Sunday, 9 November 2008

On Dizzee vs. Paxman

So I'm here in Accra basking in Obamania, simultaneously getting a little tired of all things American-election related (after all, we have our own in a month's time), and I came across this:


I'm a part-time fan of Dizzee's music - the guy's half-Ghanaian: how could I not be? - and I like the fact that he experiments with his sound and shows some growth from album to album: something rare in the British charts. I even think that he made a valid point or two, although I reckon Ty, Roots Manuva or Soweto Kinch, for example, might have made those points better.

The whole thing reminded me of this Dave Chappelle sketch though:


That said, it's a little unfair to disparage Dizzee over this. He's a musician who (looking at his some of his recent videos) has recently taken on the additional mantle of 'entertainer' and he did exactly that: entertained.

Or tried to.

It's not his fault the BBC chose him over, say, Henry Bonsu... who is also Ghanaian.

I'm just saying.


  1. Kobby, nail on the head. I have actually seen Ty on TV (I think the Daily Politics?) very eloquently expressing his views on various matters of I can't help hoping maybe Dizzee was just walking past and someone grabbed him and asked if he had a spare 5 mins? Or told him that was the dress rehearsal? I think his heart's in the right place and he probably wasn't aware that he would be seen as misrepresenting the voice of the young black UK but still - think before you speak.

    NB, I also think that despite being a dick (the 'do you feel British' question was infuriating), Paxman really restrained himself there - I've seen him destroy people...although I guess why embarrass someone who's doing such a good job of it themselves?

  2. So true. agree with your points to Amelia.

    I kinda got the vibe that there was an intention there to not brief him. Its a shame.

    I love Paxman though.

  3. this was one of the funniest things I've ever watched.

    Paxman" Do you believe in political parties in Britain?"
    Dizzee: "Yeah. They exist."

    I've been worried about what I'd doo without all funny ways of George Bush, now I know if ever I'm in need - Dizzee can come to the rescue. He's "just here, innit" and so true to his dizzy name.



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