Friday, 31 October 2008

Calling all video directors!

Do you have artistic vision, creativity & access to stylists?
Then Black Milk needs YOU!

Sorry, no reflection on Black Milk - he's amazing, but after Kanye's incredible Love Lockdown video the artistic bar has been raised, and for a song like this the video should have blown our minds. It clearly had a budget so what happened? Maybe I'm being too harsh but this isn't pushing any envelopes in my world. Argggh, the sunglasses, the camera discomfort, rapping along to the Quasimoto sounding chorus, the average girls who came straight from work and didn't change or feel like dancing much, the hilarious bassist who gets all over-excited near the end, the unnecessary graphics that 'don't make no sense', but mainly THE DRUMMERS - what you thought no one would see you lot wearing jeans behind the drum kits and who let the white bow tie one wear Kanye from two years ago shades?! Give the drummer some what? Style? Vegetables? Hugs? Oh I'm going to get cussed but come on.


  1. am i the only one not feeling this track? !!

  2. Pretty much...No actually, DJs aren't either, haven't heard it in a club yet. Criminal.



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