Thursday, 30 April 2009

More cherries...

Yes, I've been cherry picking again, this time from some very talented females...

First up a delicious new track from Muhsinah featured on The Adroit Adventures EP by Paul Movahedi aka The Clonius, which is due to be released on June 9th (Ubiquity).

One At A Time Feat. Muhsinah (click to download)

If like me you've been hearing about this Scottish/ Iranian chick Zarif (John Legend got her to come perform with him a while back) for a while you can see what you think with this download of her single Let Me Back ...

Kokayi sent me a link to the extremely talented lady DJ Smiles Davis and if he says it's good - it's good. Download her super fresh mixtape Many Styles Vol 3: PREACH!

I complain about the lack of female MCs around at the moment all the time so I had to check out Rapsody, 9th Wonders' new signing to his label, Jamla Records.

Download her track Honda Accord Music but definitely check out her myspace, I'm feeling some of the soulful "The Listening-esque" mixtape up there.

Lastly, I don't have a track for you to download but check out the new video from the infintely watchable VV Brown. I'm still undecided about her voice (over-singing?) but I'll keep trying...
V V Brown - Shark In The Water


  1. thanks for the clonius! def stumbled on your blog looking for it, but I will be back!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the clonius... I was looking for the track and stumbled on your blog... will definitely be back!!



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