Thursday, 29 May 2008


The Onetaste collective is in my opinion one of the most ridicuously talented groups of artists this country has produced in a very long time. I have no idea how to describe them (I always say to Tanya from Elova it just feels like 'good for you' music). Part of the reason this lot are so special is that they are also some of the loveliest people this country has produced in a very long time. I've just been sent this link and I sat there squeaking at the screen and jumping around. They're on a festival tour again this summer with the Chaiwallah tent and if you don't try and catch at some point then you are really stupid.

Just in case you can't tell from the clips (and a couple of 'em are missing) the crew behind it all includes: Jamie Woon (I still have Wayfaring Stranger on rpt, he's such a badman), Polarbear (even if you hate spoken word you will love Mr Bear - come see him at the Southbank too in July), Elova (new album dropping very soon - try not to let your pee out with excitement), Inua Ellams (spokenwordartistactorgraphicdesignerwriterandeverythingelse artist currently taking over the world, probably will have done so completely by the end of the year), Portico Quartet (they're just incredible - and if you don't agree I recommend you stay away from me), MC Xander (amazing multivocalist - have you ever shocked out harder to a beatboxer than a soundsystem?), David J the vocal pugilist (before we talk about his talent I have to say he's one of the most special people I know - I love Mr J), Tawiah (I stalk her just in case she starts singing), Jono McCleery (he actually makes you cry it's so beautiful - no but really, and men too). That's not all of them but I will go on forever. I have never met her but I have to say the lady who puts it all together is called Dannii and she deserves a knighthood.
See you at the jazz cafe gig on Thursday 12th June unless you don't like good music. (Buy your ticket soon - last one sold out fast). Obviously.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008


i wish this guy would stop singing... nigerian dude at word, can't sing, has been humming, in an out of tune monotone every day for the past 2 weeks, the chorus for ice cube - bop gun as he says, which is actually one nation under a groove... i've sent him so many catchy tunes to get it out of his head and even sent him the lyrics so at least he knows what to actually sing, all to no avail, make him stop please!

real nice mix from Kon of Kon and Amir fame, on his blog Playin 4 Keeps

and i know, even if our admin don't, some of you appreciate the riddims, so i was happy to come across jah school
lots of nice treats on there, found me the street sweeper riddim which i had been after for time...

record covers come alive!

oh have you seen james brown, michael jackson and prince on stage together before?

been listening to a heaps of tunes courtesy of cav - kanser and artofficial and 1773, i'll leave it to him to share the tunes but i'll give you a taster of my favourites...

and been feeling this very much Kanser - Coming Out Again (The Sunshine Song)

anyways that's all i got right now, got my new laptop and gonna get playing with serato video so expect to see a video mix from me sometime...

oh yeah, i did forget one thing, blueprint is coming soon with this cat paul dateh, i almost booked 'em for lookout! but was too slow so spin doctor got em now, wanna check this cat out, he's ridiculous!

Sunday, 25 May 2008


Right, so during my daily routine of searching for new music, I came across three of the best statements i've read in a good long while, they articulate what many of us so desperately try to say about the horrid media and record company capitalists! And here we go... 

"Consumers have musical choice? What musical choice? In or society we choose only from what we are given to choose from, and that choice is determined by 5 major media corporations who control the exposure outlets that consumers depend on for their entertainment." -Christopher Knab

"Record companies like to make money, and that is their only goal. They do not care about the content that they sell - they care about maximizing their profits. It is because of this that I hate record companies with the same passion that I hate venture capitalists. The record companies do not try to foster a creative environment which rewards musicians who serve their respective niche, but create an environment which attempts to market a small amount of music to the largest audience possible. It is more profitable for the record company to sell a few decent records in bulk than to have a vast array of cult hits that sell decently." -Numair Faraz

"This is all about greed, something the record/entertainment industry has honed to a science. Dusty LPs, the artists, they don't care! But if there's a nickel on the floor, look out; they'll cut your throat for it because they 'need' that nickel. Artists get paid a small sum, then the capital boys live off them like kings until the next big thing, then it's over. So it's not about the music you see it's about their nickel. That's why you can't have any sharing of long gone music, because there might be a nickel there and they want it. They wouldn't give to a charity if it wasn't showing them handing over a cheque or had a building named after them so why would they be charitable on long lost material. Strangely they even tried to stop resale of used CDs because there was that darned nickel they wouldn't get. May all the 'industry suits' have children who hate them." -Jannx

So the question (an old question but still remains relevant) after all of this is whether or not record companies are actually destroying the music industry and not the actual artists who flood and contaminate our radios, tv's and clubs......? 

