Monday, 6 July 2009

Grand Master Flash Don't Play List

I saw this online & it made me giggle - thought I'd share...


  1. When I Dj'd with him, he went through both my record boxes and took out all the records I wasn't 'allowed' to play. Then he went to the hotel and I put them back and played half of them anyway.

    After all that, he brought about 1000 records to the club (seriously)and then all he played was Jump Around and about half of the Thriller album.

    I guess he can't go through everyone's Serato so has gone home and written a spreadsheet.

    It's hawkey behaviour frankly.

  2. Oh please please email me & tell me who you are, I'm rolling around laughing at your comment! pleaasee!

  3. And he misspell De La Soul btw



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