Saturday, 27 September 2008

Janelle is the one.

Who wants to go live in Metropolis? I do!


  1. DANG!

    Janelle is not the one. She's "number one, two, three, four and five..."!

    Just trying to imagine how DOPE her live shows must be. Did you see those moves? I passed out when she moonwalked.

    This right here is why I need to head back to the West because I know you lucky Londoners are going to be blessed with her presence someday while I'm stuck out here in the African sticks, front row, dodging sweat from Fat Joe's towel.

    I hate you all (with love).

  2. I believe this video is amazing! And she's amazing! And she's blowing up! Love herrrrr!

  3. hmmm i'm prepared to swallow my words at some point but i'm not convinced about this one. can't quite figure out why but i tend to walk away from Ms. Monae thinking what a beautiful face....



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