Monday, 13 July 2009

Culoe De Song

...following on from my previous post about RBMA I realised I haven't written anything about Culoe De Song, one of their youngest ever participants who hadn't even finished school at the academy in Barcelona last year and had never left his native South Africa prior to that trip - he's since played at Sonar! I touched on South African hip hop and Kwaito back in April, but Culoe doesn't fit either of those genres...apparently he draws inspiration from producers like Osunlade and Franck Roger but to be honest I think he sounds pretty unique. Check out "The Bright Forest", from the Bright Forest EP, which well worth buying. *UPDATE* I've just been informed that deep house is huge in South Africa and there are loads of producers like Culoe coming through - I'll have to start digging...

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  1. Culoe's dope!! shame he didn't get to perform in Ldn earlier in the year like he was booked to, visa didn't get sorted in time sadly. hope you've read the article on him in Shook issue 5!

    hope you're well! best wishes, see you about town,



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