Friday, 25 September 2009

Feels just like it should - Jamiroquai (Sa-Ra remix)

Alright there lads!!! Let me tell you something! I was having my fry up with a nice cup of tea (milk and one sugar - no messin around here girls) at the Astro Cafe, reborn out of the ashes like a phoenix after a fire in June, I came across THIS ARTICLE in The Sun yesterday by Lily Allen. Ooooooo. Anyway here is the Kenneth o'Fever's take and policy regarding posting music on PMOI. If the track is out of print or only available on the second hand market or it is the intention of the producer to have it widely distributed, then I will make it available for download. If the track is available in a way that will provide income for the artist, then I will probably stream it and direct you to where you can buy it. Now anyone got a problem with that, come and see me and they'll be seeing the back of my hand!

I have a feeling that people don't really take Jamiroquai seriously and I don't really blame you with all that voodoo he's been doing with animals and stuff. He does like a bit of the nose ace, that lad. But you gotta remember there was a time (circa 95) when every c**t's room had a jamiroquai poster (another one being "take me to your dealer") but I never hear his stuff played out these days.
Well here's something I found in Amsterdam apart from all the brassferatu that makes the Dam such a wonderful place to be.

Feels just like it should - Jamiroquai (Sa-Ra remix)


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