Thursday, 22 January 2009

The most offensive blog post of '09

...but I really don't care, I'll take you all on.

I just visited a certain blog - (and I'm not about to give them the publicity by saying which one, this post will be without hyperlinks) and they've posted the Newham Generals video for "Bell Dem Slags". No thoughts about it, no commentary, just the video. I don't know if you've had the misfortune to come across that 'song' but I'm not afraid to give my personal opinion about it right here. I think is a sensationalist, devoid of artistic merit, purposefully offensive, juvenile, pathetic, attention seeking piece of worthlessness which I would normally completely ignore. The reason I refuse to ignore it is this: I just Googled 'Bell Dem Slags' - and no one is saying what they think about it, they're just posting the video on their blogs (aside from a couple of forums for discussion that popped up).

Posting offensive music (especially when the whole point of it seems to be to cause offense) on your blog and not saying what you think about it makes you a tacitly implicit supporter of it. You may not agree with me, but blogging is a form of promotion, so even if you personally don't like the message, by posting the music you are promoting it through your actions unless you say otherwise. I sincerely hope that the reason I haven't seen anyone writing about this song in a critical or analytical context yet is because people would rather not give it the publicity (normally I'm with you on that), not because they're scared to give their opinion on their own blogs or that PR people will stop sending them free music (aka easy content). I'm truly shocked & disappointed at some of the blogs who have silently posted that song - as a (former) subscriber I am offended - by the lyrics, the video and by your lack of balls.

*Amelia Idehs last will and testament: my sister, boyfriend & friends can split my stuff between you, you can probably sell some of my kicks & furniture to help pay for the funeral. Oh yeah, donate my organs & cremate me please. Thanks, love you all!


  1. Firstly I would just like to state that indeed your entirely correct in your analysis of what I can only describe as being possibly (if not definetly)the most turgid and downright horrendous piece of 'music'that my poor ol' lugs have ever had the unfortunate predicament of encountering(Except for maybe anything released by the fine purveyors of happy hardcore that call themselves Scooter)

    However, I would also like to point out that surely by posting about it on your blog are you not infact promoting this atrocity yourself?I only heard it because naturally I had to to check it out after your rather obtuse rant about it.

    The outcome?Lets just say I think we all know how the saying about cats and curiosity pans out!

    I would also like to add at this point to my proverbial 2pence worth that although yes,I think the track is one big steaming pile of particularly acrid sonic doo-doo and that, yes it could be deemed thoroughly offensive and it certainly aint my cup of tea...unfortunatly to someone out there it is the equivalent of a perfectly brewed cup of PG, quite possibly in their favourite mug(we all got one)

    I guess the point im trying to make here is that in my opinion one of musics most endearing and enchanting qualities is the opportunity it allows for people to EXPRESS THEMSELVES.Although we might not particularly agree or find an affinity with this particular person or persons subject matter or narrative, it is no more or less relevant or valid than an artist that I would personally admire for their satiracal and outspoken insight into global issues which affect us all.Once we begin to attempt to invalidate this as a form of expression we have run into the dangerous territory of being highbrow elitists whos only opinions we listen to are that of other equally highbrow elitists who share our particular mindset.At the end of day what im saying is that although I might strongly dissagree with your opinion and hold all the poorly structured sentences that come out of your mouth with a high level of damn well straight up and sure as fuck are entitled to that particular opinion.Once this particular ideal is lost in society the eventual outcome in its extreme could only be described as nothing other than outright dictatorship.

    I think the real issue here is that what we really need to do is take a piece of music such as this as an insightfull piece of social commentary and think about exactly WHY it is that young men feel the need to 'express' themselves in such a manner and more importantly how our society has a managed to create and breed such a low level of intelect and inherent lack respect to the point where it spawns music out such as this which is undoubtedly ferociously devoured by equally misguided individuals.

    Right im off to bell up some slags and get myself some dutty slosh for a nang night of pipeing.


    P.S I would like to state I will not be purchasing Newham Generals latest full length extravaganza that is cleverly entitled 'Generally Speaking'....cos 'generally speaking' its a pile of old wank.

  2. ...and so it begins.

    Dear brave anonymous person, you may want to read more carefully before going for the jugular. To answer some of your points:

    As I have said, normally I would not write anything about music I feel this way about - but the subject of my article was bloggers, not so much the music itself. That is why it was entitled 'the most offensive blog post of 09', not 'Bell Dem Slags is really offensive don't watch it'. I did state all of this in the article, and I also stated that's why I didn't include any links - I have received several messages (of support) from people who read my post and did not bother to watch the video.

