Friday, 20 May 2011

Video: Wanlov The Kubulor "For The River"

The Prince of Pidgin returns with new stories to tell...

i wan go boff
for the river
i wan hold ma head up
for the river
but e no dey anymore
coz da river
e full of borla
e turn to gutta
i dey kai da way den we dey swim
4 da rivers plus wanna friends
afta den we dey fetch water
take go cook
den we dey chop better
but somtin happen
plastic come
rivers turn into drastic dump
sewage n electronic waste
sweet river
toxic taste
river pra
emu aye fii
river odo
ewo muji
river volta
emeh podi
river densu
very nasty
ooh wanna rivers
i dey wonder how we go survive

Via the lovely Afripop


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