Thursday, 15 January 2009

Am I stalking Jay Smooth?

I've started to worry that watching all 70 of his Youtube videos in a very short space of time might get me in trouble, I know Youtube had to hand over loads of data about their users last year and I don't know who's analysing it or what for...
You may have heard of Ill Doctrine, the blog run by Jay Smooth, credited as the creator of the hip hop music blog (also see He also runs the longest running New York hip hop radio show, The Underground Railroad (Stop. Think about the title. Read on.) If those weren't credentials enough, he has to be the greatest video blogger of all time. Why? Because he's one of the greatest people you'll ever come across (online or otherwise).
To be intelligent, well rounded, sensitive, thoughtful, intellectual, creative, pragmatic, down to earth, open minded, mature, moral, empathetic, insightful, humble, interesting, funny and enlightening is probably too much to ask for most of us to achieve all at the same time at any one point in our lifetimes. Jay somehow achieves this in 5 minutes or less in almost every podcast - I sit there feeling really smug and happy, as though I were somehow on the side of right and his particular brand of wonderful has rubbed off on me just because I watched the mans podcast and agreed. OK, I didn't just agree, I might have yelled "Yeah! Exactly!! You tell 'em!!!" at my laptop a few times (all the time).
I've picked out a few of my favourite videos for you here. I'm so sad I've now watched them all and the last one he made was 2 weeks ago, so I'm having to re-watch them and hope no one discovers my secret. Damn it. Just subscribe to his Youtube channel.

Being First

Exactly what I think about blogging. Put much better than I can.

Machine Guns and Stupid Choices

Give this man a tv show, no a country.

Hipster Rap


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  1. i've been doing the same thing, so you're definitely not alone



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