Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Oddisee & Saigon's new track care of Pete Rosenberg...

You know I hate to post what every other blog is chatting about but Oddisee is PMOI fam. The first track from A Rosenberg Oddisee (mmm, cheese - see below) went up on Peters' blog today & although I was hoping O would come post the link himself he's stuck in the lab so I'll help out. To download it click here - yeah it's crazy but wait till you hear the Nikki Jean tune - I can't take it off repeat, the drums are totally insane. I'll play it to you down the phone if you ask me nicely but it'll just make you sad you don't have it yet so I wouldn't bother if I were you, the EP's coming out in a week. Huge shout outs to Peter for putting this together but more importantly, for not making it big in NY & forgetting the talent back home in DC.
Here's an example of Pete keeping it real - and it's also something I haven't seen on every other blog today...

Prize for the first person to name the DC artist cameos in this video. I'll buy you some lovely Manchego or Comté...


  1. play it down my phone.

    101 and 102 are going to be copped from my student loan tomorow morning.

    now lets watch him blow up.

    but seriously, play it down my phone!!!



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