Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Could these two geeky looking blokes really be on to something?

I've been reading about Bandize this week, which appears to be a service for artists to (micro) manage their careers...features you can manage using this software include...
Apparently it's different to band marketing sites like ReverbNation (never understood this one) because it offers merchandize management. It's basically a really detailed project management system where you can do everything from booking a tour to registering your equipment to networking and promotion and more, all for $10/ month. It's still in the Alpha stage (they're not even testing it on the public yet), but it's about to hit Beta. You can register for an invite to try it on Beta but they're sending out invites for that once a week so if you want to try it hit them up on their website...
I can't help but think software can't make you an organised artist if you're not one - but maybe it can help you understand how much really goes in to running your music career like a business....


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