. band
? - latryx
the truth - handsome boy modelling school
take me with you - lyn christopher
one on one - smut peddlers
back like that - ghostface
midnight - down tempo mix - un cut
Running Away / Love Will Bring Us Back Together - Roy Ayers Ubiquity
flowers - ?
? - jaylib
cold world - gza
one day lover - supermaxx
the r - eric b & rakim
? - alice russell
great live caper - j rawls
some french thing
me playing with the delay effects on my mixer

Thursday, 5 June 2008

1989. CLASSIC.

The sandwich shop I went to for lunch made my day today - they were playing the Mac Band Roses are Red from 1989 - so much amazing RnB pop came out that year. I'm going to post my highlights right here and I don't care if you judge me - I'm still dancing around my room to all of it.

The Mac Band, Roses are Red - 4 brothers, and a very lost modern dancer.

Paula Abdul - Cold Hearted Snake. Fit.

Bobby Brown - My Prerogative. You can't tell me what do - I'm a smoke this crack if I want tooooo...oh!

Neneh Cherry - Buffalo Stance. First rap I ever learned. Still know it.

Come on girls! Do you believe in love? Well I've got something to say about it - and it goes a little somethin' like this... (*this should have been on the sex in the city soundtrack not bloody Fergalicious)

Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation. I have not words.

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal. Not the official video - the section from Moonwalker. If you don't still have scars from trying to do the lean you need to get some.

*no greater proof that competition breeds champions.

OK I have dances to go and re-learn.

Hot tips for the future...

Somethings up with the links & the page was messed up today - here's part 2 of that post....

I give you two at opposite ends of the spectrum. They're coming up so allow the video quality...obviously you have to see them live to really get it!

LUSH I first saw her at Lookout and she blew me and everyone else away completely (so I brought her back to rock my 25th birthday!). You only get a vague idea of her raw energy in this clip - she's really rare and special.

Jono McCleery first saw him at the Onetaste Festival last year and within seconds I had to go and hide to compose myself because I just totally dissolved - I mentioned him last post but wanted to show a little clip. The video gives you 1% of the richness of his voice live.

To finish off neatly here's a link to my favourite live recording. Distant Lover by Marvin Gaye from 1973s Let's Get It On - I can't post the youtube link because it's all 70s and cheesy - the concert in my head is way better. I occasionally let out a scream as though I were there when I listen to this.

OK people - hit me up!

Y'all don't like live music?

Sorry, 3+ jobs makes for light blogging.
Last time I had an opinion on here I got cussed - but hell it's my blog and I mean no harm. If you know me you know I'm always out - especially if there's live music involved. The 'scene' that I seem to go out in, such as it is, is pretty much hip hoppers and geeky music lovers - you know, people like you. Thing is lately I've been noticing a trend...with any scene you tend to see the same faces - I can tell you a large proportion of who you'll see where without going in. I've been noticing lately though that most of those faces are just missing when it comes to a lot of live shows I go to ...Case in point - a new night called NYLO (New York London innit) started by a lovely lady named Peggy launched on Saturday @ Cargo with performances by Tiombe Lockhart, Hudson Mohawke & Olivier DaySoul. It was dope (Tiombe is a real diva - fire). Where was everyone? I often find myself thinking that. For me, regular DJ nights just can't compete with live music - I'd go to stupid lengths to sniff out live music. Tonight I was supposed to try and make it to Juno for Zubins' Real Hip Hop thing, East Village for the Masta Ace thing, and Deviation (my favourite night). I'm actually not feeling well so I'm just in bed (so I'm itching to be out).
What I need from you guys is to tell me about the sickest live shows you've seen and all the live acts & shows that will stick in your mind forever. I want clips, photos, live recordings of songs - whatever - just take me there.
Some highlights which I'll probably update at some stage:

- James Brown at the Roundhouse October 31st 2006 just before he died. *He did the cape.

-Dwight Trible at Cargo. Everyone in the house found themselves crying it was so beautiful.
- Cinematic Orchestra & Fontella Bass - they recreated the album cover of Every Day in the venue. Fontella was as you might imagine but much better.
- The Essential Festival back in 2000 - James Brown (danced with a dancer held above his head), Slum Village (backflipping off the speakers), & loads of others. *Angie Stone's set got moved to after James Brown, the bastards cut the lights & sound but she had us all sing No More Rain in this Cloud accapela in the dark with her.
- Magic Numbers & Katy Tunstall in a little pub about a year before they got famous
- Carnival 1999 Destinys Child & Lynden David Hall *My boyfriend at the time butted in to me & Katys argument with 'no, he was looking at me!' no homo.
- Little Brother/ Foreign Exchange @ the Jazz Cafe 2006 - Katy & I were pretty much the only girls & it was siiiiick.
- Janet Jackson Velvet Rope Tour
- Oneself at Cargo - Yarah came back out & did FIRE as an encore. I had an asthma attack
- Slum Village @ Jazz Cafe - I should really take an inhaler out with me.
- Ty - every live performance I've seen of his.

I was wondering whether to mention it but Dilla's last gig at the Jazz Cafe - if harrowing - was also very moving. Glad I was there.


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