Saturday, 24 May 2008

yarah bravo+mestiza+mimi fresh+artcha

all went down at the lookout this week.....

Friday, 23 May 2008

Thank you...

To the source who sent out these today. Much appreciated.

Radio rip of new Common & Pharrell single Universal Mind Control

Kenna ft. Lupe Fiasco- Say Goodbye To Love

*Aforementioned source also sent the new Cool Kids EP but I can't put the whole thing up so will sift through & add any gems...

The only radio show I actually listen to...

Problem is, I keep losing my Saturday afternoons...last week I took my laptop to the toilet with me I was so worried I'd miss a bit. Crack in a can.


Click the flyer to download last week's gem - I have to explain there are about 12 shout outs to me because I was the sad case texting in 'Tuuuunnnneee!' every couple of minutes. So, in case you didn't get that it's Saturdays 1-3(ish) on Rinse FM - click the link and bless up your ears...
We might have to do a bit of a feature on Alexander Nut on here at some point - in case you didn't know he's my favourite DJ (bar none)

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Where are all the female MCs at?!

I was just on myspace and Yarah Bravo posted this clip asking for help finding the instrumental (if you have it hit her up people!)...

Thing is it got me thinking & reminiscing - where are all the female MCs? I love Yarah - actually she's probably my favourite female MC of the moment alongside Jean Grae, Bahamadia & a soft spot for Tor but that's not really what I'm getting at.
When I first started getting in to music independently of my parents' Motown records I won't front it was '90s R&B and mainstream hip hop - and I was listening to female, rather than male MCs. I can still recite all of Crush On You by L'il Kim from '96s Hardcore. Actually that's not a good thing because I was 13 & she was filth. Still - Missy's Supa Dupa Fly was one of my first hip hop albums, and between my sister and I we had albums by Salt n Pepa, L'il Kim, Foxy Brown, Missy Misdemeanour Elliot, Da Brat, Queen Pen, Rah Digga, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, TLC, Lauryn Hill, and singles featuring MCs like Eve, Angie Martinez, Charlie Baltimore, Yoyo, Nuttin' Nyce...
I have to say it - they were my alternative to the Spice Girls brand of girl power... Salt N Pepa & TLCs frank promotion of safe sex (and on the flip side L'il Kim & Foxy Brown being as dutty as they were), Missy, Queen Pen, MC Lyte & Yoyo all looking as far removed from sexual objects as possible (not 100% it was on purpose), Da Brat & Rah Diggas' raw ass lyrics - (I think Rah Digga wins with 'niggas tryina eat my tampon - with my pants on'), the futuristic videos, the all female collaborations (OK Ladies Night was bad but I bought it out of solidarity), Missy bringing out & promoting other female artists - (Nicole Wreh, Tweet, and Total) . All in all I think that lot were better role models than the Spice Girls - at least they had something interesting to say for themselves.
If I had to sum up that era in one video - it'd be Missy & Da Brat on Sock it 2 Me from '97...

Monday, 19 May 2008

WILDSTYLES hip hop photography exhibit + competition

Just a reminder that tonight is the night! The Wildstyles exhibition is from 6pm till 11pm at Bar Vinyl Camden Town N1.

To promote the success of the Wildstyles exhibition, PYMCA has moved to a new, intimate location and will showcase our unique Hip Hop imagery from the last 25 years.

Classic tunes will be played by Hip Hop DJs as well as a performance by breakdancers, One Motion Crew. There will also be hip hop jewelry for sale.

See the link below for a taste of what is to come (this stopped traffic on London's busiest streets):

Wildstyles on YouTube

So if you missed this great exhibition the first time round, you are lucky to have another chance to check it out!

Feel free to invite friends ...

