Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Crazy Cousinz make me feel really old.

Apparently this is what the kids are listening to nowadays. Quite hard to know these things if you don't have a tv and are mildly allergic to Choice fm.

Crazy Cousinz ft Kyla - Do you mind?
This comes out on 26th Jan with loads of remixes by Wiley, Bashy etc, and the Crazy Cousinz album This is Funky Vol 1 drops in March. I keep thinking I'm in a late 90s time warp and someone's going to start yelling reeewind selectah over the top. I'm not posting this because I love it, I'm trying to look young. (I'm 25, and I have been assured that despite this fact I'm a 'choong ting stillll'.)


  1. Oh My God! I am much much older than you and, I think Crazy Cousinz are wicked AND I don't feel old, at all!

    Then again, I am a DJ, music buyer/listener, and i love to dance when I go out. I don't think about or tie myself to years/periods/fads/or fashions. To me,everyday is just another good day for music, on good ol'
    Planet Earth.

    I also have no problem with any producer rinsing the same sound/beats until the public are sick of it...
    Jam & Lewis, Soul II Soul, Stock Aitken & Waterman, Timbaland etc etc.
    That's their trademark. That's part of what hooked the listener in. Obviously, sooner or later CC will have to change their soca-based rhythm track but, for now, I've enjoyed jammin to this for the last 3 years!
    Rinse away :)

    At 25, you're certainly not old in years - unless you're a dog or a cat (?) - just in 'mind', perhaps? Believe me, even in reggae/dancehall/bashment clubs they STILL shout "Pull Up!", "Rewind" etc etc - just as they did in 70's, 80's, and 90's. Some things never change.



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