Sunday, 25 January 2009

FREE ARTIST MEDIA TRAINING - Top 5 Tips From Kanye West, Wale, Marilyn Manson, Amanda Diva & John Cena

These guys have done the hard work so you don't have to.

Rule # 1. Grow a very thick skin before you start - do not take it personally.

When Eskay posted the now infamous Amanda Diva is a Hustler - Amanda Diva vs. Nah Right comments section Round 3. article she was, quote, "internet raped" (savagely).

She looks like she has a prolific vagini..../ I give it five years before she finally calls it quits…failing at everything before finally being being purged from the bottom of the pr0n industry/ In two years that bitches legs will be straight cottage cheese/ i would hit it raw on a sunday

Eskay claimed it wasn't his fault when Amanda told him off on Twitter for instigating - putting up an unauthorised provocative pic and setting the scene with the "vs." thing. Most people would have considered jumping off the nearest bridge after such a public barrage of depraved sexual bullying - but Amanda shrugged it off pretty quickly and moved on. After all, she has a life.

Rule # 2. Don't be a twat (especially on camera).
Kanye West demonstrates this point beautifully here.

A message from kwest on Vimeo.

Rule # 3. Don't say yes to every single interview.
Marilyn Manson on Popworld 4 years ago, entirely unable to contain both his superior intellect and general sense of superiority, refusing to kowtow to the Amstell 'let's break all the accepted rules of making good interviews on purpose!' style.

Rule # 4. ALWAYS include the question in the answer. Especially if you go on CNN. Remember to read the release form very carefully, clever editing can turn you in to a drug-taking wrestler.

Rule # 5. Don't air your shit online, it's a very small world. Last week (Wed 21st Jan) Wale provided the perfect example on Twitter during an interview with DJ Semtex - check Semtex's blog for his take on it (you may recognize a few names in the comments section!). I wonder if Souljah Boy is now going to make an animated cartoon of Joe Budden showing up outside Wales' house, where Young Buck will be sitting on the front step crying in to Saigons' bare chest...

SEMTEX: “@WaleDC Thanks for the interview bro!

WALE: “am i the only artist who hates doin interviews??”

SEMTEX: @WaleDC I cant use the interview because it sounds flat compared to the stuff I got from Nas, Common, Lupe, etc

WALE: @djsemtex sayin I hate interviews means ..all the ones that are the same …for the same audience same questions…

SEMTEX: @WaleDC believe it or not, people may be interested on your take on the History that just took place in your hometown

WALE: “it seem like im dissin you because I say I “hate” interviews it seems a bit forced..I did several interviews b4 u that day..and after you.

WALE: @djsemtex every body has a part at they job that redundant or not exciting…in this day of 1000 websites and does become tedious

SEMTEX: @WaleDC sorry for wasting your time. I just caught a severe case of ‘why did I bother’.

WALE: “I aint never disrespect anybody…but now I see for myself that u can’t voice ur opinion on “twitter” without makin someone feel it abut thm”

WALE: “dr twitter friends…ask ur 10 best friends to ask u the same question…while ur at work/school..make sure its the SAME qustions… make sure they do this everyday for a at the end of this process u will understand what “I hate interviews” means

WALE: @Semtex see u take somethin that wasn’t directed at u to a whole other level..I had many intvws before u.and my publicist said that u wasnt "

SEMTEX: @WaleDC you put it on twitter that you hate doing interviews while people were interviewing u. I put it out on twitter that thats not cool.

WALE: @Semtex its like u WANT to start tension..I told u prior to the intvw what happend..but u ran with it anyways..u didn’t tell me u were upset”

SEMTEX: @WaleDC as a lot of people out here don’t know who you are. If you can’t see what the issue is….. There’s no tension, I’m just saying

WALE: @Semtex to my understanding that itvw was suposed to b two days ago…that should be the biggest sign to let u lnow u was even intwn me

SEMTEX: @WaleDC that’s it. Djs, journalists, bloggers, we support artists. I waited 90 mins to talk to you, and I probably did repeat a few Q’s..

WALE: @Semtex so for u to try to make me look smug for non reason isn’t all …I didn’t say anything about u ..u want it to lok tht way?y

SEMTEX: @WaleDC twitter works both ways. You hate doing interviews, I hate doing interviews with artists that don’t like being interviewed,.."

WALE: “Who was offeneded by my “I hate interviews” twitt it really wasn’t that serious…but I apologize nevertheless..I’m learnin as I go."

WALE: @Semtex I didn’t know u waited 90 min I have n LA publicist and a NY publicist that wernt aware of what was goin on

SEMTEX: @WaleDC especially after I’ve been blazing your music all year, and getting other djs to play it. Bro I edited both of your last mixtapes for airplay. Do you know how long that takes? Bro I told the head of the biggest station in europe to blaze your shit when it drops

WALE: @Semtex its not like u called me n was on hold…and like I said I had been doin intvws all I wa proly doin one while u waited

SEMTEX: @WaleDC there is no beef, no tension, no blackballing, I’m just saying please give a f*ck when the next kid interviews you."

WALE: “Ok..I’m 100 pct done with TWITTER it was fun while it lasted…I can’t do it..thnx to all for supporting me..and I hope u all continue to! 1"
FYI Wale returned to Twitter about 4 hours ago & apparently this is all sorted. Not getting a mention in the 2009 edition of how to make friends & influence people methinks.

There you have it folks - to summarize - don't act like a fool in front of other people, and try not to let it faze you when other people act the fool. Simple.


  1. Excellent blog post!

    Do you think Kanye listens back to the talking parts of his debut album, where he talks about running out of money and opportunities, and realises that person was actually him and not just someone that sounds like him?



  2. Thanks Gav!
    To me Kanye comes across like a little kid who can't believe all this is really happening to him so he's boasting embarrassingly. This LV stuff is so small fry compared to someone like Jay Z's game and I'm sure he's very aware of that. In fact I saw an interview with him on VBS.TV not long ago where he was talking about that...
    Ah, we're all human & we all do embarrassing things but Kanye seems to do so many with the cameras rolling.

  3. the wale conversation is very interesting. i've been coming across friends that used to associate with wale in the music scene here in DC and he completely disses them now that his name is everywhere.

    someone should have told him that he would get interviewed a million times and he will need to answer those questions like its the first time he's heard it.
    and not b*tch about it where your fan base can read about it.



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