Competition brief:
The continuous ‘re-inventions’ of the Hip Hop sound including the emerging UK Hip Hop and Grime scenes have managed to keep Hip Hop as relevant to today’s youth as much as it was to the youth of the last 30 years. It is your aim to capture this re-invention through photography, illustration and graffiti art.
Competition details:
Competitors can explore Hip Hop culture through photography, drawing, painting, art, graffiti etc
Entries must be in format of prints (size 30x40cm) or canvas (size up to A3)
The images must represent NEW SKOOL HIP HOP. Images and art must have been produced after 2000 – This Century!
You must be age 16+
Submission fee £5 (for up to 2 prints), each competitor can submit up to 10 prints (Total Fee £25)
Payment method: post a cheque (made payable to PYMCA) or drop cash to the address below.
71 St Johns Street, London, EC1M 4NJ
All submissions should include caption information, entrants contact details + email address.
Closing date: 10th of June.
Prize details:
- First price: Multi award winning PENTAX K20D (14 mega pixel) SLR + 18-55mm lens worth £899
- Second Price: PENTAX K200 (10.2 mega pixel) SLR + 18-55mm lens worth £499
- Third price PENTAX V20 (8 mega pixel) Digital compact camera worth £169
The 30 best entries selected by the judges will be exhibited at Bar Vinyl, Camden for one week.
PLUS the winning images will be hosted as part of the legendary PYMCA Archive online, as well as being given potential future artist representation!
The judges are some of the World’s most influential figures including NORMSKI legendary Hip Hop Photographer and TV Broadcaster, EDIE OTCHERE iconic 90’s Hip Hop Photographer and National Portrait Gallery Curator and PYMCA Library Management.
Hip Hop competition private view will be on Tuesday 17th June.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Myspace Love: Sacha Williamson...

"Strange Attraction" has been doing the rounds on internet radio shows (the last Boogaloo Radio show for example). "A Better View" satisfies the riddim-addict in me. Don't sleep.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Summer lovin...

had me a blast... well at least last weekend when it seemed like summer was finally here, riding my bike, playing basketball, frisbee, magners on dray walk, hell i even got sunburned! though that's not hard for me...

anyways had the summer tune ting on my mind for time, i think there's always been a different anthem for the summer that defines my memory of that period but there's one that I always come back to no matter what the year... i was gonna go all trainspotter on you and say the O.G. that it sampled was the track but that would be a lie, but i'll provide it to for comparison... and a runner up too, as there are too many good tracks in this world...

Rock Creek Park by the Blackbyrds is an all time b-boy classic that I got exposed to in the early days when I started exploring the other parts of the culture and brings back fond memories of summer days in Hyde Park, Sydney, taped down chequered vinyl mats, boomboxes and bboy circles... also i got told off at a work function i was djing at luna park by the most elderly lady in our company who complained i was playing 'music about sex!' =)

the O.G. of my number one summer track, can't front on this, the aptly named Summer Madness by Kool & The Gang

and here it is, taking me back to cruising Cottesloe beach coast with my boys in my dad's suzuki vitara with the hard top back and roof off, the hot western australian sun beating down, and the indian ocean glimmering to one side, checking out girls in bikinis, playing basketball, skateboaring, getting high, this has been my summertime song for the past 17 years, and the only good song off the album, by one of the best hip hop djs and producers, 1991 grammy award winning, US r&b chart number 1 for a week hitting, number 1 rap single, number 4 billboard hot 100, and UK singles number 8, it is of course...

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince - Summertime

and for comparison purposes, the 2007 remix, like how jeff actually re-edits the video and scratches only the video panel with the sample... serato is great isnt it? but not much difference, can't improve on perfection!

oh and i most definitely hate soulja boy... how is that even music?

welcome back Amelia!

********** LOOKOUT! 1st Anniversary Photography Exhibition *********************

anyone with dope photos of the night please submit them so we can print and frame them for the LOOKOUT! 1st Anniversary Photography Exhibition happening July 10th, thanks!

Yarah Bravo wednesday, don't front.

My first...

OK, so it's been a while, I've been away & not writing was my first trip to the US and I was lucky enough to visit DC and NY. I have to say I'm in love with DC - please go if you get the chance. My intention was to see loads of gigs but I got a bit distracted - I did however, manage to see Bilal at the 9.30 Club. The lovely Hezekiah was good enough to put us on the list and we went down with him to see what for me was a night of many firsts. I'd never seen Bilal before, I'd always thought he might be a bit self-indulgent and drug addled live, and also the Jazz Cafe ain't cheap - no excuse I know but I won't make that mistake again. It was really interesting to see a live show in a city that's populations ethnic background is over 50% black (Chocolate City)...I don't know if it's the history, the geography, or the spirit of the place that gave birth to the careers of so many jazz musicians, soul artists and now a burgeoning hip hop scene, but the air was thick with an inherent soulfulness.

