Saturday, 17 January 2009

I can't believe in Butta

I was reading this outstanding article today c/o The Smoking Section entitled "Why Pretty Ricky Should Be Executed". It was a thoroughly researched and just argument, and I feel no jury would be able to come to another conclusion.

I did feel however, that one point raised, Exhibit E, AKA Butta Creame, the band Pretty Ricky 'signed' (implying they are able to read and write, which we all know cannot be true) actually warrants a unique hearing all of its own...

At first, the image provided just makes you think - amateur r&b girl group in desperate need of a stylist. Upon watching the video for their single Sugar Daddy I felt they should be tried on their own, on thousands of counts. They key point being:
Desecrating the memory of 90s r&b girl groups and icons with their alternative nightmarish vision of what would happen if you crossed TLC, SWV & Aaliyah with Khia then threw water on the whole mess & fed it after midnight.

The video is so extreme in it's horror I started to doubt the authenticity of the group - is this a smoke screen created by Pretty Rickys management to draw the world's attention away from just how incredibly heinous they are? We were all under the impression there was nothing worse in the world than Pretty Ricky, and if this fact is true then how could Butta Creame really exist? This is the case I put to you faithful readers, watch this video and decide for yourselves.


  1. oh WOW!! im so hood, gold digger is what they call me??!!!!!..I need a sugar daddy( with added booty dance!!)


    This video really tickled me! Firstly I haven't seen nails that long since SWV secondly they can sing-ish.. its just the substance of the lyrics they gotta work on and umm as your the whole image thing...they need help DRASTICALLY!! The last time i saw that leather baggy pants look was when total/escape and jodeci was around!i actually don't know if they can be saved!!
    When i saw the video The Roots video (what they do) came to mind LOL they should of had captions like "the money shot" or " Looking hardcore while gettin a tat done shot" This is the perfect example of how NOT to do a video!

    Great Entertainment value though! LOL


  2. AMELIA! your description of this group could not be more on point! i completely forgot about this video (yes, i have seen it before). my first impression was, way to go and back track on the image of black women.

    they need a stylist BADLY.
    i think pretty ricky just wants everyone to be all sexed up and out or something. they went and found a group of girls that were willing to be the female version of them.

  3. Hey, its better than their other options in life... i.e porn or drug habbits...

    On the other hand,, have you heard 'Lessons in Chemistry' by TMP. Best commercial RNB track of the year so far. It's f**kin dope... and one of em' is Chris Accabusys daughter.. AWWWOOGAAA!



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