Sunday, 19 July 2009

Muhsinah "The Oscillations: Square" + free download

At Midnight tonight (5am if you're in the UK I think), Muhsinah will be dropping a 13 track album entitled The Oscillations: Square, because it's her birthday really says something about the girl if she's giving something to us on her birthday, so I think the least we can do is enjoy the gift and thank her for it! Check (after midnight) to download it. (*Update* - apparently it's not free, I got confused by the word "gift" in the press release) In the meantime here is Re:Outsourced to download as a little taster...

FYI for the nerdier among you the vicious horns you hear on the track above are from a song called "Beaten Metal", by Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra who I mentioned the other day are playing at the Barbican Sat 25th July at The Barbican, (tickets are only £10).


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