    I did not at any point say that people should not express themselves through their own music - fyi I believe that people should and I have no problem with that. The whole point of my article was that when bloggers just post the video without giving their opinion on it it appears as though they are supporting it whether they want to or not. If they are - that is also their choice & I have no problem - but if it is a blog I subscribe to, as a reader I would like to know if they are promoting such material (or trying to encourage debate, ridiculing it, not sure what they think etc etc) because it would help me to decide if I'd like to carry on reading, linking to and supporting their blog. Everyone has their limits and if denouncing/ not wanting to directly support such blatant misogyny (as I do homophobia or racism) makes me a high brow elitist then that seems a rather stark choice but it's one I'll have to make.

    You come to your own conclusion that "what we really need to do is take a piece of music such as this as an insightful piece of social commentary". This is not something new, the style may be but the sentiment is not. When people make music that is sexist, homophobic or offensive to a particular race people talk about it (elitist bastards that we are). There are numerous examples of that type of discussion on this blog, and in this instance it seemed strange to me that so many seemed to be avoiding talking about it, so I wrote about them.

    Lastly to address this point:
    "At the end of day what im saying is that although I might strongly dissagree with your opinion and hold all the poorly structured sentences that come out of your mouth with a high level of damn well straight up and sure as fuck are entitled to that particular opinion."

    You may want to spell and grammar check your critique of my poorly structured sentences. If you regard them with such a high level of contempt - why do you read my blog? You are correct, I am entitled to my opinion (as are you and everyone else) however poorly constructed it may be. My point is that if you are in the business of blogging, then you have a readership that you there's no point trying to fob off by being a bit vague and cowardly. I have no problem with the world knowing who I am and what I think - debate makes life interesting.

    Peace to you too, whoever you are.

  3. It seems that once again the interpretation of printed word has led to crossed wires and misinterpretation

    In my sentence:

    "At the end of day what im saying is that although I might strongly dissagree with your opinion and hold all the poorly structured sentences that come out of your mouth with a high level of damn well straight up and sure as fuck are entitled to that particular opinion."

    I was not refering to yourself,but instead to the Newham Generals and anyone else whos opinion I just might not find particularly pallatable.On the contrary I think that the structuring of you sentences is wholheartedly refined and hence far superior to we can see from this confusion!As for your opinions I would also have to say that generally I find them insightfull,amusing and quite possibly sometimes corageous.That is the answer to why I read you blog.

    The majority of my rant was not directed at you but was a general culmination of sentiments and feelings that I felt needed to be said after enduring that particular video.I just feel that a lot of what makes that particular video so vehemently atrocios,has (as you stated) been done and said before...repeatedly for a long number of years and I think that enough is enough.The time has come where we really need to look as people into why this is has been allowed to happen and how we can possibly stop this ever increasing influx of meaningless crap which is actually in part responsible for holding back positive development within our society.But yes the fact still remains that you are effectivly still promoting that video by talking about it, even though you clearly state your opinion on its value,which should be commended.

    The reason I decided to retain my anonimity is that I beleive an opinion doesnt need a representive to exist and to be valid.Infact an opinion without a face has the opportunity to be be just opinion,without providing the possibility of have its meaning distorted and reinterpreted because of the person behind it.This I feel is once again an issue within modern culture hich has givin rise to our ever increasing infactuation with the so called celebrity culture,where an opinion only holds weight if a particular person says it and it happens to agree with our ideals and the ideals that we would like imagine that person holding.Anyway thats a whooooole 'nother kettle of fish!

    To summarise, Pure good vibes being emanated from this corner of the t'internet,man aint trying to antagonise or offend.

    Hope that clears a few things up.

    Once again


  4. Dear Amelia, you may want to read comments more carefully & take a step back before jumping to the wrong conclusion & taking offense.

    Dear Anonymous - thank you very much for clearing that up & for contributing. Apologies I thought you were going at me.

  5. bloody ell Amelia its not that bad,,, how often do you hear boys talking about slags... ? i have my whole life, i still do. Occasionally I'm even the instigator.

    I've been a Newham Generals fan for nearly 3 years. And i think D Double E is one of this countries most original and stylistically brilliant m.c's. I really don't see the big problem here... true, the track ain't great... but go check D Doubles 'Signal' or 'Newham Generals Anthem' for the real fire!

    Why is it okay to listen to Phife Dog telling Lesbians to 'Bend Over' or Dilla talking about the '3 freaks who like it raw' and not hear it from UK m.c's..

    i really don't understand your outrage?

    Did you write a post when Guilty Simpson said "get her drunk make love to her jaw, guilty simpson mo' fucker your new brother in law"

    which is a great lyric in my opinion.