It's really unfortunate that Americans have rubbish camera phones and this is the only footage I can find of the show online. He extended every song to about 15 minutes and the band didn't really know what was going on - but quite frankly who's going to notice when Robert Glasper is your keyboard player?! Needless to say it was amazing. One of my favourite moments was Glasper playing a beautiful solo intro - and just at the point of silence and tension where the singing would normally begin - the audience started cheering and Bilal pissed himself laughing. Three times. The thing I enjoyed most was actually the audience. I've never heard it sound rich and beautiful before when the performer holds the mic out and asks you to shout 'yeah!', I'd never heard a soul clap so rhythmic and erm, in time, and I've never heard the voices around me rise to sing along (to songs like Call Me, Make Me Over, Soul Sista and Sometimes) and felt like I was part of a gospel choir. Suffice it to say I'm a huge Bilal fan now (but a bigger fan of DC). Here's Pete Kuzma & Bilal's stunning version of High and Dry from Exit Music, (click the link to listen to & buy the whole album) the Radiohead tribute compliation from 2006 ft Sa-Ra, Osunlade & Erro, Cinematic Orchestra, Matthew Herbert etc etc in case you don't have it - click here to download the song.
I was also lucky enough to meet some other wonderful artists that night - Grammy nominee Ledisi who came and shut the show down with a voice like fire, DC soul queen Wayna, and did I mention Robert Glasper and Bilals' band?!!! Big thanks go to Hez for hooking it up - and if you haven't checked it here is Looking Up, his duet with Bilal. If you look closely he told me that Bilal is actually holding his 8 year old sons hand in the video, the lady in green is Hez's mum, and one of the blokes walking along is Robert Glasper.
I apologise - you will not be able to stop singing this all day.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Blu + Ta'raach

1st blog ..... here goes.......
last week blu & ta'raach on the C.R.A.C at look out favela chic
here what happened ........

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Finally, My Summer Song Is Here!!!

I know it's taken a while but as Amelia the blogmaster said, it's not about putting up any random song, we need to post songs that capture the essence of the summer in it's entirety and believe I'm giving you exactly what has been asked of me. Here we have La Melodia, a dutch duo consisting of producer I.N.T. and female MC Melodee(part of my list *wink wink*). They're not particularly new but extremely overlooked as the best often are. Enough with the words, more of the link!


In other news... The ignorance is spreading... Thanks to Soulja Fool :(

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Blu & Ta'raach - C.R.A.C. Tour

I met Blu in downtown L.A. last Summer at Bobbito and DJ Spinna's Wonderful party at Crash Mansion, through my girl Jaevi of Quality Collective. Met lots of cats, Amhad Jamal, C Ray Walz, B+ and others. Blu was cool and I almost had him come play once already but unfortunately that tour fell through. Fresh from a dope album produced by Exile, "Below the Heavens", which has been on heavy rotation in my sets and on my ipod, I've managed to confirm him along with Ta'raach who you should know from Dilla's - Jay Love Japan and Platinum Pied Pipers - Triple P, as they promote their new album The Peice Talks.

preview and buy here

May 8th - London, UK - LOOKOUT!

May 10th - Budapest, Hungary -

May 13th - Vienna, Austria - Claus (Loud Minority)

May 14th - Linz, Germany -

May 15th - Mainzlits, Germany - Frank (Audio Treats)

May 16th - Munich, Germany @ Erste Liga (Reebok Nite)

May 17th - Zurich, Swizz - J. Sayne

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Currently Listening To...

Bumping put this right now...

Skank out to it...sit back down again. No video as of yet or nothing I can find...but feeling the tune in the car with that glorious sun shining out there!

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Let's Do It Again....Sweet Summer Symphonies

My melting ice cream, my minty mojito, my smell of coconut sun cream, sweaty shades bridge, orange glowing eye-lids closed against the sun, smell of fresh cut grass, orange blossom and jasmine, high blue skies is Nuyorican Soul's cover of 'I am the Black Gold of the Sun' (apologies for dry vid, just close your eyes and kick back with a campari)

The Formula

Buckshot & 9th Wonder dropping a new LP anytime now, The Formula, got a friend whos been fiending for it, hopefully she will be happy now...

three videos released so far and as this is all i've heard, so far i'm feeling it... more on this when i actually cop it...

9th Wonder & Buckshot Go All Out Feat. Charlie Murphy

9th Wonder & Buckshot 3D Animation "FORMULA Video"

9th Wonder & Buckshot "HOLD IT DOWN" Video ft. Talib Kweli

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Let's do it again...

timeline cover snapshot

Alright people - over to you again. It's almost summer (i.e. it didn't rain today). Let's create a soundtrack for it on here and keep it rolling along all through the summer. This isn't about any old tune you like at the moment - this is about sharing the music that evokes ice cream, warm skin, getting grass rash in the park and battling wasps.
I'm kicking off with The Gunshot by Nicolay and Kay from Time:Line released back in February - if you don't have the album, I'd like to recommend it. Download it hurrr

*PS you don't have to put up a download link to share music...


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