Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Brittany Bosco 'Spectrum' 2.0

I wrote about Brittany Bosco earlier on this year and the Spectrum EP proved ridiculously popular - I was still getting requests to re-up the link a couple of weeks ago. I personally fell in love with it and was really excited to hear this new version, 3 songs longer, which has been re-visitied, re-recorded & remastered. I'm also helping Bosco to book tour dates in the UK & Europe this September/ October so if you want to see her live leave a comment (she's playing at the Lyric in Hammersmith on 25th Sept as part of a showcase but she needs a proper set somewhere!), and if you want to give her a gig, email me! info@putmeonit.com

Need a little reminder? Check out the video for Blues for Blue/ Black and White 


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