Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Red Bull Music Academy 08 - Barca!

I've just been on the Red Bull Music Academy site for over an hour, wondering how the lovely Fatima is getting on, but there was so much to see I had to stay. As most I'm sure you all know RBMA is a yearly collection of (generally) some of the most obscenely talented up and coming artists from around the world and this year Fatima (if you don't know about her I really don't know how you've managed that one - if not check this wicked interview with the gyal on Black N Bling) is in Barcelona with the crew.

Also in attendance this year repping UK is Jamie Woon. I think one of my first posts on here was about how much I love Jamie - I still do, maybe even more. Here's why:

This year as ever they have some crazy guests and lecturers - the Barca crew got CHUCK D!!! I'm really annoyed I can't embed the video but you should definitely watch his lecture - and check out Fatima's face - pure rapture! One thing I did find was Exile on his MPC live - and I thought I'd seen some sh*t.

I'll try and get some more info from Barca for you, I find the RBMA fascinating and so exciting - the collaborations that have come out of it from so many of the artists (even contributors!) we talk about on this blog are just crazy.


  1. That Exile MPC vid is pretty sweet. You seen the vids of DJ Day on his?...

    And then some Thes One and Double K MPC/Production stuff...





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