Monday, 23 February 2009

Spotify, I love you

The wonderful Ralegh Long of Patrick Hamilton, no relation to Lewis Hamilton, and Rose Dougall & The Distractions has been obsessing over Spotify for a long time now. He sent me an invite before it was fully accessible to us normal folk and I thought it was pretty groovy, but just groovy and no more than groovy, until today.
I have just read that U2's new album is now available through Spotify in conjunction with the Guardian. Simply click on the following link, because you won't find it through a standard spotify search, et voila! No Line Through The Horizon' will either pleasure or pall on you in no time at all, and they'll be no line through your horizon....*cackle* Pretty darn cool, eh?
Now, about that photo: Michael Jackson is rumored to play a series of gigs at the O2 Arena (Again). I know we've heard this one before but it's the King of Pop people. The KING OF POP!! All I've heard is a 30 day run, in July. JULY!! I wasn't told which July but I hope he's well enough to play because I've never seen him perform and I simply can't wait.
I wish I had a time machine. All together now: "Where did you come from Baby, And ooo won't you take me there right away, won't you my my baby..."

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  1. See, as soon as something like Spotify came out I was on it like a nerdy rash to see what nerdy stuff they have. VERY RANDOM. Some things you wouldn't expect are on there, some things you would expect aren't...I'll keep my eyes peeled!

    Oh and argh, they say never meet your heroes - does that apply to seeing them live when they're 50+ & you never saw them in their prime? I'd still go but with trepidation...



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