    More power to the ladies,,, Cecile says shit like this all the time but from a female perspective. Censoring art is never usually a good idea. Let people be themselves and don't be surprised by the realities of your own back garden.

    I think people find it easier to digest when these kind of things come from different countries and cultures. Reality can often be a bitter pill to swallow.

  6. Well to make the same point AGAIN - this article was about lazy & cowardly bloggers not saying anything, not so much the music. That's not remarkable to me in anything other than the silence that surrounds it.
    I do listen to offensive music - however I'm also very vocal about what I think personally about its content, and I consider carefully what I promote to my readership. If you care to check I have written articles on here before about American music which I don't agree with in sentiment. That doesn't mean I think people shouldn't make it or think differently to me, it just means that I don't share the same views and I'm discussing that.
    People love to pull the censorship card - but in this case it's not relevant to the article I wrote.

  7. when you go into an art gallery, you don't read a card based the curators personal opinion. You read some background information, history of the painting, methods and apparatus used... etc.

    Art is mostly presented from un-biased and informative perspective. I don't see what's wrong in showing something to people and allowing them to form their own opinions? It dosn't make that act cowardly.

    Its quite a topical issue really,, just look at the situation surrounding the BBC and the Gaza bombings...

    If you are going to air your own personal opinions or present something from a particular perspective then be prepared for it to be met with criticism.

    Look at these uninformed chumps on the T.V offering their opinions on subjects they have no knowledge of... these Jimmy Carr presented things where B lister celebrities will say anything for the sake of it... i find that 'offensive' personally. They mis-inform the public on subjects for the sake of a quick laugh or to look 'cool'. To those unaware what they are saying is fact and will leave a lasting impression. This is a very dangerous thing.

    Analytical journalism is a artform/method that few manage to pull off well and it definitely needs reviving. The internet has made everyone a journalist and as a result the standard is currently slipping.

    It doesn't mean that we're not all entitled to an opinion... but if you are going to place an opinion in the public domain then be prepared for it to be dissected, scrutinized and met with the opinion of another.

    I dislike a lot of things... but i often find i learn to love the when i dig a little deeper and do my research.

    *i am in no way defending the song... i too think it is pretty crap. But i still love the Newham Generals and look forward to hearing the album.

  8. Comparing a blog to an art gallery doesn't make a huge amount of sense to me - they are so vastly and obviously different. I didn't say people don't have a right not to say anything - the point I made, and I believe this is the third time I am making it - is that I was surprised that no one was saying anything. It wasn't 1 or 2 blogs - I checked more than 10, and not a single word was spoken about it on the blogs I read (even though on most of the other videos presented there would at least be a line or two).

    I would have thought the first and last sentences of this post (my will?!) imply I am fully aware there will be people who won't agree with me - I wouldn't have written this post or run a blog at all if I were worried about that.

    The difference between a free, regular, self-published, personal blog and the TV or a published magazine/ newspaper is also vast (and again I would have thought obvious) - in it's style, point, function, readership, meaning and impact. Not every blogger wants to be seen as a professional journalist. Bloggers try to develop original content, style, and self-expression - and personal opinions are part of that (some people even debate that it as an art form, and more similar to creative writing than journalism). Often journalists taking up blogging to help find their own 'personal voice'.

    The thing about blogging is that no one's paying to read it, blogs are not being shoved under the noses of vulnerable people, the audience are actively choosing to read - if people think it's wack or not for them they usually just stop reading it, no big deal. If for example, this blog didn't interest anyone or they thought it was rubbish I doubt it would have thousands of readers every month.

    I'm not sure what your point about research making you like things you didn't like before hand has to do with this post/ debate, I'm guessing it's a general personal insight? It's funny, a few of the points you've made sound unrelated & recycled from an argument we had a while back in person - but as you know I don't deal with personal biz online, so if you do still want to talk about that I suggest you ring me. Otherwise, thank you for contributing!

  9. Perez Hiltion gets millions of hits on a daily basis... but he's still talking a load of rubbish, promoting faceless consumer driven fads and trends. The number of hits you receive does not determine the quality of the post/blog etc etc. If thats how things work then Scooter are one of the greatest bands on the planet?

    I also don't think there is that much of a difference between print and online media.. other than one being pretty much un regulated... which i think is a good thing.

    My point about research was that it makes for a more informed and unbaised opinion...

    The point of your post was that you find the song offensive and are surprised by the lack of people speaking out against it.

    My view was that its not really that shocking... and i don't see the problem in allowing people to form there own opinions rather than putting pre conceived ideas into there head.

