Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The biggest party bangers for the biggest party of 2008 (er, we hope!)

I normally find these round ups boring unless you get something out of it - so here's the deal.
  • Pick your top 5 party tunes of the year in comments below this post
  • If you're anonymous write a name in the comment so you can enter the competiton
  • If you can't choose & there were a couple by the same artist you can put them as an either/or
  • The best gets their name + 1 on the (extremely limited) guest list for the Put Me On It party.
  • I'll forward the whole list on to the DJs and if they can fit them in they will (I did pick these guys because they're amazing though so regardless this is going to be off the hook - bring kicks, a sweat rag, fan, change of clothes, deodorant - whatever you need).
  • This competition closes on Tuesday 16th December


  1. 1. Common ft. Pharrell- Universal Mind Control
    2. Q-Tip- Gettin' Up
    3. S1 ft. Phonte - Callin' Me
    4.Crown City Rockers - Body Rock
    5.Benga- 26 Basslines

    Honourable mentions:

    -Illa J- We Here
    -DJ Mujava- Township Funk
    -T.I. ft. Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne & Kanye West- SLU (Swagger Like Us)

    there's more. too many more. i'll cease before i get carried away.

  2. Mmm, nice. I prefer Everywhere off UMC, but Calling Me sat on repeat for a month.

  3. oh, wait, few more, i had to wait for them to come to me:

    -Black Milk- Give The Drummer Sum
    -Hudson Mohawke- Oops (Oh My) (Tweet Refix)
    -N*E*R*D*- Everyone Nose
    -Olivier Day Soul- Spaceship
    -Lil' Wayne- A Milli

  4. to be honest Amelia, i'd let the whole of the UMC LP run on the deck- bar Changes- everything else is discernible shuck-attack audio.

  5. ok... don't enter me for the comp as sadly i'll be away so can't make the party. BIG shame. 5 bangers though:

    Erykah - Soldier
    Paul White - Design Centre
    TRG - Broken Heart (Martyn's mix..)
    floatingpoints - KG Beat
    mike slott/muhsinah - deux three

  6. How about

    Dam Funk - Burgundy City

    Busta Rhymes - Light Up a Fire

    Invincible - Sledgehammer

    Madlib - Blow the horns on em/ Drinks Up

    Hudson Mohawke - Zooooom

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Damn it Ben! Surely there's nowhere better you could be?!

  9. Ok goes....IN NO ORDER!!

    Q-Tip- Gettin' Up

    Attaca Pesante- Make it funky for me

    Jay Electronica- Exhibit A

    Erykah Badu- The healer ---not necessarily a 'dancy' banger but you KNOW when it drops everyone does some mad hippy movements....

    N*E*R*D*- Everyone Nose

    I'd like to say Kid Cudi- Day 'n' Nite since i heard that track months before it got absolutely rinsed and now has become a bait song.....but hey, understandable if it doesn't drop on the nite lol.

    Yes...i have the same tracks as others....but if i really looked for songs i'd be here for hours!!!

  10. Can I play no music from 2008 please :)

  11. Mrs, The Healer IS a big dancefloor tune. One to get your badmanscrewfacesoldiermarch on to in the dark.

    Ben, I don't care what you play as long as it makes us all sweaty...

  12. ok I'm taking what Benny said literally and going proper old skool for my choices....

    In no real order of favs....

    Tony Toni Toné - Let's Get Down
    Chaka Demus + Pliers - Murder She Wrote
    Cheryl Lynn - Encore
    Blackstreet - No Diggity
    Eric B & Rakim - Juice

  13. Alex- Thas not fair.....obviously we'd all have chosen waaaaay better tunes if it wasn't a choice of this year in particular therefore it's only fair that you choose 5 from this year and this year only....


    Good choices btw!

  14. oops.. sre my bad... I totally didn't read the top bit properly. doh! I couldn't understand why no one else had dropped any classics in there.. lol

    and I had to work as well so missed the whole party :( pics look like fun tho :)



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