Friday, 20 June 2008

If I have to read all this crap so do you

I'm about to post a nice little blog with some gems I'll have sifted through, uploaded to easy to get to sites etc for you in a sec. First of all, I feel I should share some of the bollocks I sifted through to find it. - (they're not bollocks) currently have a blog post entitled:
The Search For The Biggest Douchebag In Hipster Rap , which speaks to me. They're far more harsh than I am but I see their point - they list L'il Mama - Lipgloss, Kid Sister - Pro Nails, M.I.A. - Paper Planes, The Cool Kids - Black Mags (I quite like that), Kidz in the Hall - Driving Down the Block (fuck, I quite like that too), and Lupe Fiasco - I gotcha. FYI The Cool Kids are winning. I, however have got all that stuff beat! Check this out - I thought it was a spoof at first but I'm not sure...
Buff 1 (yeah right haha) - Beat the Speakers Up (just not very convincingly)

Someone thought it would be a good idea to do Portishead vs Joe Budden. Why? Get it here if you can be arsed. I seem to have downloaded it but can't be bothered to press play.

I got all excited when I heard there was a rapper out names Plies - was hoping he had something to do with ballet but then I am a weird dance nerd. (If you don't know to plié is to bend in ballet). I've just read that part of Freakonomics about why crack dealers live with their mums so this song seems rather apt...wonder if he reads it when doing his port de bras...

Lastly, this Tabi Bonney dude from Togo (via DC). I don't understand why he shot this video in Togo - watch it on silent or with a really good song on top and fall in love with West Africa - it's crazy but beautiful.


  1. spoof? nah dude just aint very good! don't know why people be hatin on hipster rap, there have always been different factions and sub genres, concious, gangsta, party, hip house, underground, commercial, backpack... damn, at least these kids aren't talkin' 'bout guns and crack.

    wow that lil mama is pure bugglegum pop rap, britney spears reinvented, i'm sure she talks to the barbie doll generation, or is it bratz now?

    not feeling pro nails, that track is wack, but kid sister is nice yo! =)

    not a big fan of paper planes either but thought you were?

    definitely like black mags but only heard driving down the block for the first time the other night and when i went to post it's clip on my last blog post, thought it was eerily similar in structure to
    black mags...

    well i've gone off tangent for stating my thoughts on so called 'hipster' to breaking down individual tracks, but suffice to say i don't think it's all such a bad thing...

    at least ti aint lil scrappy - money in the bank!...

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  3. Cheers for the erm, plug! I will come check your blog though haha.

  4. the joe budden thing aint good...



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