Tuesday, 24 June 2008

To lower the tone further - I'm going on the town in Walthamstow...

I LOVE Gene Kelly. If I wasn't trying to seem normal and even a little cool I would admit that when it rains & I'm alone I dance down the street singing extracts from 'Singing in the Rain'. But of course I'm not to about to admit that.

The sixth annual McGuffins Open Air Cinema takes place in Walthamstow town centre on Saturday July 12th from 8pm and they're putting on 'On the Town' and absolute MGM Gene Kelly Oscar winning classic. It also stars Frank Sinatra, Betty Garrett and features some of Hollywood's most celebrated dance sequences and routines. The film follows the exploits of three young sailors looking for love on an eventful day's shore leave in New York - you've probably seen bit's of it. But you haven't seen it at a free outdoor cinema on a giant screen in Walthamstow Gardens! It's going to start with a live performance by the John Garfield Swing Band performing classic songs of the period including their own tribute to Frank Sinatra...

I know we write a lot about hip hop on here but I'd go insane if that was all I listened to...Doobey doop doo, dobadoobeydoop doobey doo....


  1. gene kelly is(was) cool and i seen that film more than once, they did have the dope moves for their time...

  2. Amelia remind me of the date and i'll come with!
    Lookin forward to it.



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