Friday, 19 September 2008

Putting the She Say into VJ....Food for eyes and ears

My mate'd kill me for calling her that! Was too lazy to find a rhyme with visual artist...Anyways, recently I've had a good injection of really inspiring and inspired eye fodder thats transformed my ear's experience of music. All definitely 'ones to watch'....

ladies first as they say....

Someone who'll be giving Anish Capoor a run for his dolla is
Sophie Clements. Last weekend I was very chuffed to go see her show move from a bare-brick workshop in Hackney to a massive glasshouse round the back of the Royal Opera House. Acclaimed choreographer Wayne MacGregor had commissioned a load of artists to create works that scintillate the senses for his Deloitte Ignite 08 Festival. Sophie collaborated with experimental sound artist Scanner to create this massive live installation called "Of Air and Ear", a series of huge screens were suspended from the ceiling across the room, projectors pointing in from each end of the hall. Most of the time I don't quite 'get' abstract modern art, but what she did with just squares, circles and lines was breath-taking. The pic is just a glimpse, so if you feel like some understated grace, check the link to her online portfolio, award-winning film Evensong is a beauty.

Across several time-zones and media, voted top 10 of the world's best VJ's by DJMag,

Tokyo-based illustrator Shantell Martin unravels playful delicate stories with a live drawing technique she calls PPP (pen-paper-projector). Plenty plenty clips here to bring her fantastical delight to an afternoon skiving off work, surfing netdom. This woman is fresh!!

On the lo-fi hand-made tip, also keep a peeper out for
The Paper Cinema. Was blown away by a show they did with band, Perico for a Future Shorts night in SE1. They cut out little characters, sets n whatnot from paper and using a simple video camera, created a magical live animation. Their latest show 'Night Flyer' is on at the BAC (18-20th, 25-27 Septth, 2-4th Oct).

And to wrap it up a piece by long-standing collaborators and general bad-men Jamie Lidell and VJ Pablo Fiasco. This is going back to '04 but its still as fresh and filthy as a lynx on heat...

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  1. Ooooowee thanks Mrs T. I used to know Shantell before she went Japan side - she was good mates with the old skool Size? crew such as James Hamilton, who I believe is also busy being a spectacular artiste or summat.



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