Thursday, 18 September 2008

Take off your backpack and party...

On Sunday night I partied in New York for the first time - I'm on holiday so I'm trying to take a bit of a break from partying but I headed to Downtown Manhattan venue Knitting Factory for the first year anniversary of The Lunchroom, DJ Sucio Smash's night. The Knitting Factory is a multi-room club and the party was downstairs in a dark, grimy basement (promising). The line up included Blu and Mainframe, A.G., Oddisee, Fresh Daily, Homeboy Sandman, P.Casso, Cy Marshall Law and Londons' own Shortee Blitz.

There was some bizarre programming - A.G. went on before P.Casso - I know, I don't know who P.Casso is either and I doubt you'll be hearing much from him considering his performance (FYI there were a few other programming issues and Large Pro was supposedly going to show up for a surprise thing but didn't - which may be his new party piece). Maybe putting acts on at random despite their status and crowd-pulling power is a New York thing. The show was pretty good - wasn't very busy but then underground is underground wherever you go. I left during P.Casso's set due to jet lag, and an overly-bloated line up (let me spit one more reeaalllyyy long freestyle fo y'all...).

What I couldn't get my head around was the crowd - it was a small sea of backpacks and they barely even nodded their heads. The only person who seemed to be really enjoying it was Homeboy Sandman?! I asked about it and was informed that NY heads have become so intellectual about hip hop they've forgotten how to party which I found incredible, but to be honest - they were so dry. I'm about to see if they know how to party in LA (fingers crossed) - in the meantime here's a little clip of Homeboy Sandman from another night, he's considered one of the most prolific performers and energetic hip hop fans in New York. Reminds me of a grime artist.


  1. OUCH! Did I suck that badly? I'm glad you came out to the show. I hope that people will hear about my music in the future. I have a project coming out with Homeboy Sandman and I just got XXL chairman's choice this month. I encourage you to come to another one of my shows (cover is on me this time!) If you're not jet lagged maybe you can stay for my entire performance and hopefully you will see that I have something to offer.

  2. BTW... the clip that you posted has me performing my song "Best in Show" with Sandman around the 2:00 mark. Performance looked pretty dope to me. I performed that song at the Blu show at the end of my set. The crowd was at a fever pitch but you probably left by then. No worries, thanks for the honest feedback.

  3. One of the golden rules for contributors to this blog is not to be unfair or slanderous so I'm glad that you appreciate I was just being honest.
    A.G. is undeniably a hip hop legend and so it did seem odd for anyone but Blu to come on after him. Traditionally most flyers denote the line up of a night and I don't know if you've seen the one for the Lunchroom that night but it was a little confusing.
    As for your performance - as I said I had jet lag but I feel that wearing sunglasses in a dark club alienates you from the crowd and all of the previous performers interacted a lot more but that's just my opinion.
    I hope you don't take this personally and I'm sure that I will hear more of your music in future - I will keep an open mind and look out for it. Thank you for commenting.

  4. I don't take it personally and I appreciate your honesty! Keep doing your thing on the blogs... I'll be reading



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