Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Dates for your diary!!!

One of my all-time top 5 producers is crossing the waters to be here in London on the 12th!!! BANK HOLIDAY SUNDAY! BE THERE!!
The last time these guys threw a night i went to last year for the incredible Ali Shaheed Muhammad..the crowd just stood and stared as he dropped some TUNES...make sure this time we REPRESENT....the man's never toured here before for god's sake!

also on the cards...

Now i've never been too sure about seeing FlyLo live....i guess i like to hear his music while i gaze at somethin else or just wanna chill....but this night seems interesting....

The show is at the Lightbox venue, unique for having walls composed of a wraparound array of 15,000 programmable LED's! Bit trippy, no?!

On another note: Hold tight to Fatima & Alexander Nut on Gilles Peterson last week...i'm late, i know...the office is the only time i listen to the radio and i was very happy to have these two talents speaking down my headphones for a hot minute...missed the show?


Am i late? Has someone posted this track up before? Any like it? For me, for some reason, it was on replay all day today...

I'll leave you with this...

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