Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Tranqill "The Supplier" prod. by Oddisee (Free Download)

I love this photo of T so much, as proved in the post below Oddisee ain't bad on the click. The world has been panting for Tranqill to drop something substantial & I'm reliably informed you won't have to wait to much longer. The song below was swiped from the recently rejuvenated www.oddiseemusic.blogspot.com - don't download it if you don't like it grimy son.

Tranqill is my absolute favorite U.K. MC! We met will I was on tour. He noticed I had no London dates & asked if I'd like to come to London anyway to record and possibly get a gig. Upon my arrival we skipped a few fares & hopped a few trains to get to the studio. (my first trip to london started off great!) Once at the studio, we had a cypher of beats & rhymes and his style really impressed me. We've done a few tracks since but the full album is finally coming. Check this track out from in the mean time.

Download/Listen to "The Supplier" Tranqill Prod. By Oddisee


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