Friday, 3 October 2008

Busta Rhymes - Arab Money. Cringe.

I wouldn't normally post anything that'll be on every other blog but - embarrassing Dads at a wedding anyone?! Westwood does it again.

Here's the link to Arab Money, produced by Bangladesh, just in case you want to practice at home with the whole family. If you do please film it and put it on Youtube for my amusement.
Kev Brown should be relieved his recent AMAZING Busta track Packin' Them Thangs didn't make Busta's album or he'd probably have to do some ridiculous dance miming packing heat - and somehow I don't think Kev'll be able to get Ludacris to come bail him out if he has trouble at the airport on his upcoming European tour...

*NB I'm not leaving the Kev Brown track up long, I'm looking for an imeem link or something. He knows where I live.


  1. so he couldnt make any hits over dre's ghost producers, he goes & makes this trash. this woulda been hot when sermon had react out & truth hurts was out. i hear the desperation. im still bumpin' dillagence.

  2. Jokes!!!!!! westwood 'my timing is all over the place!'



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