Sunday, 23 November 2008

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Who's Looking For The Put Me On It Party?! I sure as hell am....perfect party to end the year...mad props to Amelia on this one!
On another note....I've recently been listening to 1xtra in the office....i think i'm like a few years late on jumping on the 1xtra bandwagon...Anyhoo back to the whole point of the post...
I thought i'd share a few tracks that are keeping me....floating in amidst these cold temperatures....

Hill St Soul- Wash Away

Raphael Saadiq- 'Skyy, Can you feel me?'

-Had the pleasure of seeing him live on the 12th, Once i steal the live rendition from Chocolate Bear who captured it...i shall upload! Absolutely mesmerised me seeing him live singing this song *floats away*

Next song....

Can- Vitamin C

Courtesy of Gilles Peterson dropping the track on his show and reminding me how much i LOVE this song.....I hope you guys do too!

Last but not least....this always makes me start smiling....really bad sound on the video.....sowwy!

Raymun-Do you feel like i feel

I'm afraid i'm not as technologically advanced as most on this blog so now idea how to upload downloads n all i could give you was the videos i'm afraid!

Hope those tracks have warmed up you up as much as it has done to me in these temperatures!

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