Thursday, 19 February 2009

Going, Going, gonnnn.... Deviation Dilla special!

Before that E drops tonight did you check the Deviation Podcast this week? It'll be up for another couple of hours, quick get to it! Easily one of the heaviest podcasts in the world, if I didn't work with the man I would be plotting to rob Benji B right now. The most exclusive 10 Dilla/ 10 minutes mix you'll hear anywhere - enough to make Houseshoes mad - and nestling amongst some disgustingly tasty other biz. The Jay Electronica Candy Man tune (Deviation exclusive, grrr) is making my mouth water, but the RaeKwon ft Ghostface Killa & Method Man – Wu Ooh (LINK RE-UPPED 25/02/09) tune is making my entire body leak. Sorry, it's the truth. I'll confess - I haven't managed to get to the Phil Asher mix yet because I keep rewinding the first half, our own Floating Points' Love Me Like This (tune of the year indeed it seems! You should have seen the yung un's go mad when he dropped this at Pause) closing it out. For those of you who missed it I posted this song for download plus Shangrila wayyy back in December - check back HERE to download.
Damn the BBC & their 7 day podcast rule sent to test us. I miss cassette tapes, I still have years worth of Trevor Nelsons' Saturday afternoon Rhythm Nation show recorded off the radio sitting under my bed in shoe boxes - yet the only person I know with a cassette deck is a guy called Cornelius in Germany (in his car, he still releases hip hop mix TAPES!).
Ah well, for posterity...

If you value good music see below...I'd love to tell you who the surprise PA will be but I can't - but when has the mystery guest at this not been serious?


Who makes better flyers than Kay Shin?


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