    I love the blogosphere, i love magazines and i'm very interested by the mass media, the cultural industries and their relationship with society. Its for this reason i replied to this post... it was not a personal attack. Just me throwing my ten pence in.
    I was very surprised by how outraged you where by the song/video and how the blogging community had reacted to it...

    If you'd like to cull laddish behavior and the representation of women as 'slags' within the media or the western conscious for that matter then i you wish you the best of luck.

  10. Oh dear those are very judgmental & narrow minded comments about Jimmy Carr and Perez Hilton - perhaps you should do some research in to them so you'll like them more.
    I agree - it's not all about numbers, it's also about the supportive messages, thank yous, support for & things you manage to make happen for other people, general love and interesting conversations you have about it that let you know your blog is worth something, and I appreciate that aspect of it so much.
    You haven't addressed what I said about the fact that most of these blogs usually do say something when presenting videos and haven't in this case. It's semantics but I didn't say I was shocked they weren't 'speaking out against it' I was surprised they weren't speaking about it at all - no info, no thoughts, no nothing - when they usually do. Again, it's semantics, but you have used the very emotive word 'outrage' here more than once and I haven't - because I'm not. As I said, I would normally ignore this kind of thing but there is not normally so much silence surrounding blog posts so I commented on it.
    If this song were using derogatory language about a race or sexual preference I doubt you would be implying my post is an overreaction. When everyone remains silent about such things I would consider that 'differentiated empathy' (when everyone thinks it's someone elses' job to sort something out or say something - so no one does). It might not be fashionable to say what you think about sexism but if no one addressed ignorance we wouldn't be where we are today; I'm just doing my part and saying what I think.

  11. and i agree with you completely,, sexism and the representation of women in the media needs be addressed and fought for...
    Sometimes however, i think it better to present a more powerful alternative than it is battle the negative aspects and areas of this world.

    Mode 2 too has written a rather epic ramble about a variety of things including numerous topics we have touched on in this post... you should check it out.. i don't agree with it all but its certainly makes for a interesting and thought provoking read.

    from the bastardization of Hip Hop, the pros and cons of the internet... a lot of stuff in there.

    see it here =

  12. I tried to respond to this blog the other day and feeling so strongly about it I thought I'd try again. In a nutshell I wanted to commend you Amelia for actually giving a damn about sexist (mis)representations of women through song and you shouldn't let the complacent - usually male - naysayers silence you. It's not enough just to have positive representations as Alex suggested, but also to pipe up about the bad. People have developed such apathy towards these things and they have all but been completely absorbed into the collective consciousness. I'm sick of all things being readily accepted as 'art' by some quarters without question. I think this is moral relativism taken to its looniest conclusion. To use an extreme example to some, kiddy porn might be art of sorts but it doesn't make it a valid contribution to society or the best use of the right to free expression. More specific to your original post I agree that people should at least have the courage to give some pre-amble to whatever clips they post. Even if they agree with the offensive ones let us at least know where we stand and if we want to continue watching as you pointed out. There was a clip being displayed on Facebook not long ago of tots doing salacious dancing. There was no comment to accompany the clip so one can only assume the point was to be appalled at the sexualisation of children. However if this isn't stated it merely gives free publicity to disturbing images or@ worst condones it. Don't let the uber-liberal though police shut you up. You're not reactionary merely because you still have the cojones to speak of your disapproval of pejorative references to women. As for anonymous posts, it is disingenuous to not ID oneself because they feel it feeds into 'celebrity' focus on who speaks and not what was said. They should just have the courage of their convictions - or lack thereof- and stand by what they say wholesale.

    Shalom, Tolita x

  13. Thanks for your comment Tolita.
    It's funny, I think the 'powerful alternative' to sexism Alex speaks of is how I try to live my life in general...I guess I see it as people's personal responsibility to respect themselves & each other - you can't tell anyone else what to think but you can control your own behaviour and reactions.
    As for the anonymity of comments - I'm not sure if in this case I see the link between celebrity being the only thing that would validate a point - especially on this blog! I'll debate with anyone...but I do think if people would like to remain anonymous it's their right. If they're having a go at someone else then I think it's cowardly & unfair, but there could be many reasons a person would like to remain anonymous.





  15. Newham Generals are one of the greatest acts in the country.

    The song is jokes.

    This blog is a fail. You lot write well over here though. I rate that. But the attitudes stink.

  16. You're entitled to your opinion of course, but you haven't backed it up. Where art is concerned we keep quality control on high over here - maybe that attitude stinks, I don't know, I don't care.

  17. Fucking rap....figures...



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