Tuesday, 12 August 2008


I just found this. I really hope somebody does a tribute concert as beautiful and with as much love as this one for Isaac. We seem to be coming to a time where many of the people responsible for the significant changes in black music and civil rights are passing away, certainly many legends of the 60s are reaching an age where perhaps fast living will start to tell on you...I just hope it doesn't take that for us to fully appreciate the people we still have. I'm glad I saw Isaac Hayes, James Brown, Dilla and Lynden David Hall perform all shortly before they died. They were amazing artists who meant a lot to me...I grew up with a strange sense of family about musicians (my Dad shouted 'Uncle Ray!' whenever he saw Ray Charles on TV to the point I really thought he was my uncle), so when they're gone it feels as though a distant part of my family has gone. I hope I don't have to add any more names to that list anytime soon.


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