Sunday, 5 October 2008

Eid Mubarak= Family Time

Since Eid dropped and passed, my family bring out the old Bollywood tapes and we all have a sing along, laugh at the state of some dancing the new Bollywood actresses, attempt a few moves ourselves, food was on rotation throughout the evening and the dancing didn't fizzle out until the early morning- excusing my man flu which resulted in me being flat out in bed for most of the evening- Eid has now finished, bring on the next one in 2 months! Woohoo!

I thought i'd share a few classic videos of some tracks my family tend to drop on a regs on these family affairs,

First off is the classic song my dad loves to sing along to for my mother who hides in the kitchen whenever it drops and me and my sister cringe behind the sofa...

-The first few lines translates as something like, 'You are my holy temple, You are my act of worship, You are God, itself for me.' (Please correct me if i'm wrong as i only understand Hindi to certain extent!) The singer is Lata Mangeshkar, Google her for samples, since I was a baby, her voice is forever played in my household, she has the most amazing voice and has been the main singer for so many hit Bollywood films.

Ok next song is just a classic, one of my favourite dances, my mum starts hitting them high notes when it gets dropped, my cousins start dancing the hips away...

'Nimbooda' means something like lemon/lime, In the song the person is asking for it as its sourness will help to protect against evil and envious eyes of people. From the really famous film, Hum dil de chuke sanam, one of my faves actually!

The next song is from a film that was a remake of a very old folk tale that has been passed on from generations, my grandmother used to tell me this story when i was little, a tragedy, a classic and was then remade with famous Bollywood stars and a big budget, 'Devdas', I've chosen my outfit for my future wedding from this song, my cousins getting her dance moves ready...a modern day classic...

Last but not least, A R Rahman, world famous Indian music producer, absolutely blows my mind away in his skills with the music for this film, here is one of the most famous songs from this film, 'Dil Se'...

If you need names, info on any of the songs mentioned, just contact me, I'd love to help! If I got anything wrong translation wise, please let me know! Hindi really isn't my first language!


  1. AMAZING!!! That's why I love this blog, I really don't give a what about the latest mixtape download. You HAVE to have me round for a Bollywood session - they're all huge tunes, I want to see all those films! Oh, and now I want to wear that outfit to my wedding too!

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  3. oh god Mal. did you really post up Bollywood stuff? lmao, cringe.

    old skool Indian moustaches are bashy though.

  4. Heehee...why not?
    Bollywood can be doses.
    SMALL doses.



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