Wednesday, 25 June 2008

How We Fall In Love; A 'Put Me On It' poll to satisfy a curious mind

I'm lead to start this post by stating that I have no standards, when it comes to love or art I let myself get whisked away. Whisked until a girl can't be whisked (away) anymore.
I'm still to figure out where my 'point of no return' is located, because I can't remember the point at which I became a musician, or a composer, or a vocalist nor the the times before I fell well deep into music and sonic arts.
I have been digging deep and not so deep. Poking and prodding and turning myself inside out to try and track the little girl with no musical history before the muses took over. I wonder if anyone else is in or curious about this place/frame of mind....

So tell me guys, what are your stories?
What was your journey like?
Who did you meet along the way?
When did you know that you didn't want to do anything else?

I look forward to your responses.



  1. OK, got it. It was my parents' Motown 25 & Graceland concert videos...made me want to be Michael Jackson and Miriam Makeba, haha. The first three records I made my mum buy me were Cliff Richard & The Shadows, Holst - the Planets, and Rick Astley. I was quite a strange child.

  2. This is post material.
    I'm gonna wait til more people reply to this post then i'm gonna post a blog instead in greater detail with some videos i found on youtube...

    This post totally excited me and provoked me into phoning up my uncle and mum to remember what songs...

    I never spoke as a child and only mum would play particular songs and i'd just bounce about uncle used to provide soundsystems for the oldskool warehouse raves in the lates 80s/90s so i grew up on the ORIGINAL jungle and drum n bass tracks...which i need to find links for (soon come via blog post)...

    and particular Bollywood songs like...

    More Bollywood songs to share soon!

    That was it really....i've never had a talent in music...always been the ears...always been infectious to me...and always been part of my life....but i chose not to go down that road...becoming an architect instead!

    My first ever cassette i bought with my own pocket hand-me-downs or anything was Gina G 'ooh aah'....

    All my friends and social life is musically orientated and i've never really looked back!

  3. Ok the link never worked....type in 'kabhi tu chhali lagta hai' on youtube....the funniest bollywood song ever....but cutest!

    Bit of Indian music for ya!

  4. Mburu, inspired!

    with Sam Cooke, Nat King Cole, Chubby Checker, Kinshasa high-life, and American doo-wop floatin about our Brentford flat i fell in love with a little blue casio keyboard rocking 1 and a half octaves (if you please!) until my best mate broke it in a fit of anger, but this didn't thwart my love. i was 5 and I wanted to be in Five Star.

    Jump ahead to 88/89, i buy my first records - A Salt with a Deadly Pepa, Rhythm Nation 1814 and a bunch of Now compils, my room thumps with the sound of my dance routines

    Jump ahead 7 years and I'm on the stage of the Old Vic in Carmen Jones, looking out at a squillion elated faces in the dark and my heart races

    and still races everytime



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