Friday, 26 June 2009

Goodbye Michael

Part of me doesn't want to write anything at all today, but it wouldn't be right for PMOI not to say something about Michael Jackson passing away.

Everyone has their very personal stories, memories, the things we did as kids to look, dance and sound like him, he was the soundtrack to many of our lives growing up, and the quality of his music remains untouchable and inspirational. The musical bar of pop is still set where he left it. It's not strange to be sad about the death of someone we don't know - when someone makes music that is important to us they become important to us, and I imagine for almost everyone who reads this blog MJ may have made more songs that were and are big parts of our lives than anyone else. I truly hope that he had some idea of just how much his music means to the world, and that we will remember him for his unquestionable, unparalleled talent as a musician and entertainer. What he did has never been done before and never will be again.

Everyone will honour him in their own way - but I'm quick to say that death is not entertainment. I hope his legacy will not end up as a cheap tribute act, but that his music and memory will stay special and unique for us all. I hope that in future our children will know him for the magic he made, not the turmoil and struggles he battled. Lastly, I hope that we will all be big enough to set aside the things that we don't understand and celebrate the inspiration, excitement, and genius that was Michael Jackson.

All that's left to say is thank you Michael, from the bottom of our hearts.


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