Tuesday, 18 August 2009

VV Brown - Game Over (Video)

I was very much on the fence at first with VV Brown - I just couldn't work out if I thought much of her music or not. After numerous posts of that nature I've realised I'm not posting audio, just video, and as a visual creature she's certainly likeable. I do believe she probably has a lot of talent but seems to be turning in to a singing pair of legs, much like Amerie, but with an avant-garde, highly styled twist. I suppose there are worse things.


  1. a great singing pair of legs! LMAO

    She is actually a very talented young lady but the music...is all over the place...a real shame this girl obviously doesn't get decent advice. The talented VV Brown does remarkably unambitious, sub-standard music. It's such a WASTE of...legs!

  2. She's hot, young and British and waaaay better than the usual Girls Aloud type nonsense. Let's support her and her great legs.x



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