Sunday, 31 August 2008

I Miss Ms Lauryn Hill...

I wasn't going to write anything about this...I try to steer clear of the same old things everyone else is talking about online but I've been thinking about it all week. The lead article (as I'm sure you all know) in Rolling Stone Magazine this week is Inside "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" - to mark 10 years since it's release. It was a very interesting piece (all 11 pages of it!) and I'd like to post up a snippet of my favourite section for you to read here - first though make sure you turn on the clip below, when I read the article it was significantly lacking in sound.
To Zion Feat Lauryn Hill - Santana

"To Zion"

Jackson: She called me and sang a verse of "Zion" and I was literally in tears. I went through that with her as a friend, Wendy Williams blowing her spot about her pregnancy on the radio. No one knew! It was definitely a Where's Waldo moment 'cause no one knew who Lauryn was dating.

Marley: She ended up having a child from myself and ones telling her she need to abort the child. Those songs, it's all her experience.

Nobles: Out of all the records, "Zion" was her baby because it was about her child. Can't nobody interfere with that right there. That drum roll inspired Kanye's "Jesus Walks," I know it did!

Commissioner Gordon: I remember the first time she sang "To Zion" to me I almost started crying on the spot. Che put together a drum loop and she came over right next to me at the board and started singing "Zion" in my ear. These circumstances she's singing about I know first hand. I'm at the label hearing everybody say, "How's this girl gonna get pregnant now?!" Then Carlos [Santana] played his guitar in Miami at Circle House Studios. It was a swap. She wanted Carlos to play "Zion" and she did a song for Supernatural.

After having five children I wouldn't be making amazing albums either so I'm not upset with her for that, I just hope that the description aimed at her of being 'pathologically miserable' after she told the Vatican off for child abuse isn't wholly true. She has gone a little self-righteous and strange over the years - the MTV Unplugged material whilst beautiful is hard to listen to for long, and the Fugees reunion was undeniably bad. I wouldn't normally put up this much of an artists' music for download in one go however a fair bit of it is hard to get hold of to buy. You may have some of it but I wanted to share with you why I put these songs together...

1. His Eye Is On The Sparrow - I was in Nigeria when I first saw Sister Act 2 - it inspired us to form a church choir, put on a Christmas concert and perform a lot of the soundtrack which was a pretty amazing experience.
2. If I Ruled The World - My favourite Nas song - blasphemous but true.
3. Mr Intentional - one of the most beautiful songs from the Unplugged session
4. Final Hour - proof she's still here
5. Boom Biddy Bye Bye - a Fugees & Cypress Hill tune I love but never hear
6. Do You Like The Way - Cee Lo, Santana & Hill on one track. Bliss.
7. So High - a strange reversal in fortunes for the man for whom an entire year of Uni was known as 'the guy who played keys on Doo Wop (That Thing)'
8. The Mystery Of Iniquity - Grammy nominated but perhaps the biggest honour is what Kanye did with it...
9. Rumble in the Jungle - made my Dad understand hip hop
10. A Change Gonna Come - would have been musical perfection had Wyclef had some sense and STFU.

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  1. on tha download. . bookmarking yu too.

  2. Hey, I've heard about you - nice blog, I'll link you. See you at Deviation tonight, I'll be dancing at the back in the dark like a crazy.



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