Sunday, 1 March 2009

Heard this the other day...

A friend dropped this track in the car the other night and I absolutely loved i'm definately not a dub-step fan.....not my cup of tea at all but i have to say this track is HARD..i think the tracks been around for a while now.....anyway i got asked immediately where the sample was from so i thought i'd share it with you all too...

the track in question:

Chase & Status- 'Eastern Jam' (Indian dub)

and the sample was taken from a very expensive and famous film and one of my favourite tracks from the film itself, a very traditional film, remake of an old wive's tale going for decades, not your average kitsch Bollywood film but amazing all the same...

'Silsila Ye Chaahat Ka' from the film 'Devdas'.

The musical director is a man called Ismail Darbar who has done some other amazing Bollywood music, hit me up if anyone ever wants to know any other Bollywood songs!

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