Saturday, 11 October 2008

Dancer in the Dark and some glitch business...

I didn't have a blog in 2000 when this film came out so I'm posting retrospectively. I'm not very good with films involving dancers and sadness (I was sooo embarrassing, sobbing my heart out in the cinema at the end of House of Flying Daggers), so I actually have never seen Dancer in the Dark. I love Bjork too much, it would kill me.

The first film to have an overture since 1979 (Star Wars), shot entirely on a hand held camera, this musical stars Bjork as a Czech immigrant worker in the Washington State of 1964. She is working in a factory saving up every penny because she has a hereditary disease that's sending her blind and she wants to stop her son from going through the same. Her only escape from reality is watching musicals and daydreaming...

Björk ft. Thom Yorke - I've Seen It All from Selmasongs the soundtrack to the film (click the link to download a lot of it, Bjork always creates these amazing microsites for her work - check it).

I won't tell you what happens in case you haven't seen it yet but put it this way - I cried when I was told the story. There's a rumor going around that Bjork and Thom Yorke are about to team up again on a new single entitled "Nattura", which is the name of an Icelandic environmental organisation Bjork supports. I cannot wait.

This summer Nattura held a concert that sounds pretty amazing - Bjork, Sigur Ross and Múm. Múm for all you glitch heads out there, are an Icelandic group who've been making delicious electronic tings for 11 years. I heard about them through Arovane who's also been around for a long time, I think I was listening to their stuff about 6 years ago (not off my own back, through far more knowledgeable sources of course). Here's Please Sing My Spring, made back in 2001.

Sorry to be such a nerd but I just can't post about Beyonce's new video.


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