Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The McFerrins

I'm a little slow on the uptake occasionally (especially when it comes to jazz unfortunately), but I came across this clip of Bobby McFerrin today. I knew he was an amazing singer but didn't know quite how unique & pioneering he is (he didn't only make Don't Worry Be Happy & The Cosby show theme tune...). In 1984 he made The Voice, the first solo acapella jazz album with no overdubbing. The child of opera singers, he has a vocal range of four octaves, can switch between normal and falsetto registers to create polyphonic effects, is an expert in vocal percussion, he can "throat sing"a practice common in central Asian regions such as Tuva and Tibet in which the singer excites the natural overtones from the fundamental vocal pitch, producing a two-or three-part chord of notes from one voice. "Scatting" often makes me cringe - personal thing - but this clip is just amazing.

This is just beautiful - Richard Bona with Bobby McFerrin. I'm a little watery after watching it.

He's touring throughout Europe this Spring, I didn't see any London dates but I'm down to travel.

I'd heard about Taylor McFerrin too but never put two and two together (he's Bobby's son) - doh. If you haven't already please check out his myspace - he's one of the most exciting artists I've heard about all year. Every song on there is innovative, soulful, magical and a real pleasure. Here is Taylor performing with our very own Ty - I hate that I wasn't at this gig!

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  1. oh yeah... I checked out his myspace... yes, indeedy... TM is very heavy!!



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