Wednesday, 25 June 2008

This is just wrong. But damn if it aint funny!


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    This is why I love rap music. In what other genre could have a 17 year old kid from the south and a 50+ year old man from the west coast battling each other via YouTube videos over the topic of "who's wacker"? Ice- T vs. Soulja Boy makes about as much sense as the fact we park our car on the driveway and drive our car on the parkway. But you know what? Who gives a sh*t, how can we all not win from this? You have Ice-T, the man responsible for assembling a swimsuit model girlfriend from nothing but model airplane glue, epoxy, and silicon, dropping lispy disses to a 17 year old candy cane rapper who's entire career can fit on my cell phone's SIM card. I mean, I don't know what's worse, endorsing YUMS sneakers or signing on to play the role of Mack Daddy in Leprechaun in The Hood. The funny thing is this sh*t is already turning into a highly entertaining hip hop world war - with Kanye taking the side of Soulja Boy - even comparing him to Nas (LO f*cking L), and Snoop Dogg of course rolling with his O.G. without any knowledge of the beef at all. The greatest part of this beef, there's no chance it will ever turn violent. Soulja is physically not strong enough to pick up a gun, and Ice-T is worried about getting his SAG card revoked. When you're calling in an animation team to respond to the words of an actor on Law & Order, you realize the absurdity of all of this. I can only hope this escalates to the point where live action puppets (better yet, Muppets) are involved and maybe even some sort of interpretive pageant or broadway musical choreographed by Soulja boy that reflects on Ice-T's role of King James in Trespass. Some of you are probably wondering whose side I'm on in this whole spectacle? Well, Ice-T has always been one of the weakest Ice's in rap music, clocking in just over Vanilla and falling far behind Just and Cube. Also, Soulja boy brought up a point about the man that has always bothered me- dude made "Cop Killer" and plays a cop every chance he gets. But Soulja Boy.. well, let's face it. Soulja Boy makes music for people who can't grow pubic hair yet. His career will be over faster than you can say Tag Team, 69 Boyz, Skee-Lo, or Kris Kross. Sure - "Yahh Trick Yahhhh" was easily the greatest rap video of the past decade (YouTube it if you don't believe me), but this kid makes music for a generation of ambiguously gay long-haired, bucktoothed kids that can whip my ass in any video game they touch. And I f*cking hate those punks. I think this is just what I needed in rap though to get me excited again. Tomfoolery at it's finest. They both win. I win. You win. Pass the popcorn.



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