Saturday, 16 August 2008


OK, so the other day I had a slightly unusual request from a PMOIT reader who happens to be a hip hop DJ and was wondering if I could hook him up with some music...I'm not a DJ (I'm too pussy and I hang about with such amazing DJs I wouldn't even want to try) but I would say I'm a bedroom selectah. So I'm going to oblige this request - but it wouldn't be fair not to share it with all the other lovely people who read this blog (thank you thank you love you love you). I can't mix so it's just 21 tunes I'm listening to at the moment, some of it's old (but not old skool), the nerdier among you may have a lot of it, some of it's really obnoxious - sorry about the Obie Trice lyrics but I really only listen to beats (please see Dave Chapelle's 'hit em with a dick, fuck em in the eye' sketch for an explanation), and to be honest I kept all my serious gems for myself (I think I have DJ mentality)...but these are all tunes I'd love to hear out a bit more so I'm putting them out there. If you don't know about Invincible she's my knew favourite thing so I'm going to post the video below the mix.
Click the pic to enjoy!
or click HERE for a really fast download!


Invincible - Sledgehammer!

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